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FREY: Yeah, he listened to me (talking to someone in background). (phone ringing) Hello, Scott?


FREY: Yes.

PETERSON:  Hey, okay. I can hear you.

FREY: Did you hear me?

PETERSON: Yeah. We were talking about diaper rash.

FREY: Oh, well, I heard diaper rash. But you didn’t hear me?

PETERSON: No. What’s wrong?

FREY: I don’t know. Sauki called and left me a message and said she was worried about me and that she was in-between flights and she said she needed to talk to me when she got back into town. And I have no idea. I…I don’t know.

PETERSON: Huh! Weird.

FREY: It is weird.

PETERSON: She left like a cryptic message?

FREY: Yeah, she had left me a message. I was at diner with uh…my family. And when I tried calling her back it went straight to her voicemail and I haven’t heard back from her since. But she said she was just getting on her flight and she’d call me when she got back into L.A., I think is what she said.

PETERSON: Wow! When does she get in?

FREY: Um…I have no idea. She didn’t tell me a time.


FREY: She said she was delayed and in-between. I have…I have no idea if she’s in…in Chi…Chicago, I think. I have no idea where she’s at. 


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PETERSON: But you’re okay, right?

FREY: I’m okay. But she said she was worried about me and concerned and said, “I hope you’re okay, Amber”. I’m gonna…I have no idea, I’m scared, I have no idea what she’s talking about.

PETERSON: Yeah. Weird.

FREY: Yeah. It’s like, you know, like okay, what next? You know, I fight with my sister and it’s just…

PETERSON: Yeah. Like you need more in your life, huh?

FREY: And then you’re so far away. I just feel so…I just feel so alone. I just don’t…I don’t…I have no idea. I’m…

PETERSON: Well sweetie, there’s lots of people that care about you.

FREY: I know, but I…I have no idea why she was so concerned. She sounded like she was crying and…

PETERSON: Well…gosh, you don’t need anything else tough in your life.

FREY: No, I don’t.

PETERSON: I mean people can make it better. And I don’t mean your life is bad, I’m just saying, you know, quality people. Oh…huh!

FREY: So I’ve got…

PETERSON: Well, let’s get your mind off of that until you find out what it is.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: So the poor girl’s got diaper rash and a cold?

FREY: Yes. She’s um…has a cough and her nose is stuffy…


FREY: And I’m just so upset that she came back this way.

PETERSON: Well, when she was with your sister do you think she caught it or…?

FREY: Yeah, she was fine when she left with her and then… 


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PETERSON: How do you get diaper rash? Just not being changed enough or something or it just happens?

FREY: You know, I don’t know because really Ayianna has not had…she had a slight diaper rash before and it was because she had eaten a lot of strawberries one day so…

PETERSON: (laughing)

FREY: That’s not funny.

PETERSON: Yeah, it is. (laughing louder) You know that’s funny.

FREY: Not it’s not. My poor little baby is hurting.

PETERSON: A lot of strawberries. That’s funny, come on.

FREY: Why is that funny?

PETERSON: I don’t know, it just is. (chuckling) I’m sorry. It’s not funny to you.


PETERSON: Okay, I’m sorry sweetie.

FREY: So you’re in Spain now? Is that…?

PETERSON: Yep, Madrid.

FREY: Madrid?


FREY: And what’s going on in Madrid?

PETERSON: It’s where the production office is.

FREY: I don’t think you really explained what the production office was except you said something about that was a main warehouse or…?

PETERSON: No. They manage the factories from here. 


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FREY: And how are your meetings going over there?

PETERSON: They’re good.

FREY: Yeah?

PETERSON: Nothing exciting, nothing to report, but they’re okay. Yeah, they’re fine.

FREY: So how does the…?

PETERSON: It’s frustrating cause nothing gets done, but, you know, whatever.

FREY: Uh-huh. So what does the business plan look like or for your year or have you guys brought that up or is it…?

PETERSON: Yeah. There’s a bunch of different ones, you know. You know, there’s energy and shipping and all kinds of weird ones so…

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: We haven’t even got the numbers on ‘em yet or anything. Just been talking. You know, not real good developments or anything. So tell me, it’s your night, you’re about to go to sleep? Is Ayianna in her spot or what’s she doing?

FREY: Hum…no, she’s in bed. (clears throat)

PETERSON: Are you in bed or are you in the kitchen?

FREY: No, I’m awake.

PETERSON: Yeah. Were you about to go to sleep?

FREY: Probably in a little while. I don’t have to wake up real early tomorrow so…


FREY: …that’s kinda nice.

PETERSON: Well, what do you got for tomorrow? 


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FREY: I’ve got…oh, who do I have first thing in the morning? Well, I think she’s at 10:00 or 11:00. I’m gonna have to call in and ask Damien because I don’t remember. Um…I think she’s one of the new uh…clients I’m seeing. And then I have my regular, Karen, and then later Carolyn so…


FREY: Um…that’s about…that’s about it for tomorrow.


FREY: So then I’ll have some in-between time. I’ll just probably catch up on my my bills and get ready for the fun tax season uh…coming up.

PETERSON: The fun taxis? What?

FREY: The fun tax season. Um…

PETERSON: Oh, yeah. (chuckling)

FREY: Yeah. It’s uh…my…yeah with the 1099 and everything else.

PETERSON: (laugh) You’re cute.

FREY: Hum, I don’t think taxes are cute.

PETERSON: (laugh) Oh!

FREY: So what about you, what are you uh…doing today?

PETERSON: Snooze button.

FREY: You’re…you’re uh…battling with the snooze button?

PETERSON: I’ve hit it a few times this morning, yeah.

FREY: Well, I’ve hit it a few times this morning for myself too.

PETERSON: Did ya? You didn’t have to get up, huh? You’re just like snooze, snooze?

FREY: No, I had a…I had an appointment this morning at 9:30 so…

PETERSON: Did ya? You have that living alarm clock? 


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FREY: Huh?

PETERSON: You have the living alarm clock?

FREY: The what?

PETERSON: The living alarm clock?

FREY: Oh, living alarm clock? Oh, yeah.


FREY: So true, especially waking up coughing.

PETERSON: Oh, poor girl.

FREY: I know. I…it just…it’s so frustrating.

PETERSON: It’s no fun to see her sick, huh?

FREY: No. She like taking her medicine though so that’s…

PETERSON: Does she?

FREY: Uh-huh. (affirmative).

PETERSON: Does she have a name for it?

FREY: Unh-um (negative). No, she just…more! She points at her…she points at her tongue. More!

PETERSON: No way! She’s like Cherry!

FREY: It’s bubblegum actually.

PETERSON: Oh, is it?

FREY: Uh-hum (affirmative).

PETERSON: And tomorrow morning she’ll be like excuse me, mom, may I have my medicine please?

FREY: I know it’s just around the corner there, huh?

PETERSON: Cool! And the diapers coming off, you won’t have to worry about that diaper rash. 


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FREY: No, I was letting her run around a little bit uh…free. (giggle) (beep)


FREY: For a couple hours cause…

PETERSON: I mean uh…her birthday coming.

FREY: What about her birthday?

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: Oh, potty trained, yes.

PETERSON: Say that again, I missed it.

FREY: I said uh…you said her birthday and I said being potty trained.

PETERSON: Well, on her birthday doesn’t she get to move up in the class and now she’ll be in class where she can use the bathroom so she can go back to being potty trained, isn’t that the deal?

FREY: Yes.


FREY: Absolutely.

PETERSON: So you won’t have diaper rash concern.

FREY: No. No, I’ll just have bedwetting and stuff.


FREY: Yeah.

PETERSON: (laughing) And you’ll be like hoo-hoo, no more buying diapers.

FREY: Well, that’ll be nice. That’ll be a nice uh…you know, money in the bank I guess.

PETERSON: Sounds bad. I bet they’re expensive.

FREY: Yeah, she goes through ‘em pretty well.

PETERSON: Yeah (chuckling) Big girl pull-ups. 


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FREY: Yeah. Well, that will be the next probably for a short…actually I have mixed feelings about those pull-up things. I don’t know how I feel.

PETERSON: Do you? Yeah.

FREY: I know you were very excited when I said she’ll be potty trained (chuckling). You’re all o-o-h!

PETERSON: Yeah (laughing)

FREY: She’ll be talking and uh…

PETERSON: (laughing)

FREY: And potty trained.

PETERSON: (laughing)

FREY: No dirty diapers.

PETERSON: Oh, that seems like a plus.

FREY: Yes.


FREY: Yes, absolutely. And she’s…

PETERSON: God, I love talking to you. You make me happy.

FREY: You sound very sweet tonight.

PETERSON: Am I not normally?

FREY: Hum…at times.

PETERSON: Okay, geez!

FREY: No, no, not really. Not always, no.


FREY: Unh-uh.

PETERSON: Wow, I didn’t know that. Huh! 


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FREY: Not on the phone anyway you haven’t been. I mean when we’re together you’re always very sweet.

PETERSON: Well, you deserve so much and I know, I can’t…you deserve so much.

FREY: Um…you don’t deal well with compliments so…

PETERSON: Yeah, no compliments for me please.

FREY: (chuckle) No compliments for you please?

PETERSON: Nope. Yep. I can’t take them so don’t even want to try.

FREY: I just remember when I’ve tried giving you compliments, you…you turn bright red and you said…what’d you say, “I’m not deserving enough to hear these things” or…


FREY: And how sweet you were and attentive and…

PETERSON: (laughing) Okay, don’t start, I don’t deserve ‘em.

FREY: Hum, hum. Well, at least this time I can’t see you blushing so…

PETERSON: Yeah, that’s true.

FREY: And that’s when I told you to say when you receive a compliment what do you say?

PETERSON: Say yes, darling.

FREY: No, it wasn’t yes, darling.

PETERSON: Well, just yes or just thank you. Yeah, yes would be a little conceited wouldn’t it?

FREY: Huh?

PETERSON: It’s actually a little conceited. If someone gives you a compliment and you just said yes.

FREY: Oh! You say thank you. (giggling)

PETERSON: That’s right, I forgot. 


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FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: That’s right, I forgot.

FREY: Oh, you didn’t forget. It wasn’t that long ago.

PETERSON: Just playing. Just playing. I feel bad calling you cause you’re like standing in the kitchen.

FREY: I’m not standing.

PETERSON: What were you doing?

FREY: I wasn’t standing in the kitchen?

PETERSON: Okay, okay, that’s fair. What were you doing? (chuckle)

FREY: I was just reading.

PETERSON: What ya reading? Am I prying?

FREY: Um…no. I was actually just reading the Bible.

PETERSON: Oh, cool! New Testament, Old Testament? What ya got?

FREY: I was reading uh…Matthew, Chapter 13. Do you know that?


FREY: Yeah.

PETERSON: Oh, hey, I got a…I got to read you that poem.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Wait, hold on. Okay, gotta find it here. Give me just a minute. I’m trying to find it. I’ve got all these dog-eared pages. Okay, ready?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Now you tell me if these uh…words verbatim are as I tried to tell you the other night. (beep) Ready?

FREY: Yes. 


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PETERSON: Boris Pastemak entitled Hobbs. “Beneath the willow round with ivy we take cover from the worst of the storm with a great round coat our shoulders and my hands around your waist.”

FREY: That was the end?


FREY: And who is it by?

PETERSON: Boris Pastemak.

FREY: Forrest?


FREY: Boris with a B?

PETERSON: Yeah. “Beneath the will round with…it’s hard right, beneath the willow while round with ivy we take cover from the worst of the storm with a great coat round are shoulders and my hands around your waist.”. And then there’s Hobbs Two, but I kind of like the first Hobbs. Hobbs Two continues, “I’ve got it wrong, that isn’t ivy entwined the words. But Hobbs you intoxicate me but spread the great coat on the ground.” I like the first one better because the first one to me is kinda neat like in the storm, you know, the great coat round us.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And you know, my hands around your waist like uh…you know, like anchors for people.

FREY: Uh-huh.

PETERSON: And then the second part kind of ruins it because in the last line “Let’s spread the great coat on the ground”, you know, it’s like okay, it totally changes the meaning of the first one for me.

FREY: “Spread the great coat around the ground”, is that…?

PETERSON: Yeah, “Let’s spread the great coat on the ground”.

FREY: Well there’s a storm, isn’t that what a gentleman does if there’s a puddle? 


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PETERSON: Um…perhaps. But as it comes after the term “you intoxicate me”. I was thinking that it was more of a sexual thing.

FREY: Oh, really.

PETERSON: With the first stanza with uh…you know, we take cover from the worst with a great coat around us and, you know, our shoulders together and hands on your waist. To me that was more of um…a, you know like I said a uh…thing, you know, protection and rounding and uh…holding onto each other in crisis and those kind of things. I’m glad that you can interpret poetry in many different ways.

FREY: You’re glad that I can interpret what, I’m sorry?

PETERSON: I’m glad that you’re able to interpret poetry in many different ways, that people are able to. Are you following or no?

FREY: Yeah, I’m following you. I’m just…I was just trying to…I…I don’t…

PETERSON: It’s hard to…(talking over each other)

FREY: I don’t have it in front of me so it’s…

PETERSON: Yeah, it’s hard to just listen to them and follow them.

FREY: It is.

PETERSON: Yeah, I can understand that.

FREY: So what was it about these poems that captured you?

PETERSON: Well no, I just like that first stanza because it sounded so much like, you know, two people providing shelter for each other..

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And balance and, you know, help in times. And I just…I don’t know, it just struck me.

FREY: Is that important to you?

PETERSON: Yeah, I think it’s, you know, it’s…you would hope, you know, you would hope you wouldn’t need it I guess. You know what I’m saying? 


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FREY: You’d hope…no, not…I’m trying to…kind of hope you wouldn’t need what, the coat of shelter for…to protect from the…?

PETERSON: Yeah. That you wouldn’t need, you know, the other person to protect you from the storm or take shelter with in the storm.

FREY: I…I see.

PETERSON: You know, you’d hope the relationship wouldn’t have storms, outside, inside, any time.

FREY: So what…

PETERSON: Are you there sweetie?

FREY: I’m here.

PETERSON: Okay, that’s all. If I was to write a poem it would be more like jumping through the daisies or something having fun. But that’s one thing I thought I would share with you.

FREY: Not all poems are about daisies so…

PETERSON: (laughing) Shouldn’t they be though?

FREY: Shouldn’t they be?

PETERSON: Shouldn’t they all rhyme and be about flowers and, you know, wild flowers and stuff?

FREY: I don’t think so.


FREY: No, there’s too much individual…individuals out there that have uh…you know, lots to say and express and to share with people and it’s not all about roses or daisies or flowers or wild flowers.

PETERSON: True, yeah. That’s what life should be about though.

FREY: So do you have any problems of your own?


FREY: Really. 


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FREY: I’m trying to think of…go ahead.

PETERSON: So…I’m sorry. You told me what chapter you’re in?

FREY: I was reading Matthew, Chapter 13.

PETERSON: Okay.____________(inaudible).

FREY: The parable of the sower.

PETERSON: Of the sower?

FREY: Yes, are you familiar with it?

PETERSON: As in the sower as in the harvester or as in sewing?

FREY: The sower is a harvester.

PETERSON: Yeah, okay.

FREY: Um…basically or well, and Jesus is in or speaking in front of a multitude of people in parables. And these parables are the sower and the seed. And you know, the first seed, you know, where it lands in…it’s…it’s…it’s as if a seed that lands in sand um…you know has no roots and will sprout up and wither away quickly. And another is dropped along a pathway where the birds gather them up quickly and, you know, they…they basically don’t have a chance and…


FREY: You know and then there’s the seed that falls in the good soil and the parable leads into um…you know, where people are in their lives. They…in…in…in the parable if uh…people that hear the word quickly and uh…you know, just…I get lost in this one. It’s one that I refer to often and uh…

PETERSON: Yeah, do you?

FREY: Matthew. Um…and I remem…I remember going over this when I was uh…at the preschool and I remember the kids would ask well, where are you Ms. Frey or where has your seed landed? And I said well, you know…and they say are you…did it land in the good soil. And I said…or are you in the good soil and I said well, I would 


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FREY: like to think to be there. I said but, I find myself struggling sometimes in other places or, you know, along the pathway and…and uh…on the rocks or, you know, in the sand and I strive to find or to be in the good soil and to bear good fruit, but it’s a struggle for me to have to go through and um…


FREY: So I hope you have a Bible nearby and being in a hotel I’m sure…well, I don’t know how Europe is or Spain or…

PETERSON: Yeah, the Gideons have been over here.

FREY: If there is, there’s not even any question. Um…that’s certainly that’s one you need to sit sometime and read and think about.

PETERSON: Yeah. So you get to control where your seed goes?.

FREY: Do you?


FREY: Well, you know, and then it talks about entering the Kingdom of Heaven and, you know, those that have, you know, eyes, you know, it kind of goes into that about you know, seeking and for these things and ears to hear and uh…


FREY: Yeah, I think that would be a good one for you too. It’s helpful sometimes.

PETERSON: I’ll check it out.

FREY: So that’s…that’s what I was doing just trying to…

PETERSON: That’s nice. I think it’s lovely that you do that. Were you nervous sharing? Well not nervous but…?

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: Would you mind sharing that with me or no?

FREY: Um…not really. I…maybe a little bit, yeah.

PETERSON: Okay. Well, thank you. 


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FREY: Um…oh, well, and then it talks about the cockle around…or is that another…I don’t know, but it’s nice to sit down and read the Bible, you know.


FREY: I have the time and just…it’s never the same, it’s always a new discovery even if you’re read it time and time again. It’s probably the one book you’ll ever pick up and always find something new in there.

PETERSON: Uh-hum. It’s time for you to go to sleep, time for me to get going.

FREY: What?

PETERSON: Time for me to get going, time for you to go to sleep.

FREY: So you don’t get my messages when I call you um…in the morning?

PETERSON: My phone says there’s a message right now, but it doesn’t seem to want to play it.

FREY: It doesn’t play the messages back?

PETERSON: No, it normally does. But it says there’s one right now, but it’s not playing it so I don’t know what to do. What was the last one you left?

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: What was the last message you left?

FREY: Uh…last night I called before I went to bed.

PETERSON: Did you? Hopefully that’s the one that’s on here and I can listen to it again.

FREY: Hum. And then…oh, I had called you after…

PETERSON: Oh, that was the diaper rash one, huh?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Okay, so I got that one. 


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FREY: And then I left you a message uh…after church.

PETERSON: Oh, yeah?

FREY: It was probably around 11:00.

PETERSON: Oh, and that would be ___________________(inaudible).

FREY: 11:30 or so, I got out kind of late.


FREY: They had a guest singer there and so this…held a…held after a little bit from that but…yeah I was just wondering because I had asked you before if you’d gotten my messages and I just…

PETERSON: Well, it sounds like I got most of ‘em.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Who was the guest speaker?

FREY: Just some girl actually. I’ve never…I didn’t even hear her name. She came up, she was a younger girl. Um…and then after I had ran into my friend Suzanne and her boyfriend Ron. They were in the art show together. And she said what are you doing here? And I said I go to church here. And I said what are you doing? And she’s oh, well, my friend was singing and I said oh. And she said well, I don’t believe in church, I don’t go. And I…it just kind of struck me as odd because you’re there and she’s, you know, you’re just telling me this and I thought…just kinda went okay. She’s all  well, I just came to listen to her sing.

PETERSON: That’s cool.

FREY: Yeah. Well, can I…well, can I call you later if I need to?

PETERSON: Of course.

FREY: Is your phone…

PETERSON: I’ll leave the phone on.

FREY: Is your phone gonna be on?

PETERSON: Yeah, definitely..I’ll leave it on. 


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FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Um…yeah. Hey, you know, I just thought…I want to know for sure. You know how I tell you how special you are and how unique and everything?

FREY: Uh-hum (affirmative).

PETERSON: And you know how much I need you, right?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: You know, and I’m just not saying it.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: You know, I’m just not saying stuff.

FREY: Well, I’d like to…

PETERSON: And you need to know how true that is and how wonderful you are. And I want you to know that.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Okay, sweetie? You are amazing. So now go and read your Bible and go to sleep and I’m gonna get going.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Call me if you need me.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: Call me if you need me.

FREY: But you never answer.

PETERSON: Yeah, I’ll answer.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Goodnight, sweetie.

FREY: Goodnight. (beep)