People's Exhibit 195D & 196D

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123102-1505                                                                                    02-142591 

December 31, 2002 at 1505 hours

(phone ringing)

FREY:                     Hello.

PETERSON:            (loud music playing in background) Amber?

FREY:                     Hi.

PETERSON:            Amber?

FREY:                     I can hear you.

PETERSON:            (loud static)  Amber?

FREY:                     l can hear you.

PETERSON:            Amber, if you can hear me it's New Year's

FREY:                     I know.  I can hear you.

PETERSON:            (loud static)  Amber?  Amber itís New Yearís, are you there.?

FREY:                     Yes.  Are you having a good time?

PETERSON:            Amber?  Hey, Happy New Year's.

FREY:                     Happy New Year.

PETERSON:            I wanted to call you.

FREY:                     Thank you.

PETERSON:            Amber, are you there?

FREY:                     I'm here.

PETERSON:            Amber?

FREY:                     I wish you could hear me.

PETERSON:            I'm on the uh...l think that you're there.     I'm uh...near the Eiffel

                              Tower and the New Yearís celebration is unreal.  The crowd is


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123102-1505                                                                                    02-142591

FREY:                     The crowds huge?

PETERSON:            Amber?

FREY:                     Yeah, I'm here.

PETERSON:            Amber, if you're there I canít hear you right now, but I'll call you on

                              your New Year's.

FREY:                     Okay.  Iíll hear from you then.

PETERSON:            Amber?  Amber, I miss ya.  I'll see you soon.

FREY:                     Okay.  I hope...