Defendant's Exhibit 5T




PETERSON: Yeah. Well, I mean he said that, you know, that was the short end.  He said you should not be talking to her. He said. "This is a...he said the police have a hard-on to make a case against you, Scott." And he repeated that three times.
FREY: Uh-hum.
PETERSON: And then he said, "They are going to tor to make a case against you. lt's not going to get to trial because it's not a case." But he said. "This is a capital case and it's...they can make anything...enough to arrest you. You will not be allowed hail You will be in jail for months until we can get you released."
FREY: How do you feel about that?
PETERSON: Well. it's scary. But I mean I know that I had nothing to do with this. But it's scary that they, you know, could potentially make some B.S. thing, enough to arrest me, I don't get bail, and it takes him a week or two weeks to get me out.