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FREY: (phone dialing, phone ringing) (sigh)


FREY: Hello, Scott.


FREY: Scott, can you talk?

PETERSON: Amber, yeah, of course.

FREY: Do you have…


FREY: Yeah, I’m here. Do you have time to talk?

PETERSON: Yes, I do.

FREY: Where…what are you doing at this time?

PETERSON: Uh…I’ve been out doing fliers and I’m going back the Command Center to answer e-mails, uh…the Volunteer Center.

FREY: So, you’re heading over to the Volunteer Center right now?


FREY: And you’re gonna be able to talk to me?

PETERSON: Well, I’m driving, I’ll pull over and stop.

FREY: Okay, that would probably be a good idea.

PETERSON: Let me find a place here. I’m just pulling in a parking lot there.

FREY: Well, I’m trying to uh…make…


FREY: Make understanding of all we’ve talked about uh…  

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FREY: …this morning. I uh…went over to my mom’s this morning and she’s gone at work and I asked her if I could see her computer and so I got online and…and uh…then just, you know, finding what I could as far as what’s going on with this whole case and um…you know, uh…the disappearance of Laci and, you know, really the only thing or one thing, I can’t say only, that I can gather is that uh…Scott, you really haven’t done everything you can yet. I mean you…you don’t speak in public with your family, you…you know, there’s rumors that you…

PETERSON: Yeah, there’s a lot of rumors.

FREY: And what happened, what…how did that go?

PETERSON: Fine. I mean I have nothing to hide.

FREY: You have nothing to hide?


FREY: And so you’re fine?


FREY: And so then wouldn’t I read somewhere that your…that…that…that there’s no possible way that you’re suspect? At this point they haven’t ruled that out, Scott.

PETERSON: Yeah. Well, I mean as you read it and as you know this case is going, unfortunately there is…everyone’s the suspect, I’m prime suspect um…you know, and they…all they say is they haven’t ruled me out, they haven’t ruled me in.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: Um…and they can’t talk about the case.

FREY: Uh-huh. You know they’re searched your house and your…


FREY: You know warehouse and everything else and um…


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FREY: Have they found anything?

PETERSON: No. Otherwise I wouldn’t be, you know free. They just…they have so little to go on and yes, I have not spoken to the press because I am not the focus of this, it’s finding Laci that’s the focus of this.

FREY: I know, but you’re the husband?

PETERSON: Yes, I am.

FREY: And you haven’t…you haven’t went before the public to…to pled innocent in any of this?

PETERSON: I am innocent, I don’t have to plead it. I…I know I am, everyone knows I am.

FREY: Everyone know you are, but…?

PETERSON: Except for the media.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: And um…it is not the focus of me. I don’t…we do not…we do not want a story of, you know, me or the family or…the only things important are Laci’s description, the reward, the phone number to call if you can help.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: That is the focus.

FREY: So, you know, a question…

PETERSON: So that’s why I haven’t been in the media.

FREY: The question…

PETERSON: Go ahead, I’m sorry.

FREY: No, I interrupted you. Go ahead.

PETERSON: No, that’s why I said that’s why when they did that candlelight vigil, did you see that?

FREY: I heard about it. 

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PETERSON: Yeah, they had, you know, the family…our families on stage, like they were the…

FREY: And where were you?

PETERSON:  I was in the crowd.

FREY: Why?

PETERSON: Right below the stage.

FREY: Why?

PETERSON: Because the focus is not the family. There’s you know, yes, the families are hurting from this, but Laci is hurting worst of all. Hopefully not, but, you know that is the focus. It shouldn’t be, you know, there’s uh…worship or, you know, oh, the focus is so much on the family and the pain, but should be on finding her.

FREY: I agree with that. It still doesn’t make sense to me that you wouldn’t at one point do that.

PETERSON: I did a Good Morning America spot.

FREY: You did a Good Morning America spot? Really?

PETERSON: Yeah, the day after Christmas and I made the producer promise me that they would show her photo and the number and the reward.

FREY: Uh-huh.

PETERSON: And I made her promise me that four times and they didn’t.

FREY: Really?

PETERSON: All they showed was me. So I’ve learned quickly that the media will not do that unless that’s all they have.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And we have a media consultant here and it’s her theory that this is how it should be done also.

FREY: Uh-hum. 

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PETERSON: What we’re doing. And yes, it is brutal to hear that I’m guilty. I walk up to people on the street when I’m out, you know, knocking door to door and people tell me without knowing who I am that I had something to do with this.

FREY: You know Scott…


FREY: Uh…(sigh) so you not speaking in public has anything to do or with uh…being exposed or that I might catch a glimpse of you there on stage, it has…


FREY: It has nothing to do with that?

PETERSON: No, it has to do with keeping Laci, her picture as the focus.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And it’s a way to manage the media so hopefully they will stay here, they will cover the story, and she’ll be found.

FREY: Uh-hum. Well, the media says that the police are working very hard on this.

PETERSON: They are, they’re doing an amazing job they’re looking everywhere.

FREY: So do you think that you’re smarter than the police?

PETERSON: No, why?

FREY: I just…

PETERSON: I don’t understand.

FREY: You just seem to have everything so under control and so focused and so positive. I mean uh…certainly that would be the attitude you should have, but I just was curious that, you know, if you thought that?

PETERSON: Well, I mean the police can do what they can do with the searches and the dogs and the uh…knowing who’s a sexual offender and who’s on parole and that is their role. 

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PETERSON: The only thing that we can do is try to get more and more awareness so hopefully there’s a tip from someone.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON:  So that’s my role.

FREY: Um…I was curious about this boat that you purchased.


FREY: Um…I thought that we had had a discussion…well, actually December 9th, that weekend before, you were out with the boys on the boat out…

PETERSON: Yeah, sailing.

FREY: Sailing. Where were you sailing?

PETERSON: In the Bay.

FREY: In the Bay?

PETERSON: Uh-hum (affirmative).

FREY: And whose boat were you sailing on?

PETERSON: His name is Greg Rogue.

FREY: Uh-huh. And you said that nobody had a good time that weekend because you were so upset about lying to me about having been married?


FREY: And you said you didn’t have a boat, or that you were gonna sell your boat, I think is what you had said. You said oh, “I don’t even know why…I should just sell my boat.” But I’m reading in the paper you just bought a boat. And how does that make you feel…?

PETERSON: Well, I have a little fishing boat, but I’d like to have a big sailboat.

FREY: You would like to have, but you don’t have?

PETERSON: Right, I’d love to have a sailboat like these guys have. 

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FREY: (sigh) And when you had told…okay, this…this is one thing that…that…that I’m…I’m trying to understand too is (sigh) that Sunday, December 22nd when you called me from Sacramento you had said that your parents were already in Maine and that you were going to be meeting up with them. And you called me later from a payphone you said and I…remember I questioned you why, I said, “Why is it restricted?” And you said, “Oh, well I don’t know, usually don’t they show.” And I said, “Well, I thought they did.”


FREY: And you said you were uh…oh, where were you at? Uh…Chicago or somewhere delayed, you were hoping for an earlier flight, but you didn’t make that. Why…you weren’t…?

PETERSON: Amber, I lied. Amber, I lied to you about the travel to Maine.

FREY: Why? Why would you lie to me about the travel to Maine?

PETERSON: Because I couldn’t spend the holidays with you.

FREY: Hum! Why couldn’t you be honest with me…with me in the beginning on December 9th?

PETERSON: I should have been.

FREY: Why couldn’t you have been?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: I mean at this point I mean what do you expect now? I mean do you…do you…I mean do you still get…do you have these feelings that you and I have something or that…

PETERSON: I don’t think so after I lied to you.

FREY: …possibly you could have a relationship with me? 

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PETERSON:  I don’t think it’s possible after I lied to you this much. I don’t think you could ever trust me. And, you know, just like you said the cornerstone.

FREY: What about the cornerstone?

PETERSON: That you said trust is a cornerstone, right? I don’t think you could ever trust me again.

FREY: I never put those words trust as a cornerstone, that’s not…

PETERSON: Oh, I thought you told me that once.

FREY: No, didn’t come out of my mouth, must have been another one of me because, you know, you tell me that you’re faithful to me and that there is no one else, but you can lie to me of all these other things. How can I believe that to be true?

PETERSON: I know and that’s why I know you can…you’ll probably never be able to trust me.

FREY: Well, how…how would you want me to see you as a person or…or…?

PETERSON: Different than what I’ve done to you.

FREY: So what would you be willing or what are you going to do in order to make me regain that respect or that trust from me?

PETERSON: I think that it could only take time.

FREY: Time?

PETERSON: Time and experience, yeah.

FREY: (sigh)

PETERSON: If it’s possible.

FREY: And in time…in time what’s going to uh…come of all this?

PETERSON: Well, I mean…

FREY: You know we built…I…I…I don’t know. I mean I could just…everything else has been elaborate and I might as well throw some more in there, you know, that…you know, you do all these 

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FREY: things and…and, you know, you’re still not proven in any way guilty of this disappearance or uh…loss of, you know, Laci Peterson. Um…(heavy sigh) and other things come or prevail and show truth or whatever else. I mean, you know, the…the thing is the police will eventually find Laci Peterson. You do know that, right?


FREY: And the police are never…they will not give up on this until she is found.

PETERSON: I know, that’s good.

FREY: And, you know, how many more lies are there going to be?


FREY: None?

PETERSON: But I mean I can only show that to you through time and experience. Like you said, actions speak louder than words?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: And it will take a lot of action.

FREY: What actions are you gonna take?

PETERSON: Well, that’s what I’m saying it can only be time and experience.

FREY: What experience?

PETERSON: Experience of me being trustworthy to you.

FREY: So you still do have hope in your heart that…that uh…I can still be here for you?

PETERSON: Yeah. You must know that.

FREY: I must know that?

PETERSON: That that’s true.

FREY: What’s true?

PETERSON: What you just said. 

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FREY: Why don’t you repeat it and tell me again?

PETERSON: That I still would hold in my heart that there could be some future relationship for us.

FREY: How is a relationship supposed to be built on deception and lies though?

PETERSON: Exactly, it can’t be.

FREY: It can’t be, but you still have those hopes?

PETERSON: Yeah. And I hope of some kind of starting over ability.

FREY: All I have to say is it would take a miracle for that to happen.

PETERSON: I know that.

FREY: You know last night you told me…last night you said to me if I call you, you’ll tell me the truth. I called you today.


FREY: So what truth are you gonna tell me?

PETERSON: Everything I’ve said today is the truth?

FREY: And everything you said yesterday was a lie?

PETERSON: No. Well, the first phone call…sounds like it, yes. Okay, I wasn’t in Madrid. That was a lie. The second phone call was only the truth.

FREY: Uh-hum. So did you even go on that fishing trip in Alaska with your family?


FREY: With your dad and your uncle and your brother?

PETERSON: No, just my brother.

FREY: It was just your brother:

PETERSON:  Uh-hum (Affirmative)

FREY: You went to Alaska with your brother at Thanksgiving? 

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PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said you went to Alaska with your brother with Thanksgiving, is that what you’re telling me?


FREY: So you were actually gone that whole week and that wasn’t just a lie too?


FREY: But everything today you’re telling me is gonna be the truth, right?

PETERSON: I know you can’t believe me now. And if I say it’s the truth, it doesn’t mean anything now to you.

FREY: So I guess you…

PETERSON: So you have to…

FREY: So I guess you’re putting yourself out on that one, huh? You’ve already…you know, either way it doesn’t matter, right? So…

PETERSON: No, it matters to me.

FREY: That’s your attitude.

PETERSON: No, it matters to me. And I just…I don’t think that you will, you know, trust that this is the truth now until you see some kind of like you say, actions speak louder than words and so, you know, actions and time and…and all that. I mean do you think that’s rational and that’s true?

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: Well, what do you think of that statement?

FREY: You’re gonna have to tell me that statement again cause I’m…I’m just so overwhelmed right now.


FREY: Tell me that… 

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PETERSON: I just…yeah, well, I was just saying that okay, what I say to you now and what I have been saying is the truth.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And only I know that because I have made it so you can’t trust in me. So it’s obviously important to me. Now, the only way you can believe it is, you know, by seeing actions in time and results and experiences between you and I.

FREY: They’ve all been lies.

PETERSON: There have been far too many. One is far too many.

FREY: I’d agree with that. So were you able to sleep last night?

PETERSON: No, I haven’t slept in weeks, two weeks.

FREY: But you’re able to…

PETERSON: Well, from exhaustion I do, but…

FREY: (sigh) Okay, so you’re telling me that everything today is the truth?


FREY: And all you could ask is that I trust you or that we could start all over again and in…in this trust and…and that this is day one in…in trusting you? Is this what you’re telling me?


FREY: I’m sorry…

PETERSON: Day one of…day one of actions and experience and starting new.

FREY: Okay. So what if I…what if I tell you I’m willing to stop arguing about your lies and start over?

PETERSON: I think that would be wonderful. You know, that would be that miracle happening, that would be that hope that I have.

FREY: Really? (phone ringing) There’s your other phone.


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FREY: Do you want me to hold?

PETERSON: No, I turned it off.

FREY: Who’s calling?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: You didn’t look?

PETERSON: No, it’s not in my phonebook so it’s not important to me right now, Amber.

FREY: Scott, you know, I’m concerned…I’m concerned and I’m looking…I’m looking past this right now that even if we continued in a relationship we could be out for dinner one night and the cops could come over or…or at our home or whatever and…and uh…arrest you for Laci’s murder?


FREY: How can I be sure this…this will not occur?

PETERSON: Because I had nothing to do with it. You know, the only indication in that realm that I’ll have is when they find her.

FREY: So how are you going to plea your innocence?

PETERSON: I don’t have to, I know I’m innocent. They know I’m innocent. Everyone close to this knows I’m innocent. I don’t care about the media or the, you know, 70 percent of the population out there who’s ignorant and foolish and, you know, immediately jumps to conclusions.

FREY: Now, in regards or…or to put the media and everybody aside and just focus…for me to just focus on what I know…(sigh) how do you perceive this through your eyes, Scott?

PETERSON: I…I mean the same way that you do.

FREY: Explain? How?

PETERSON: Hurt, angry, just, you know, so stomped on and treated so inappropriately and not deserving of this.

FREY: That’s not answering my question. 

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PETERSON: What’s that?.

FREY: I said that’s not answering my question and I know you’re very intelligent…

PETERSON: Isn’t that what you’re feeling?

FREY: That’s not what my question was.

PETERSON: I…I misunderstood then. Perceived in your eyes, what do you mean then?

FREY: From what you shed light with me and what I’ve seen as far as coverage and, you know, I’m not gonna take everything in coverage verbatim or, you know, or in the media because I understand people say things and people want a certain reaction about something.


FREY: I understand that. And what I’m saying is how do you see…I mean you…just take yourself and look through my eyes right now and in my shoes and you tell me how I should perceive this?

PETERSON: Are you talking about guilt or innocence, or are you talking about um…

FREY: The total picture, Scott, the total picture?

PETERSON: I would hope that you know me well enough as does, you know, our families to know that there’s no possible way I had anything to do with this.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And that it’s an ignorant public and media the needs some kind of scandal.

FREY: I’m ignorant right now, Scott.


FREY: Yeah. You are not answering my question.

PETERSON: I’m not sure what they are then because I think I’m answering what I’m hearing. 

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FREY: You know, you’re more…you’re more…what is that gendra, what was the word you kept speaking of about…and about…

PETERSON: Oh, different kind of movies?

FREY: Well, in part. And how you like to find the movies that make you think or uh…are intelligent. I’m asking you a question to make you think, okay?


FREY: Follow me.


FREY: I don’t think it’s that hard for you to. You’re avoiding my question.

PETERSON: No, I’m not. I’m trying to answer.

FREY: Then just maybe take a moment and think about it and answer.

PETERSON: Okay, what’s the question, Amber?

FREY: The question again, stand in my shoes and look through my eyes.


FREY: And what is it for me…what is it that I’m supposed to perceive of all this you standing in my shoes what I know of how many lies you’ve told me in this…since day one that I’ve met you until…until last night in a conversation and what I have read in this coverage, how am I supposed to perceive all of this? Tell me?

PETERSON: I would consider me a complete asshole who’s done something to Amber that she does not deserve and question if you could ever trust me again.

FREY: Okay. Again, you’re not looking through my eyes. I’d be looking…


FREY: No, that’s not looking through my eyes, Scott.


FREY: Is my question so hard for you to answer or to comprehend… 

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PETERSON: I’m trying to, Amber.

FREY: …and grasp and hold?

PETERSON: I mean I’m trying to understand it.

FREY: Really?

PETERSON: How would you…how…if I’m looking through your eyes how you perceive this situation…

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: And I’m describing what I have done to you.

FREY: Yeah, exactly. No, you’re describing how you feel what you’ve put me through. No, no, no, that’s…

PETERSON: That’s how you should feel also?

FREY: That’s how I feel, I should look at you and think oh, this guy is such an asshole, this guy…this, this, and this.

PETERSON: Well, I guess I’m looking through my eyes at the situation from your viewpoint.

FREY: I’m telling you to stand in my shoes, to walk in my shoes…

PETERSON: If I was standing in your shoes I’m thinking then that you’ve…you’ve asking um…how could I trust him, how could he have done this to me? I expected more of him, how is this situation, you know, how did this come up to…to harm me in this way knowing, you know, that you don’t deserve this, wondering why it’s happening to you. Am I in your eyes now? Amber?

FREY: I…I think you’re so far from it.

PETERSON: Am I? Help me understand then.

FREY: You could help me understand.

PETERSON: I’m trying.

FREY: You know, I could live with the truth. I cannot live a life based on lies, Scott. 

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PETERSON: I know that.

FREY: So looking through my eyes and standing in my shoes right now hum…

PETERSON: Tell me what you’re feeling?

FREY: Deceit from day one.


FREY: I see this elaborate lie un…unveil in front of me.


FREY: And what I see before me is unbelievable. This can’t be happening to me. This couldn’t be happening to the person I met November 20th. This person I was led to believe was a person I was led to believe this…this (sigh) caring and attentive, thoughtful man. And what’s revealed to me in all of this and all these lies…I don’t know what, I mean I don’t want it is I’m supposed to perceive of all this or what…(sigh) I don’t see or I…I don’t understand where…yeah, you told me you were going fishing with your family. Your uncle and your dad was gonna be there all these people, and even afterward you told me that. But just now today you just no, you just went with your brother. But you’re telling me you’re gonna be the holidays in Maine with your family and that you’d be in Europe. This was already something you told me then. Why did you continue with this whole elaborate lie all the way up until last night?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: So do you…are you wanting my respect I all of this?

PETERSON: I have destroyed any respect you could have for me.

FREY: So is that a yes or a no?

PETERSON: I want obviously…

FREY: I want. Wants and needs, I think we had that discussion before.

PETERSON: Well, you know, I need it to. And desire, I hope for it, but I know it’s, you know, difficult.

FREY: Uh-hum. 

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PETERSON: Beyond difficult, that’s not even the right word.

FREY: Yeah, that’s an understatement.

PETERSON: Yeah, but…

FREY: So tell me (sigh) what…okay, before…I…I don’t…I…you know, I don’t even know. At this point I’m just so tired, I’ve not slept.


FREY: (sigh) What I want you to tell me is that everything that happened from the beginning and ending the night before Christmas Eve?

PETERSON: Yeah, I can do that.

FREY: What happened?

PETERSON: I can’t tell you that now.

FREY: You can’t tell me right…that now?

PETERSON: No. Well, I mean I…obviously I’ve lied to you about traveling to Maine um…because I couldn’t spend the holidays with you.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And then the next thing I know she disappeared.

FREY: Okay. My…what I remember…huh…the 22nd, Thursday, is you calling me from the air…wherever that pay phone was that…from Sacramento.


FREY: I want to say the airport. And then you called me again to say you were in Chicago or whatever and you were…

PETERSON: Yeah, I lied to you about all that travel.

FREY: So what happened Monday? I didn’t talk to you Monday did I?

PETERSON: I don’t recall.

FREY: I don’t recall either, so what happened on Monday? Seeing as how you obviously weren’t in-between flights and… 

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FREY: So what…?

PETERSON: On Monday?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: I think I worked Monday.

FREY: You worked Monday?

PETERSON: I think so. Either that or I went and played golf.

FREY: Think a little bit harder. You golfed maybe, is that what you said?

PETERSON: Yeah, I think so.

FREY: You think so? What else did you do Monday?

PETERSON: I know I worked out in the afternoon.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: I think I went to work in the morning and played golf and I worked out in the afternoon.

FREY: Uh-huh. Was that…I can’t remember, you had called me one time  to say you were on the way to the gym for your 5-minute workout or something?


FREY: And what else did you do Monday?

PETERSON: Got my hair cut.

FREY: Got your hair cut?

PETERSON: Had a pizza and watched the uh…

FREY: Wasn’t it raining on Monday?


FREY: No? 

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FREY: Huh! And uh…okay, Tuesday, which would be Christmas Eve, right?


FREY:: Tuesday morning, let’s see I think you called me to me you were going duck hunting, right?

PETERSON: I think so.

FREY: And that a tour-guided duck hunt with your dad and a tour guide, right?

PETERSON: That was a complete lie.

FREY: Well…well, I remember that very clearly because my dad had just left. You called me again, or I thought you called me again that day, I’m not sure, but is it in the paper on that day you were um…fishing in the Bay by yourself?

PETERSON: Uh-hum (affirmative). And then the duck hunting and the travel is a complete lie.

FREY: Oh, but now…

PETERSON: And I went fishing.

FREY: But now that story’s true though?


FREY: And uh…you called me again when…when was the next time you remember calling me?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: You don’t know?


FREY: I thought I was somebody important in your life and that we had a relationship and that I was the only thing you thought about?

PETERSON: Amber, I care about you a great deal. 

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FREY: I remember when you called me next.

PETERSON: When was that?

FREY:: Why do you think I would remember why you called me next? Because I put you in such a place in my heart that I could only…I mean the anticipation each time I would hear from you would just grow so great each time. You called me on Christmas Day


FREY: Not only once, but twice.


FREY: And that was the night…well, Doug had told you, “You tell a lady you’re gonna call, you call, especially on Christmas.” Do you remember that?

PETERSON: Oh, yeah.

FREY: Oh, yeah.


FREY: In our conversation you said, “Oh, that was my mom. She asked if I could sit down and I told her I was in a discussion with you.” You never told her you were in a discussion with me, you just said you were in a discussion.


FREY: And the thing you wanted me to do the first thing when I saw you was…why did you ask me to sing that song?

PETERSON: It sounded adorable.

FREY: You thought it was adorable?


FREY: (sigh) In all this your wife all of a sudden became missing or had disappeared?


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FREY: Right?


FREY: Why don’t…why…why don’t…why don’t you do some talking and…and…and whatnot because…(sigh)

PETERSON: I don’t know what to say except that I’m, you know, you don’t deserve this.

FREY: You said that.

PETERSON: That’s the only thing…

FREY: Why don’t you tell me something you haven’t said to me before?

PETERSON: That’s the only important thing, Amber. The only important thing…

FREY: What’s the only important thing?

PETERSON: …you know, for you to know that you do not deserve this. The important thing is…is that for you.

FREY: (sigh) You know you keep saying that you can’t tell me right now…


FREY: …and that you know details, but you can’t say anything right now. I mean how can you live with that knowing details and not saying anything about them?

PETERSON: I have told who is appropriate, who needs to know now. And I simply have to hold back.

FREY: Go on?

PETERSON: That’s it. I just…it can’t be done now.

FREY: So what I can’t understand is why you’re lying to me now.

PETERSON: I’m not lying to you now, Amber.

FREY: Before you were lying you were married. You lied because…what gratification and what did you benefit from lying to me, Scott?

PETERSON: Nothing. 

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FREY: What were you hoping to gain or benefit from lying to me? You can’t tell me nothing?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: But Scott, you think about me all the time?

PETERSON: I don’t know why…I don’t…what’s that?

FREY: But you think about me all the time?


FREY: So if you had nothing to do with the disappearance, Scott, then why can’t you tell me about it?

PETERSON: I can’t tell you everything about the disappearance.

FREY: Okay, tell me?

PETERSON: I mean I went…I went fishing that morning.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And uh…we were supposed to meet at 4:00.

FREY: Who is we?

PETERSON: Laci and I.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: To go to her parent’s house for Christmas Eve.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And um…I got to the house and she wasn’t there. So I called cause I thought she’d be at her parents and she wasn’t there so we immediately started searching.

FREY: Immediately?

PETERSON: Yeah. I checked with all the houses around there and Ron, who is  her step-father, called the hospital and we went down into the park where she normally walks in case something happened to her there. 

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FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: Searched that area and uh…Ron called the police and they sent out a helicopter and dogs and everything. Since then we have set up the Volunteer Center and I open in the morning and get the volunteers going and the tremendous staff of her friends who come in and help out during the day. And I’ve been working out, you know, doing searches and now I’m hanging up fliers and we’re all trying to spark a tip that will find her.

FREY: Well, I understand…

PETERSON: We’re losing volunteers every day. I mean I don’t think very many people came in to help today. And now it’s going to be a media management kind of thing and I believe that we’ll find her.

FREY: So how do you feel about people uh…(clears throat) giving up hope or uh…you know, kind of breaking off from the volunteer stuff. How do you feel about that?

PETERSON: Pretty sad. You know, there’s a core of group of people who keep on working, but it’s uh…strangers that are falling off in number and it’s inevitable. And hopefully they’ll be more people out this weekend, but it’s kind of inevitable with people went back to work and, you know, that’s sad.

FREY: Well, life…you know, people’s lives have to continue and…

PETERSON: Of course.

FREY: …move on.

PETERSON: Yeah, that’s why it’s inevitable.

FREY: So where’s…where does your life stand at this point or at that point?

PETERSON: It’s what I’m dedicated to right now.

FREY: Uh-hum. And I understand.

PETERSON: Until there’s some resolution.

FREY: Until there’s some resolution?



Recording, Pt. 2

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FREY: So now, January 25th comes by and, you know, media’s died down. I still have not heard any of this stuff. Um…you come back into town and then what and then you of course want to see me and I’d be elated and anxious to see you. Um…(beep) then…

PETERSON: …but either I’m too weak…well, I know that’s the biggest part of it. (beep) And you are going through things and I…

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: …and well I’m too weak is the biggest part of it.

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And so it took me until then to tell you.

FREY: So you were going to…okay, you’re gonna come in…well…

PETERSON: It was far too long for you to not know.

FREY: 13 days? Uh…

PETERSON: Yeah, that was way too long. You should have known day one.

FREY: No, you just continued this whole elaborate lie to me that you’re in Paris, Brussels, Madrid…

PETERSON: Yes, I did. I did.

FREY: So then you’re telling me you do have a plan then, right?


FREY: A plan as far as, you know, you say how you’re going to do that and everything else you’re gonna tell me um…I mean

PETERSON: Yeah, I wanted to tell you day one and I should of.

FREY: Okay, but you didn’t?

PETERSON: I know that.

FREY: You didn’t. And so in your timeline…

PETERSON: I know, it took me so long. 

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FREY: So in your timeline of…I’m just gonna stick to the timeline you gave me, January 26th, you were gonna come into town and I was gonna, you know, you heard time and time again how anxious I was for that day to come.


FREY: My countdown of until I get to see you again, until I get to be with you, telling me I’m gonna hold you and smell you and all these things.


FREY: You know, it’s hard for me to believe that you wouldn’t have let that all happen and just I guess some way put this all behind you? Hum?

PETERSON: I don’t know what to say to that.

FREY: That…that…I just…

PETERSON: This was not supposed…oh!

FREY: Not supposed to what?

PETERSON: About me lying about the travel?

FREY: Uh-hum. What were you going to say, that was not supposed to what?

PETERSON: Well, I mean this…this disappearance changed everything and this situation changed everything.

FREY: What was the situation before all this happened in your mind, Scott?

PETERSON: You know what it was.

FREY: No, I…I know…I…I…I know what I thought and led to believe it was between you and I. But what about Laci, what was she led to believe in knowing what was going on? We obviously had no understanding of each other.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said we obviously had no understanding of each other. 

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PETERSON: Well, because I lied to you.

FREY: Because you lied to me?

PETERSON: That’s why. Yeah, that’s why you couldn’t understand me.

FREY: What?

PETERSON: That’s why you couldn’t understand me is because I lied to you.

FREY: What are you talking…I couldn’t understand you because you lied to me?

PETERSON: Yeah, you said we obviously had no understanding of each other. Um…no, you did not have an understanding of me or, you know, the situation because I lied to you.

FREY: But I’m saying now was Laci aware of the situation about me?


FREY: She was?


FREY: Really? How did she respond about it?


FREY: Fine?


FREY: An 8-month woman, fine, about another woman?

PETERSON: You don’t know all the facts. Amber, you don’t know all the facts.

FREY: Oh! She was okay with it, but you…you continued to lie to me and couldn’t be with me the holidays, but she was okay, she was fine with knowing about me?


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FREY: Unbelievable! You know, this reminds me about didn’t I tell you about a relationship earlier is why I felt like I was in the relationship or…or for preparation of into my daughter’s uh…my pregnancy with my daughter and…and her father? Did I tell you about that story?

PETERSON: Yeah, you did.

FREY: I did?


FREY: And she was okay with that, huh? That…that makes me…that’s very hard to believe because I’ve been in a situation like this before, Scott.


FREY: And that person was not okay. She wanted to rip my eyes out.


FREY: You’re telling me Laci was okay and fine with me?

PETERSON: I know you can’t believe me. Wish you could. Um…and I hope to…I hope to gain your trust again. And, you know, I want…I have the hope that we can have some relationship.

FREY: So was I ever gonna get a dinner invitation to meet the folks?


FREY: Hum?

PETERSON: Oh, yeah.

FREY: Oh, when? At what point? When?


FREY: Soon? And how would you introduce me as?


FREY: As Amber? All right, what happened to…?

PETERSON: As you. 

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FREY: Hum?

PETERSON: Well, you don’t want me to say that right now.

FREY: You’re gonna introduce me to your folks as Amber?

PETERSON: No, I would introduce you as who you are to me.

FREY: And who am I to you?

PETERSON: You are so special to me and so wonderful. I want to…

FREY: Do you always stop in the middle of a thought?


FREY: (sigh) Well, you could always pick up from where you left off?

PETERSON: I said it, I said what I needed to say.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: I said…I’ve said what I needed to say.

FREY: So when…when was that gonna happen?


FREY: Soon?

PETERSON: Soon. The situation delays it obviously?

FREY: The situation delays it obviously?

PETERSON: Yeah, we need resolution in Laci’s disappearance.

FREY: You’re…you’re not even…you’re not even separated or divorced from her. How would that be appropriate?

PETERSON: Amber, you don’t know all the facts.

FREY: Well, then why don’t you share them, Scott?

PETERSON: I can’t.

FREY: Why? 

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PETERSON: I…like I said I had to say it so many times last night. I can’t tell you everything now.

FREY: You can’t tell me everything now, you can’t tell me everything now?


FREY: That’s going to be inbred in my head.

PETERSON: I know it and I don’t want to say it to you again.

FREY: So is this whole search and for Laci uh…taking longer then you thought it would?

PETERSON: I…I don’t…I don’t know how long…we want to find her as soon as we can. Obviously I have…

FREY: Obviously?

PETERSON: …no expectations because who would know that she would disappear.

FREY: Obviously, Scott from what I can gather and see, the whole nation is wanting to find Laci.

PETERSON: Definitely. She does not deserve, you know, she’s…

FREY: She does not deserve what?

PETERSON: She was abducted, disappeared, and she needs to be found. Amber?

FREY: I’m here.


FREY: (sigh) That all too familiar silence.

PETERSON: Yeah. (beep) Okay um…

FREY: Okay, why…I know why I’m silent, but why are you so silent?

PETERSON: Because I said what…what I can and what I need to say.

FREY: Uh-hum. 

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PETERSON: And it’s not enough for you, it’s not enough for me, but it’s right for now.

FREY: Where are you now?

PETERSON: Well, I’m in the parking lot by the side of the road and I…I’d like to continue to speak to you obviously, okay, but I’m gonna start driving down to the Volunteer Center.

FREY: Where are you? Are you gonna start driving back to the Volunteer Center?

PETERSON: Well, that’s where I’m headed. I mean I want to continue to talk to you and I know that well, I just turned the car off again, but I know that I can’t answer all your questions and I can’t tell you why this is happening to you and uh…I don’t know what I can do for you.

FREY: Well, when you keep telling me I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you these things…

PETERSON: Yeah, yeah.

FREY: You know, I can only draw the conclusion that you could possibly have something to do with this disappearance of Laci?

PETERSON: That’s not…that’s not true.

FREY: And that the truth that you talk about that you can’t tell me, wouldn’t that reveal the truth or reveal what’s going on?

PETERSON: Reveal my un-involvement, no.

FREY: Reveal your un-involvement, I don’t understand?

PETERSON: Well, I am not involved in the disappearance of Laci.

FREY: You’re not…you’re not involved with her disappearance?


FREY: Who is involved?

PETERSON: We need to find those people to find her.

FREY: So you don’t know is what you’re telling me? 

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PETERSON: I have no idea.

FREY: But you know things that you can’t tell me at this time?

PETERSON: Yes. Not regarding her disappearance though.

FREY: Well, who can you tell though? Not regarding her disappearance?


FREY: What is it regarding then, be more specific?


FREY: Why?

PETERSON: I can’t.

FREY: Okay. First you…I’m a person you’re wanting to plead a second chance to?

PETERSON: I have hope, yes.

FREY: And hope in starting or…or…or…or that there…or you have this hope there, but you…but you still after all of this can’t tell me?

PETERSON: I can’t.

FREY: How does that make sense?

PETERSON: It…it is the appropriate thing to do right now.

FREY: The appropriate thing to do for who?

PETERSON: For everyone.

FREY: Who’s every…everyone’s not…I’m not everyone. I’m…I’m me, myself, and I.

PETERSON: You are…you are a part of everyone. It’s the appropriate thing to be doing right now.

FREY: You don’t think this insults me like I can’t understand it or something? 

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PETERSON: No, you can understand it. Everyone can understand it, it’s just not appropriate for…for people, you know, like we can’t talk about it.

FREY: Oh, we just can’t talk about it?

PETERSON: No. And I’m sorry and this is for the good of everyone until we reach a resolution.

FREY: Well, thanks for your confidence and trust and…

PETERSON: I have total confidence and trust in you, more than anyone else. And I’m sorry that that is the fact that it is just not the right thing to be doing.

FREY: So it’s that you can’t tell me or you won’t tell me?

PETERSON: I won’t because it is not the right thing.

FREY: When is it the right thing?

PETERSON: I won’t tell, no.

FREY: When is it the right time?

PETERSON: When we reach a resolution from this.

FREY: When you reach resolution? (sigh)


FREY: Well, you’ve got my head spinning pretty good.

PETERSON: I’m sorry?

FREY: You’ve got my head spinning pretty good.

PETERSON: I’m sorry about that. And I’m sorry for the situation and I’m sorry that you’re involved in this. And all I can continue to say is it’s not…you don’t deserve it. I’ve read a little of Matthew, is it 18:13?

FREY: What?

PETERSON: Matthew 18:13 today.

FREY: What about it? 

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PETERSON: The first time I’ve looked at a Bible in a long time.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: That’s the first time I’ve looked at a Bible in a long time.

FREY: Uh-hum. Why were you looking at Matthew 18?

PETERSON: Parable of the sower.

FREY: That’s not it.

PETERSON: Oh, it’s 13:18 then, Chapter 13, Verse 18?

FREY: Hum…it starts at 13.

PETERSON: Chapter 13, right?

FREY: Yeah, you’re correct.

PETERSON: And then it’s in Verse 18 where it says the parable in the sower?

FREY: Yes.


FREY: So what’d you think about it?

PETERSON: I only got started.


PETERSON: But I’ll be going back to it now.

FREY: Would you like me to read it verbatim?


FREY: Really?


FREY: Where would you like me to begin?

PETERSON: How about that…that spot, Verse 13…or Verse 18, sorry. 

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FREY: What happened before that?

PETERSON: I don’t know, that’s where I picked it up.

FREY: I know so you’ve read 1 through 18?

PETERSON: No, I picked up at Chapter 13, Verse 18.


PETERSON: And I read Parables and Sower.

FREY: But you missed the whole importance of…

PETERSON: Oh, did I?

FREY: I would think so.

PETERSON: Okay. Well, pick it up where you feel it’s appropriate.

FREY: That’s okay. Too time consuming.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: It’s too time consuming. You could…I know you could read it yourself so I’ll…

PETERSON: I’ll read it tonight.

FREY: Sit down and just kind of see where it guides you.

PETERSON: Okay, I’ll do that tonight.

FREY: (sigh)

PETERSON: And I think the only thing to be said right now, Amber, is what I’ve said many times, you don’t deserve this and I’m sorry the situation has come to this. And I’m sorry that I, you know, um…that I lied to you. Um…I’m glad you called though.

FREY: Sounds like you’re uh…you’re going to be getting off the phone?

PETERSON: No, I’m…I’m prepared and I would lie to speak to you as long as you want, but I just wanted to make sure that’s said in case, you know, you should…and I totally understand that you’d say, you know, don’t call me, I’ll call you. 

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FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: And I…and I understand and respect that.

FREY: Well, I feel this conflict in attraction to you, you know. If this is gonna make sense…or if that even begins to make any sense then…(beep) Oh, I have another call. (beep) Well. (beep) Are you there?

PETERSON: Amber? Yeah.

FREY: (beep, beep, beep) (heavy sigh)


FREY: I’m here.


FREY: I’m just…I’m just…

PETERSON: We don’t know what to say do we?

FREY: (sigh) Well, there’s just so many things. I mean I have so many questions, it’s just a matter of…

PETERSON: Yeah, I know.

FREY: …not…not to keep repeating myself but to try to find the answers in which you just are so inclined not to answer.


FREY: It’s very frustrating.

PETERSON: Oh, no question.

FREY: To me it’s very frustrating to, you know, to…to be going through this right now.


FREY: And…and not to have this…this fear inside my heart that you had something to do with this and that you may have possibly and potentially have killed your wife. 

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PETERSON: No, you don’t need to have that fear. You know me well enough.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: I’m not an evil guy.

FREY: You’re not an evil guy. (beep) Define that because…

PETERSON: I lied to you.

FREY: You lied to me?

PETERSON: But I’m not an evil person.

FREY: (beep) Okay, so you’re going…(beep) I just…I’m…I’m…I’m just holding on to this that you’re telling me you will do anything for me…(beep, beep, beep) that I trust you?


FREY: Is that correct?


FREY: Did…what are you willing to do for me so that I can trust you and believe and know in my heart that…

PETERSON: Well, I mean I think…

FREY: …you had nothing to do with her…

PETERSON: The only thing is after resolution in this is that you see my actions over time and you will hopefully, you know, be able to trust me and I will do everything to ensure that.

FREY: Really?


FREY: How can you prove that to me?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: Find the answer.

PETERSON: Okay, I’ll find the answer. 

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FREY: Really?


FREY: (sigh) So what else are you willing to do or…or do you feel that you could do to prove and have me trust you? I mean what is it that…?

PETERSON: Anything you ask?

FREY: Anything I ask? Anything?


FREY: Anything?


FREY: There’s…there’s exceptions then?


FREY: Oh, yeah, there is.

PETERSON: Well, there is right now, but there won’t be in the future. After resolution of this…

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: …after we find Laci, anything you ask is done.

FREY: I mean after this, but beforehand there’s exceptions?

PETERSON: No, there’s no deceptions from this point.

FREY: Exceptions.

PETERSON: Well, there are exceptions to the point there are things that we cannot talk about now.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: But after resolution they are no exceptions.

FREY: Okay. So one thing I want you to do…well, obviously I just said the only thing I want you to do, I want you to prove to me… 

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PETERSON: Okay, I will.

FREY: I want that tomorrow. I will give you a time…

PETERSON: I’ll try.

FREY: No, no try. You will make it possible.

PETERSON: Well, okay, I hope I can do it.

FREY: You hope?


FREY: Okay. So my question is I need you to help me with this and…and to think about this now.


FREY: I’m asking you to prove this to me, Scott.


FREY: How do you…okay, I have…I have a suggestion as far as how you can prove that to me because at this point…


FREY: …I don’t feel I can see you in person.

PETERSON: No, no of course not.

FREY: Of course not. Well, one, of course not you can’t be seen in public with me.

PETERSON: You don’t need the media chasing you.

FREY: I’m not afraid of the media, Scott.


FREY: I have nothing to hide, I’ve done nothing wrong.

PETERSON: I know that, you’re right.

FREY: So…so, my thought in this, Scott? 

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FREY: Because I…I’m not going to physically meet you and, you know, that’s not something you can do.


FREY: I will ask you to go in front of the press…

PETERSON: I think I can do that.

FREY: You think?

PETERSON: I have to…I mean I have to ask the police.

FREY: I don’t see where could disagree for your…for…for a plead of innocence?


FREY: Am I important enough to you to tell me the truth? I mean it…

PETERSON: Yes, and I have.

FREY: …and stop this shit about I can’t tell you right now and all this?

PETERSON: If I could I would tell you everything now.

FREY: Okay. Now, I’m…I’m gonna go back with that because I’m…I’m sick of hearing that. It’s…it’s just…

PETERSON: I know it’s ridiculous.

FREY: It sucks. And…


FREY: …and ‘m quite irritated with it.

PETERSON: Right, as you should…understandably.

FREY: Okay, so tomorrow…


Page 41 of 54 -- January 7, 2003 at 4:13 p.m., People’s 195T

FREY: …I want you to this, Scott. I want you to commit to this because you can…

PETERSON: I can’t say I can do it.

FREY: Yes, you can because you can commit to this. You have every power to do this. I want to see…

PETERSON: I need to…

FREY: I want to see…I want to see this tomorrow. I want to see…


FREY: I want to see you speak in public. It could be ten minutes, five minutes, whatever. It could be very short and brief, I want for you if you want my respect and my trust and everything else and then you will do this for me, Scott, for us. And if you…if you…and if you honestly, you know, and I won’t know this and I have no way of knowing and don’t tell me either way because if it’s another lie then…and I mean you still have the rest of the day and there’s tomorrow and there’s enough time for you to do all these things. And do you have any…if…if there’s any truth in what you say in what you tell me about you and I, then you will do this for us.


FREY: I need to hear it, I need to hear it from you that you’re going to do this.

PETERSON: I’ll…I…I need to check with the police.

FREY: You need to check with the police?


FREY: Oh! (sigh) You know, it’s not like this is some huge thing for you to do. It’s quite small. Why…

PETERSON: I don’t know what’s huge and what’s small now.

FREY: I could tell you the disappearance of Laci is huge.

PETERSON: Oh, I know that.

FREY: To me it’s huge. 

Page 42 of 54 -- January 7, 2003 at 4:13 p.m., People’s 195T

PETERSON: Yes, it’s unbelievable.

FREY: Remember I was talking to you about how…how in the New Testament and equally, visually_________________(inaudible, static) personalities. ______to relate and comprehend.


FREY: Right?


FREY: Well, I’m…I’m talking to you.


FREY: I’m seeing…I’m seeing coverage in front of me.


FREY: I need to grasp that from you because I don’t see anything which you’ve done.

PETERSON: Naw, I’ve done just the GMA spot and then I was burned and they just told me it’s not the right thing to do.

FREY: What?

PETERSON: You’re wondering why I haven’t been in the media?

FREY: No. I…you know, you’ve already explained that and I understand, but what I’m asking of you is…


FREY: …should in no way be judgmental to you at all.

PETERSON: Well, I need to uh…those people.

FREY: You know, it’s not about those people. Remember this is about me and you, this is about us. This is between you and I what I’m asking you to do.

PETERSON: And believe me they know the best thing for you and I and family and everything.

FREY: They don’t know about me. 

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PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: They don’t know about me. Nobody knows about me. Really? Who runs your life, Scott? You’re a 30-year old man.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said who runs your life, you or the media or the…?

PETERSON: Well, it’s the way they say to handle it and our media supervisor as well.

FREY: So when are you gonna get on top of this so-to-speak?

PETERSON: We need to try to find a resolution to this. We need to find her.

FREY: I am just…huh, this is so overwhelming and so beyond me, Scott, I can’t even go to my family with this.

PETERSON: Yeah, I know it.

FREY: And thank God they didn’t meet you on Sunday, huh?


FREY: Not much to say there, Scott?

PETERSON: No, I just agree with you.

FREY: Why? Cause that’s the easier thing to do?

PETERSON: No, because you’re right.

FREY: I’m right, huh? It blows my mind.

PETERSON: Yes, there’s no question, that’s a true statement.

FREY: So where are you at now?

PETERSON: I’m still in the parking lot.

FREY: You’re still in the parking…?

PETERSON: But I need to start driving. I’ll continue to talk to you, but I have an appointment with the Chief of Police at 5:30 so I gotta start driving. I’m next to a Georgia Carpet Outlet. 

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FREY: Georgia Carpet Outlet?

PETERSON: On Briggsmore.

FREY: (sigh) And how far are you from the Volunteer Center?

PETERSON: Um…about 2 or 3 minutes.

FREY: You’re not going to the Volunteer Center?

PETERSON: Well, I usually go there and _____, but now I thought I would go there and then go to the this appointment with the Chief, but I’m just gonna have to go the appointment with the Chief so I won’t be at the Volunteer Center this evening.

FREY: The Chief of…____(inaudible)

PETERSON: No, the Chief of Police.

FREY: Oh! So you’re meeting with the Chief of Police when?

PETERSON: Yep, right now?

FREY: Right now?

PETERSON: Well, yeah, when I get there at 5:30 I’ll…it’s 5:30 right now.

FREY: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I thought you were going to the Volunteer Center and now you’re telling me you’re going to meet with…why are you meeting with the Chief of Police?

PETERSON: Because I want him to keep officers out there looking. I’ve met with the Mayor, all of the politicians here as well as the Chief of Police two times, this will be my third time to meet with him. Just to say thank you for all the officers that they have out looking.

FREY: Are you _____________ now ___________ (inaudible)

PETERSON: I’m driving right now.

FREY: __________ (inaudible)


FREY: Where are you going? 

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PETERSON: To the police station, the Modesto Police station on 10th and G.

FREY: 10th and G?


FREY: (sigh) So you’re meeting with the Chief of Police. I don’t understand.

PETERSON: I’m sorry, go again?

FREY: I said I don’t understand why you’re meeting with the Chief of Police?

PETERSON: Well, because he has dedicated so many officers to this to keep them out there looking for her that I just think that if I continue to meet with him he will keep all the officers out there and continue to pay all the overtime and everything else.

FREY: ___________________Chief of Police? (inaudible)

PETERSON: Well, he’s the one that calls the shots. I’m getting the people out there to look.

FREY: Hum!

PETERSON: Detective Roy Wasden, you can check that out if you like.

FREY: Roy Wasden? I probably will do that.


FREY: Okay.)

PETERSON: He’s about 6’3”, blonde hair.

FREY: Okay ________________________________ (inaudible) (sigh)

PETERSON: I don’t know what to tell you now, Amber.

FREY: Um…I…I…I know what I need to hear.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: To say you’re gonna follow through with what I asked… 

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PETERSON: No, I can’t ask anything of you.

FREY: Certainly. You asked me to trust you.

PETERSON: I’ve said many times I can’t ask you to do that, all I can do is hope that it’s a possibility.

FREY: Okay. You can ask me__________ (inaudible)

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said if you can ask of that you can ask of anything?

PETERSON: I can’t even ask of that, but I can only hope that that’s a possibility.

FREY: Okay, you can…

PETERSON: I will never ask you for anything, Amber.

FREY: You will never __________?

PETERSON: No, I ___________ (garbled, static, inaudible)

FREY: __________


FREY: I’ve got a lot of contradictions there, Scott?

PETERSON: No, because we can have a relationship and I can have the hope for it and hope you’ll trust me without ever having to ask you anything.

FREY: Is your window down?

PETERSON: No. Yeah, I know it’s really loud.

FREY: Do you believe in that hope?

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: _______________


FREY: Really? 

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FREY: I said what I told you is…


FREY: …is ________________ (inaudible)


FREY: Um…_____________________

PETERSON: What’s that? I…you need to speak up.

FREY: I was saying that was frustrating so never mind anyway. And that one’s still…it’s something you could do but you won’t and you can’t. It’s frustrating and it’s still something…


FREY: …you won’t do. Um…(sigh) I don’t even know how to function right now, Scott. How are you functioning?

PETERSON: I’m not.

FREY: You’re not, but your driving. Do you think that’s wise?

PETERSON: I’m not driving well believe me.

FREY: You’re not driving a lot?


FREY: Well?

PETERSON: Yeah, I’ve almost run into more people.

FREY: Well, that’s not very good.


FREY: You know (sigh) so are you…are you almost at the Chief’s uh…?

PETERSON: Yeah, I’m a block away.

FREY: You’re a block away? 

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PETERSON: And I’m 15 minutes late.

FREY: So you can ask…(phone ringing)

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: There’s your phone again.

PETERSON: Yeah, it’s ringing.

FREY: And who’s calling this time?

PETERSON: Uh…it is Mike Richardson.

FREY: Mike Richardson?


FREY: And who is that?

PETERSON: It’s a friend of mine from Fillmore.

FREY: A friend from Fillmore?


FREY: What do you think he’s calling in regards to?

PETERSON: Probably to see how I am doing.

FREY: Is that your 505-0337 number?


FREY: Why did you give me this number?

PETERSON: Because I thought I’d be using this number.

FREY: What?

PETERSON: Just thought I’d be using this number.

FREY: For what?

PETERSON: Because it works in Europe. 

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FREY: A Modesto phone?


FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: …works in Europe and it works in some cities, it works in Fresno, sac, Modesto, San Francisco.

FREY: So…(sigh)

PETERSON: Would you like to check that out, you can do that on AT&T.

FREY: I could do that on…how would I check it on AT&T? I need your code or something to do that.

PETERSON: No, just go down to the AT&T office and ask them about the GSM phone.

FREY: Oh, ask…

PETERSON: They can tell you where they work.

FREY: Oh, okay. Okay. Um…so who else has that mobile European number?

PETERSON: My bosses, the guys who work for me.

FREY: Your bosses, your work, who else?

PETERSON: That’s it.

FREY: That’s it?

PETERSON: Well, he’s been calling me on my 505 number.

FREY: You know…

PETERSON: Give me something that’s in my control, Amber?

FREY: Do what?

PETERSON: Give me something that’s in my control. 

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FREY: I’m sure…you know, I will…I will bet my life that they…the detectives will do _________ huh? (phone ringing) And I’m sure that they would call me and you just tell them I’m a cousin and I have requests and I’m sure they would have no problems with that information.

PETERSON: Have you watched the news coverage when everyone asked them? They said we cannot comment on the investigation.

FREY: Really?


FREY: Who…who said that?

PETERSON: The police.

FREY: Really?


FREY: That would be…

PETERSON: Now, is there something in my control please tell me?

FREY: Oh, I’m still stuck on that one. I’m sure you probably want it as simple as possible that’s why I’m asking such a simple question.

PETERSON: No, it can be difficult, but if it’s in my control.

FREY: Write me a letter.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: Write me a letter. Write me that letter you speak of and send it to me.


FREY: That’s in your control isn’t it? And I don’t want some B.S. little note of some sort. Do you understand what I’m saying?

PETERSON: You got it.

FREY: So when…when can I expect that? 

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PETERSON: I’ll write it tonight.

FREY: You’ll write it tonight? But I thought you had told you already written the letter?

PETERSON: Rough draft.

FREY: Hey, rough drafts are great. You’re sure the…the…the thing I like about rough drafts, Scott…


FREY: …is it shows true thought going down on paper. There’s no time to correct or go back over and change the things that was first initially written down. So I’d like those rough drafts too, Scott.


FREY: And the final…final draft.

PETERSON: You got it.

FREY: Can you do that?

PETERSON: You got it.

FREY: So when is that gonna be sent out?

PETERSON: I can have it tomorrow.

FREY: And then let’s see, you’re in Modesto. It probably…tomorrow…tomorrow’s Wednesday, then I should get it on Thursday, right?


FREY: I’m looking forward to it.


FREY: So there’s not anything you want to ask me? Did you ever get my card?


FREY: Why?

PETERSON: When did you send it? 

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FREY: You would have received it, you know. Well, let’s see, I sent it to a P.O. in which case it’s not gonna be transferred to Europe cause you’re not there so you should have got it.

PETERSON: Yeah, I checked the P.O. yesterday, it wasn’t there.

FREY: You’re kidding me?


FREY: Who else has access to your mail then?


FREY: It should be there.

PETERSON: Okay, well I’ll ask ‘em tomorrow. I’ll go there in the morning.

FREY: I sent you a card with a picture.

PETERSON: I hope it’s there. I hope I get it soon. When did you mail it?

FREY: I mailed it last week.


FREY: Yeah, you for sure should have had it unless they lost it.

PETERSON: I will…I’ll go to the P.O. box in the morning.

FREY: Or is it you haven’t received your mail?

PETERSON: No, I have gone to the P.O. box in hopes it would be there.

FREY: When was the last you went to your P.O. box?

PETERSON: Yesterday.

FREY: And it wasn’t there?


FREY: It only takes a day to get to Modesto.


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FREY: Yeah, so that doesn’t make sense.

PETERSON: I know it. That worries me.

FREY: So what else are you doing tonight besides meeting with the…the Chief of Police and the Volunteer Center?

PETERSON: No, that’s a half an hour later. Um…well, I’m going to meet with him and then I’m going to um…Laci’s parent’s house for dinner.

FREY: You’re going to Laci’s parent’s house for dinner tonight?


FREY: Interesting. So how are they doing?

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: How are the parents…how are her parents doing?

PETERSON: It’s awful, it’s awful for everyone.

FREY: You didn’t answer my question, Scott.

PETERSON: I mean her mom is taking drugs.

FREY: What kind of drugs?

PETERSON: You know like Xanax and stuff like this. And that’s the way she’s functioning. And then some kind of depressants or…

FREY: Yeah, a couple…doctors prescribe Xanax to people with and…and one would be a post-traumatic um…well experience you could say. Yeah, it is for depression.


FREY: It’s not…

PETERSON: But I thought…I thought she was functioning. Yeah, but I mean she looks like she has no emotion so I’m worried about her.

FREY: She has no emotion?

PETERSON: I’m worried about her.

FREY: What’d you say, she has no emotion? 

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PETERSON: That’s how she appears because she’s taking these drugs.

FREY: These drugs…those drugs do not rape you of emotion.


FREY: No, they don’t.

PETERSON: Hum, because she looks like it. Amber, I’m sorry I need to go in and meet the Chief.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Um…I’m glad you called. I’m sorry that you’re involved in this. Um…I’ll do…I’ll send that letter, I’ll do what I can on the rest of that.

FREY: I won’t hold my breath.

PETERSON: I’m sorry that you said that. Okay, please call again. Amber?

FREY: I’m here.

PETERSON: Okay. I have to say good-bye.

FREY: Bye. (beep) Oh, oh, oh, oh!