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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

(January 02, 2003 at 2215 hours)

 FREY:                    Hi.  (phone ringing)  Hello.  (beep)  Hello.

PETERSON:           Amber?

FREY:                    Hi.

PETERSON:           Hey.

FREY:                    Hi, how are you?

PETERSON:           Pudge boy.

FREY:                    Ah!  You’re not pudgy.

PETERSON:           Yea, I am.

FREY:                    Why do you say that?

PETERSON:           I don’t know.

FREY:                    Huh?

PETERSON:           Well, because I had all these…well, the suits I had here in


FREY:                    Uh-huh.

PETERSON:           Yeah.  I tried it on and it fits, it’s not supposed to fit.

FREY:                    It’s not supposed to fit?

PETERSON:           No, it’s supposed to be really big cause like pudge boy


FREY:                                     So how much do you weigh now?

PETERSON:           I don’t know.  I don’t have a scale.  But you will notice that I hit the

                              snooze on the snooze on the alarm clock this morning because what is it, 7:15


FREY:                    I don’t even know what time it is now.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           And it was supposed to wake me up at 7:00, but that’s why I hit the


FREY:                    Oh, geez, all too familiar, your snooze button.

PETERSON:           You sound chipper?

FREY:                    Oh, I always am when I hear from you.

PETERSON:           Chipper’s kind of a bad word.

FREY:                    Chipper?

PETERSON:           Not a bad word, but kind of a gay word.

FREY:                    Oh, well, it doesn’t to me so…

PETERSON:           Chipper?

FREY:                    Chipper.

PETERSON:           So is your little one asleep?

FREY:                    Oh, last night?

PETERSON:           No tonight?

FREY:                    Oh, didn’t you get my message?

PETERSON:           No.

FREY:                    Um…you didn’t get my message?  I…I said goodnight to you.

PETERSON:           Oh, did you?

FREY:                    Huh?

PETERSON:           How sweet.

FREY:                    Um…and now I say my…I told you my sister um…called me today

                              and said that she was taking the boys to Disneyland and wanted to

                              take Ayianna.  So she got Ayianna.

PETERSON:           Oh, wow!

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    I know.  So um…so I don’t have her tonight.  But last night she was

                              tossing and turning and she fell off the bed.

PETERSON:           Oh, no!

FREY:                    So I jumped up and I turned the light on and then I cam back…I

                              wanted to pick her up and make sure she was okay and checked

                              her out and she cried just a little bit and then like went back to

                              sleep.  But this morning she had a little um…blood on her lip.

PETERSON:           Oh, no!

FREY:                    And I was like oh, baby.  But she…I mean she seemed fine and

                              she didn’t have any bumps on her head or anything.  She just…I

                              don’t know what she hit her lip on, but I guess probably the frame

                              or something.

PETERSON:           Oh, gosh!  You crashed up Ayianna.

FREY:                    But she hasn’t fallen in a long time.

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    So my poor baby.

PETERSON:           How did…how did her forehead heal?

FREY:                    She has…I mean it’s…there’s…it’s still…there’s actually a little knot

                              on her forehead still underneath the…you know, where the stitches

                              are or where that split was.

PETERSON:           O-o-h!

FREY:                    So she was so happy though.  She was all “bye-bye”.

PETERSON:           Oh, how sweet.

FREY:                    She’s all George.  It was cute, she was…

PETERSON:           Oh, yeah.

FREY:                    Very, very happy, uh hum.

PETERSON:           Cool!  So they’re staying down there for the night?

FREY:                    Yeah.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           And then they’ll be back tomorrow night?

FREY:                    Actually they’re gonna be gone Saturday too or she’ll be back


PETERSON:           O-o-h, you’re gonna have to have plans Friday night.

FREY:                    So, yeah.  I was like God, this is going to be the longest I’ve been

                              without my baby girl.

PETERSON:           Yeah, it’s sad, but good.

FREY:                    It is…yeah, it is.  And I’m like wow, okay well, because I’ve

                              always…no Fridays or…well, my mom…my mom’s more

                              comfortable now.  My dad’s still the same, of course, not watching

                              her for only two hours.  But um…so yeah, I’m gonna have to go out

                              with the girls and go have some drinks and…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    …um…I was even thinking about even possibly going to the


PETERSON:           Oh!

FREY:                    What?  I was gonna say have you heard of any movies?  But I don’t

                              know if you…they probably play different things huh?

PETERSON:           I watched on the night I left but _______(voice garbled)

FREY:                    What was that?

PETERSON:           There were a couple that I wanted to see before I left, but


FREY:                    There was a couple movies?

PETERSON:           Yeah.  Can you hear that damn dog?

FREY:                    Yeah, I did now that you had mentioned it.  I hadn’t heard it.

PETERSON:           Oh, my God.

FREY:                    It’s loud.  I do hear it this time, it’s loud.

PETERSON:           What is somebody doing with a dog in the city?

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Well, it’s like my neighbor’s two dogs, they start barking and I’m like

                              if I’m in the kitchen it’s loud too.  I don’t know if you remember

                              hearing them before when you were there or…?

PETERSON:           No, I don’t.

FREY:                    So…

PETERSON:           It’s crazy, it’s early and they’re barking.

FREY:                    Well, it’s early.  There’s…

PETERSON:           Wish I weren’t up yet.

FREY:                    So uh…you were saying there was a couple of movies

                              before you left?

PETERSON:           Yeah, actually there were now.  They were ______________

                              (inaudible, voice garbled).  I’m trying to remember.  Hey, can you

                              do me a favor?

FREY:                    What?

PETERSON:           Can you rent a movie and watch it for me?

FREY:                    Do what?

PETERSON:           Can you rent a movie and watch it for me?

FREY:                    Sure, what movie?

PETERSON:           It’s called Love Affair.

FREY:                    Okay.

PETERSON:           And it’s the one about um…

FREY:                    What was that?

PETERSON:           8 years ago or so.

FREY:                    Okay.

 PETERSON:           With Warren Beaty and um…Annette Benning.  And uh…who’s that

                              lady, the older lady?  Katherine Hepburn.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Uh-hum.

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    You like that movie?

PETERSON:           No, no.  I just asked you to go rent it and watch it for me.

FREY:                    Okay.

PETERSON:           That’s all I’m saying.

FREY:                    Huh?

PETERSON:           That’s all I’m saying.

FREY:                    And then what?

PETERSON:           That’s it and I’ll talk to you about it.

FREY:                    Okay.  That’s an odd request.

PETERSON:           Is it?

FREY:                    Love…Love Affair?

PETERSON:           Yeah.  I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called.

FREY:                    Okay.

PETERSON:           8 years ago, Annette Benning, my hero uh…Warren Beaty.

FREY:                    Uh-hum.

PETERSON:           And Katherine.

FREY:                    Okay.  Did you have a chance to rent the movie uh…Romeo and


PETERSON:           No, I…I haven’t tried. I don’t know if I could get it or not.

                              I don’t know what language…

FREY:                    Oh, well, you could probably get a subtitle or something.

PETERSON:           Yeah.  I could rent it in French, that would be…

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Yeah, well…well, the thing I mean it’s just the scene in the water is

                              just so beautiful.  I…I mean even if you just watch it…the beginning

                              is hard to even watch and follow.  The first time I ever saw it I

                              thought oh, my gosh but…

PETERSON:           Why?

FREY:                    Because it starts out just…I don’t know, it’s just weird.

PETERSON:           How come?

FREY:                    Um…it’s kind of um…almost obnoxious like oh, I don’t even think I

                              can make it past the first scene.

PETERSON:           Do they speak old English in it?

FREY:                    Yeah, but modern.

PETERSON:           Oh.

FREY:                    But it grew on me and…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    …but that one scene. Okay, so when…when should I rent

                              this movie?

PETERSON:           Oh, whenever you can.  You know, I wouldn’t skip Friday night for


FREY:                    What was that?

PETERSON:           Don’t skip Friday night for it.

FREY:                    Oh, okay.

PETERSON:           Get with the girls you’ll be going with Friday night.

FREY:                    Yeah, I’ll see.  See like…well, the only thing is uh…Sauki’s in New

                              York right now.

PETERSON:           Oh, is she?

FREY:                    Yeah.  So I’ve gotta hopefully gather some girls up

                              Maybe I’ll get…

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           I’m sure you could find a bunch.

FREY:                    Oh!  Well, yeah.  A lot of ‘em are…already have significant others

                              so I’ll have to talk the significant others into letting ‘em go.

PETERSON:           Oh, you don’t have to talk to them.

FREY:                    Uh…so.  So how was your day?

PETERSON:           It was boring, long, and I’m tired.

FREY:                    Yeah.

PETERSON:           But I am determined to head on out.

FREY:                    Uh-hum.

PETERSON:           Maybe

FREY:                    Start another one huh?

PETERSON:           Training a little bit.  I’m gonna go for it.  I’m gonna go running


FREY:                    What was that?

PETERSON:           I ate it yesterday.

FREY:                    What did you say?

PETERSON:           I ate it hard yesterday running.

FREY:                    Oh!  You fell?

PETERSON:           Yeah, I was on these uh…cobblestones.  They were all on the

                              sidewalk and at this angle and I turned the corner and just bam.  I

                              got a right hip that’s very, very dark blue.

FREY:                    Oh!

PETERSON:           And I feel like an idiot falling down and er-r-r.

FREY:                    Did anybody see you?

PETERSON:           No, there’s no one out.

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 010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Oh, then you’re okay?

PETERSON:           Yeah, but I hurt.

FREY:                    Oh, today when Eva picked up my…Ayianna, I went to sit down in

                              the chair and I missed it.

PETERSON:           No.

FREY:                    And she was all…she was laughing.  She said oh, look at you

                              mommy.  Uh…what’d she say, probably a dork or something

PETERSON:           Yeah, but a good dork.

FREY:                    Well, thanks.  I don’t know what I was doing, why…

PETERSON:           Amber?

FREY:                    Yeah.

PETERSON:           Amber, are you there?

FREY:                    I’m here.

PETERSON:           Amber, hope you’re there and you can hear me?

FREY:                    Hello.

PETERSON:           Oh, sweetie, I can’t hear you.

FREY:                    I’m right here.

PETERSON:           Amber?

FREY:                    Yes.

PETERSON:           Hey, Amber?

FREY:                    Yeah. Hello?

PETERSON:           Hey.  Okay, yeah, gotcha.

FREY:                    What happened?

PETERSON:           I don’t know, it just went sh-h-h-h-h.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Is there like freeway or something by your…where you’re staying


PETERSON:           Well, it’s a pretty major road.  Did you hear the sirens go by a

                              second ago?

FREY:                    No, I was just wondering why it cuts out if, you know, heavy traffic

                              or something?

PETERSON:           No, it’s all foggy and a little rainy outside, maybe that has

                              something to do with it.  And there’s a train, you can hear that?

FREY:                    Yeah, I can hear a train.  I was just gonna ask you is there a train?

PETERSON:           Yeah, there’s a…I imagine that’s the heavy train, but then there’s a

                              light rail train.  I tried to call you from that earlier.  Did you get my


FREY:                    No, I don’t…

PETERSON:           I don’t know if it went through, but I was yelling.  It was like

                              uh…what was it, 6:00 o’clock here, so 9:00 your time.

FREY:                    On what day?

PETERSON:           I was on the…

FREY:                    What day?

PETERSON:           Today, or your yesterday, or your today.  My yesterday.

FREY:                    No.  No, I know.  See, that’s confusing.

PETERSON:           It’s Friday here, so it’s Thursday there.

FREY:                    Okay.  So you tried calling me…

PETERSON:           It was Thursday night.

FREY:                    Earlier today?

PETERSON:           Earlier your day.

FREY:                    Okay.

PETERSON:           Or earlier my yesterday.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    No, I…

PETERSON:           I was yelling into the phone and lots of people were looking at me.

FREY:                    Huh-hum.

PETERSON:           I’m sure they could see my…my…my suit that fits.

FREY:                    Well, I think…

PETERSON:           And going he’s pudge boy.

FREY:                    You’ll be pudge boy, huh?  No, I’m uh…my uh…my weight stayed

                              the same and I still have yet to be consistent at the gym.

PETERSON:           Have you been going in the past couple weeks when I haven’t seen


FREY:                    Have I what?

PETERSON:           Have you gone in the last couple weeks since I haven’t seen you?

FREY:                    Infrequently.  Well, the whole week…like all Christmas week it was

                              like non-stop.  I mean I…it was just non-stop.  You know, Christmas

                              here, Christmas here, Christmas here.  So, of course no um…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    And then this week I’m…I’m trying to.  I’m not doing very good.  I’ll

                              get there but…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    I didn’t put on any weight.  Actually I was…

PETERSON:           You never do?

FREY:                    No, I probably won’t ever.  As determined as I want to be too, I


PETERSON:           Well, you look fine.  I’m hoping that the condo opened up here right

                              now.  There’s a couple from Belgium, one of the family members

                              staying in it.  I’m in the hotel and normally who’s ever in town gets

                              the condo, but of course I’m not a shareholder so I don’t get the


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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Uh-hum.

PETERSON:           But um…yeah, I went out of the hotel, it’s nice and everything.

FREY:                    What’s that?  You know, I was gonna ask…

PETERSON:           It’s nice and everything but the hotels here just kinda suck.

FREY:                    I was gonna ask you if you ever sold your condo?

PETERSON:           Yeah, it’s gone.

FREY:                    You did?

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    That’s good.

PETERSON:           They didn’t want the car though.  I was hoping they wanted the

                              condo and the car.

FREY:                    I know that’s what you had said um…before.

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    And I thought oh, that’s good, you know, a total package deal.

PETERSON:           ______________ (inaudible).

FREY:                    I’m glad that worked out for you.

PETERSON:           Yeah, I had the car trucked up to Sacramento.  It’s sitting in

                              someone’s yard right now and…but anyway.

FREY:                    So, anyway today…

PETERSON:           Yeah.  So I was hoping I would get in the condo so I would have

                              more room.  Maybe I could like do pushups or something pathetic.

FREY:                    Well, again, uh…I can’t see that you’ve…you’ve put on that much

                              weight in such a short time.

PETERSON:           Oh, I think so.  Um…______________________ (inaudible).

FREY:                    Well, all I know is the last time I saw you, you looked very sexy


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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:                           Thank you.

FREY:                    …it’s just hard for me to imagine you saying that.

PETERSON:           You’re very nice.  So today, what did you do with your day?

FREY:                    My day?  Hum.

PETERSON:           I mean what time did Ayianna get picked up.

FREY:                    Um…you know, I’m not…it was later in the afternoon.  Um…I

                              worked this morning.  It was oh, probably…well, actually it was just

                              before I called you to say good night.  So I don’t know it was around

                              2:30 or so is when she left, when she came through and picked her

                              up so…

PETERSON:           Are they going to Disneyland or to California Adventure?

FREY:                    I think…well, aren’t they same thing?  I don’t know.  I, myself, I

                              don’t even know.  I’ve only…I haven’t been to Disneyland for like

                              12, 13, years so…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    Um…I think…well, Disneyland.  So I don’t know what the California

                              thing is.

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    Um…

PETERSON:           And just her or did um…did boyfriend go with?

FREY:                    Yeah.  No, the boyfriend and both boys cause they have another

                              week out of school, or the rest of the week out so…
PETERSON:           So both boys and Ayianna?

FREY:                    Uh-hum

PETERSON:           Sister and the boyfriend?

FREY:                    Uh-hum

PETERSON:           So you saw the boyfriend again?

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    No, he wasn’t with her at this time.  He was gonna…I don’t know

                              where he was at but…

PETERSON:           Yeah.  Do you trust him completely?

FREY:                    Um…well, I…I got to spend some time with him uh…last Sunday,

                              our Christmas, on the 20…whenever that was.

PETERSON:           Oh, yeah.

FREY:                    So actually I was able to spend some time with him.  And, you

                              know, I felt better, you know, being able to because before he was

                              always leaving, you know, and I never…you remember I mentioned

                              that before about him being in the bathroom outside or never being

                              in the same room with me?

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    And he actually…he stayed in the, you know, I spent a whole day

                              there so I spent a whole day with him as well.  And so we had

                              personal conversations so, you know, and she’s been with him and

                              I feel more comfortable.  I mean, but the more foremost I…you

                              know, I trust her with my sister and stuff.

PETERSON:           Yeah, of course.  She wouldn’t leave Ayianna with him alone or


FREY:                    I don’t think so.

PETERSON:           I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you.

FREY:                    I know.  I know, you’re gonna scare me.  Why are you saying that?

PETERSON:           It’s not my place, I’m sorry.

FREY:                    Well…well, I mean it just shows you’re concerned.  I mean…I don’t

                              know, do you feel something that I shouldn’t?

PETERSON:           No, I just don’t know.

FREY:                    You know, uh…yeah, I mean…

PETERSON:           It’s not my place to ask and it’s not my place to ask to worry you or

                              anything, I was just wondering.  Anyway, so off the topic.

FREY:                    Okay.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           So, yeah, you had a relaxing evening I hope?  I hope you did

                              something exciting.

FREY:                    Tonight, no.  I…well, I went and had some tacos and beans and

                              rice at Casa de Cronos uh…with a friend.

PETERSON:           Yeah, good.

FREY:                    And uh…

PETERSON:           You need more time like that, huh?

FREY:                    Yeah, it’s good.  It’s good for, you know, just keep my mind

                              occupied and, you know, and just get away from my stressful

                              month and find a hiding place.  It’s a little stressful.

PETERSON:           Really?

FREY:                    Yeah, a little bit.  Yeah, just…yeah, last month was really good,

                              um…nice little, you know, certificates and just, you know, had that.

                              And this month I don’t know how it’s gonna look like so…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    I just stay positive.  So, yeah.  Actually I had um…yeah, I think I

                              might probably go down to a movie tomorrow and I don’t know,


PETERSON:           Go down where?

FREY:                    To a movie.

PETERSON:           Oh, okay.

FREY:                    And just contemplate if I want to go out and do anything crazy or

                              not but…

PETERSON:           Yeah, you should.

FREY:                    Maybe just to have…maybe go have some drinks and just hangout

                              and catch up.

PETERSON:           Amber, baby, do some wild dancing.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Yeah, I haven’t done that for a while.  Even when, you

                              know, the dance I didn’t really get to because I was so constricted

                              by my dress.


FREY:                    So you think I should go out and go wild and crazy, huh?

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    But…              I won’t say that, that’s mean.

PETERSON:           What’s that?

FREY:                    I was gonna say well, what if…well…well, it’s not mean but I…

PETERSON:           What is it?

FREY:                    It’s just…the only thing is I’m putting myself in a situation of having

                              to beat off the guys

PETERSON:           Yeah, that’s gotta be fun for your ego?

FREY:                    Well…

PETERSON:           If you want to?

FREY:                    Yeah, I don’t know if that’s really me.  It’s not necessarily.  It can

                              be, but usually the thing is the ones that I have to beat off are


PETERSON:           And don’t tell me some lie now, give me a break.

FREY:                    …are just slimy guys.

PETERSON:           Oh, you are so lying to me.

FREY:                    What?

PETERSON:           I didn’t do that.  I trusted you.

FREY:                    What?

PETERSON:           I trusted you until that comment.

FREY:                    What do you mean you trusted me?

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           There is no…I mean yeah, okay, I finally found this guy whose got

                              enough self-esteem like try to pick you up.  I imagine the guys

                              picking you up are pretty damn attractive.

FREY:                    Well, I mean it’s…there’s a tossup.  I mean, you know, I don’t know.

                              I just…you know, to put myself in that position is…is the only thing,

                              you know, or that to be expected.  And that kinda sounds bad

                              doesn’t it?

PETERSON:           No, that’s good.

FREY:                    That’s a little conceited, huh?

PETERSON:           No, it’s um…it’s the truth.  The truth can’t be conceited, right?

FREY:                    Well, if you look at, you know, that way then no.

PETERSON:           It’s not ego if it’s the truth or you’ve heard something

                              similar to that.  But hey, go out and get crazy and do some dancing.

                              Turn on the guys.

FREY:                    Yeah, maybe I’ll uh…yeah, I’m thinking…I’m thinking of a group of


PETERSON:           All right!  Do I know them?

FREY:                    Uh…well, you’ve seen a picture of my friend, Famous, and Jen.

                              Sauki of course can’t be there because she’s in Paris.  I called and

                              talked to her today.

PETERSON:           Who’s that?

FREY:                    Sauki.

PETERSON:           Oh, I thought you said New York.

FREY:                    What did I say?

PETERSON:           Paris.

FREY:                    I’m thinking…

PETERSON:           New York the first time, Paris the second time.

FREY:                    What was that?

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           You said New York the first time, Paris the second time.

FREY:                    Oh, yeah.  No, she’s in New York.

PETERSON:           Okay.

FREY:                    No, I think that is because she was in Paris last year for New Year’s

                              and she was like tell him that’s where I was and it was fun.  And so

                              now she’s in New York and she was saying she was at something,

                              Park Boulevard or some place, she said it was really nice, it was

                              candlelit.  And I was like okay.  Well…I said well, you have a good

                              time and I’m jealous.

PETERSON:           Anything with an address park in it is gonna be all right.

FREY:                    Yeah.  So she was bragging a little bit.

PETERSON:           Good.  So Famous Amos is a fun guy to go out with?

FREY:                    Oh, yeah, he’s funny.

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    You know, I was thinking we were supposed…we should be getting

                              that uh…video from that art show thing um…soon.

PETERSON:           Good.  Excellent.

FREY:                    So that should be embarrassing

PETERSON:           Yeah, excellent.  I can’t watch it here though unfortunately.

FREY:                    No __________(inaudible).

PETERSON:           What’s that?

FREY:                    I said well so many things now that you have when you get back to


PETERSON:           Amber?

FREY:                    Yeah.

PETERSON:           Amber?  Amber?  Amber?

FREY:                    Yes.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           Oh, don’t be gone.  Amber?

FREY:                    I’m here.

PETERSON:           Amber, I think…I barely heard you.

FREY:                    I’m right here.  I…can you hear me?

PETERSON:           Okay, yeah, perfect now.

FREY:                    Okay.  You get all…I can hear you though.  When…when you can’t

                              hear me, I can still hear you.

PETERSON:           Oh, good.  Except for when I call and you said there was a blank

                              message and I was talking the whole time.

FREY:                    Well, yeah.  No, there’s…there has been some times um…

PETERSON:           By the way those are amazing messages that I leave.

FREY:                    Well, I wish I could hear them cause…

PETERSON:           I know, it’s unfortunate.  They’re…it’s incredible.  They would…they

                              would cheer you up and then your heart would swoon and then you

                              would laugh in stitches and you wouldn’t be able to function for


FREY:                    Oh, well.  So, well, what’s wrong with leaving me the message now then?

PETERSON:           Oh, I would have to leave them independently.

FREY:                    What?

PETERSON:           I have to leave them independently.

FREY:                    Oh!

PETERSON:           Yes.

FREY:                    Well, maybe I’ll intentionally miss a call so I can get one.

PETERSON:           There you go.

FREY:                    You’re so funny.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           Okay, so you’ll go out with Famous and what are the other names I

                              didn’t hear?

FREY:                    What was that?

PETERSON:           Who…who else?

FREY:                    Oh, I was thinking maybe Jen and uh…

PETERSON:           Yeah.  Call ‘em up, set it up, and go ahead and go crazy.

FREY:                    I know.  You know, it’s funny though they had asked me a couple

                              times before and I was just like I can’t, I can’t go anywhere.

PETERSON:           Oh, that to go out?

FREY:                    Yeah.  So hopefully they don’t…you know, they’re able to as well.

PETERSON:           You’ve got to take advantage.

FREY:                    I am, definitely am.  Definitely.

PETERSON:           Sweetie?

FREY:                    Yeah.

PETERSON:           Okay, you’re back?

FREY:                    Yeah, definitely.  Well…

PETERSON:           Take advantage, baby.

FREY:                    Except I’m not going to um…drink as much as I did on uh…New


PETERSON:           No, you felt bad the next day?

FREY:                    A little bit, yeah.  And I don’t know if you could tell on the phone, but


PETERSON:           Yeah, I couldn’t tell.  You were fine.

FREY:                    No, I was pretty…oh, man, I had…my head hurt a little bit and I was

                              just…yeah YeahSo…

PETERSON:           Okay, baby, I’m gonna hit the road here, I’m gonna jog.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    Okay.

PETERSON:           I got my nylon pants on, I got my shoes, and I’m gonna eat it if I try

                              that corner again.

FREY:                    Yeah, I was gonna say no…no tripping on cobblestones and stuff.

PETERSON:           I’ll try not to.  It’s so cool running in the um…square down there.  It

                              was unbelievable when the sun started to come up and these

                              amazing churches.  It’s really beautiful.

FREY:                    Oh, hey, I remember what I wanted to ask.  Um…Michael Sanoye,

                              when I was talking to them about wanting to take Ayianna up t the


PETERSON:           Uh-hum.

FREY:                    And they said they wanted to go and I said that would be great

                              because they have a sports utility vehicle in which…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    …you know, that would be a lot better than taking my car so…

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    Um…so I was telling ‘em uh…that you were reading some book

                              about hiking and stuff but…

PETERSON:           Uh-hum.

FREY:                    Um…and then I had mentioned that, you know, you had mentioned

                              that.  And then I said that I had taken you up to Squaw’s Leap and,

                              so I was wondering if that would be a good place to take them to


PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    Do you think that would be a…?

PETERSON:  wouldn’t see any snow, but it would be fun.

FREY:                    I…

PETERSON:           Unless the snow level dropped a lot there.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

FREY:                    You know, it has.  But, you know, you’re right, I don’t think it’s high


PETERSON:           What is it?  It’s about…you need like 5,000 feet or so?

FREY:                    I have no idea.

PETERSON:           Yeah.

FREY:                    No idea.

PETERSON:           Go buy a little snowboard and go for it.

FREY:                    No, I…I…well, I had sold my snowboard.  I just…I don’t know if I’m

                              ready to do that again.

PETERSON:           She’s gonna fall.

FREY:                    What was that?  Ayianna?

PETERSON:           She’s good at falling.

FREY:                    Yeah.  But she’s still…she’s young for snowboarding.

PETERSON:           Naw, she’s ready.

FREY:                    Another year, one more year.

PETERSON:           Okay.  Fair enough.

FREY:                    One more year, she’s still too young for that.  She doesn’t



FREY:                    So, well, that’s right.  You know, well, I do want to go and um…after

                              the rains, like March is…I’d like to go there with you.

PETERSON:           It is still raining?

FREY:                    Huh?

PETERSON:           It is still raining?

FREY:                    Oh, it’s not raining here, no.

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010203 ─ 2215                                                                                02-142591

PETERSON:           No?

FREY:                    No, I was saying after the rains in March.  Um…April is like the best

                              time to go up there.  I said I wanted to go with you after all the

                              uh…wild flowers have bloomed and stuff.

PETERSON:           Yeah, definitely, we will make that trip when the butterflies and the

                              wild flowers…

FREY:                    Yeah.

PETERSON:           And we will make a trip to uh…the monarch capital of the world


FREY:                    Isn’t that in uh…Yellowstone?

PETERSON:           Nope, not as far as I know.

FREY:                    Where’s that.

PETERSON:           That will be a surprise for you.

FREY:                    What is…monarch capital, is that what you said?

PETERSON:           That’s what they call it, monarch capital of the world.

FREY:                    And it’s not Yellowstone?

PETERSON:           I don’t think so, but it might be.

FREY:                    Oh, I don’t know.

PETERSON:           Well, what I’m thinking of is not Yellowstone, but there might be a

                              bunch of monarchs in Yellowstone.

FREY:                    Hum.  Well, that would be absolutely beautiful.  Hello?