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011503 -- 2147  02-142591


(January 15, 2003 at 2147 hours)

(phone ringing)

FREY: What happened?

PETERSON: I don’t know.  Just lost you.

FREY: What baby, go…(

PETERSON:  Do you feel…what’s that?  Are you talking to her, Ayianna?

FREY: I told her to pick the…the toys up.  Pick ‘em, honey, stack ‘em right here.

PETERSON: You are such a wonderful mother, it’s unbelievable.  She is so lucky to have you, Amber.  Do you feel…I mean yo don’t feel safe.  Do you feel threatened from who, what or who specifically?

FREY: I don’t know, I’m just…                  ) just don’t…I’m just scared.  I just…I heard a noise and Ayianna points at the door and say “Door, mama”.  And I was like, did you hear something because I heard something.  And then I go in my room and I look out the window and she’s still saying “Mama, door”.  You know, and I open the door and I’m like “hello” and there’s nothing there.

PETERSON: Yeah.  What a terrible thing

FREY:       I’m right here.  Honey, go pick ‘em up                      ) She’s into throwing things everywhere.

PETERSON: Hum.  How is she doing with her sentences, are they coming along more?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Yeah.  What did she say today?

FREY: What sweetheart? What sweetheart? (                     )  Come on where, honey?  Okay, where honey?  Go get your baby.  I’ll be right here, honey.  Go on, I’ll be right here, honey.  Go get your baby. Honey, the light’s on.  She says “come on”.  I’m coming, I’m coming.  Uh…today she said “bear Hanna”.  Um…


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FREY: She…she says a lot of things.  She’s repeating everything that I say.


FREY:  She says “mama’s car”“Ayianna go mee-mee”.  Um…not really in complete sentences, but its understandable.  You want more apple, honey?

PETERSON: Wonderful.

FREY: Honey, there’s apples there, honey.  Eat your apple.  I’m not cutting anymore, there’s two pieces there.  Eat.  Eat that.  Thank you Bear.  She’s eats with her bear the last few days.  The bear’s from the hospital from when she had stitches.

PETERSON: Oh, yeah.  Is the knot still on her head?

FREY: Yes.


FREY: I’ve been rubbing it.  Last night she went to sleep with me rubbing it.

PETERSON: Yeah.  How sweet. Is she ready for her nighttime cheese?

FREY: Um…she hasn’t the last couple of days.


FREY: No, so far it’s been apples.


FREY: Rock.  You can rock on your horse, honey, I’m watching you.

PETERSON: Uh-oh, that things pretty scary.

FREY: Oh, she’s learned to slow down on it.

PETERSON: Has she?

FREY: So what’s been going on in your world?


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PETERSON: Just doing what I can.

FREY: I’m watching you, Ayianna.  I see you.  I see you, that’s right.  Rock. So you didn’t really answer my question.  I’m watching you.

PETERSON: Hee-hee.

FREY: You didn’t really answer my question?

PETERSON: Well, I mean, I…you know, during the day I do what I can to run the Volunteer Center and, you know, the efforts to find Laci.  And then at night I’m at the warehouse now, trying to do, you know some business work.  You know, and the guys are coming over Monday cause I couldn’t go there so.  Um…I have to do some things the next couple days.  Um…we’re doing a…a… Volunteer Center down in Los Angeles this weekend so I’ll be traveling down here.

FREY: So you’re going…?

PETERSON: Yeah.  Gonna go down and run that.

FREY: Uh-hum.  Why L.A.?

PETERSON: Just because we’ve done it here and in the Bay Area and I don’t know, the next big city.

FREY: Be careful, honey, let me see…rock back, there you go (

PETERSON: Amber, I just enjoy listening to you guys.  I mean, it’s so sweet how you relate to her.

FREY: Slow down, you’re gonna fall.  Slow down.  Don’t go that fast.                  )  Wanna stop?  She asked me to play fetch. You know…all right.


FREY: Can you hear her?


FREY: Oh, you want me to go get the ball?  You go get the ball, Ayianna. Yes.  Hum.



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FREY: You never answered my question, you’re not sick?


FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Yeah, I am, but I could listen to you guys…did you hear what I said?


PETERSON: It’s so fun to listen to you guys how you relate to her and care about her.

FREY: So you’re sick?

PETERSON: Totally enjoyable.

FREY: So are you sick?  Do you have a cold?

PETERSON: No, I don’t know if you could call it a cold.  I mean right now I’m sniffling cause I was crying but…(Ayianna babbling in the background) Hee-hee-hee.

FREY: And why are you crying?

PETERSON: You shared that with me and it just made me sad.

FREY: Go get the ball, honey                     )  Yeah, up.  Good girl. Slow down.  You said you were sick though?

PETERSON: Well, yeah, I am but I’m not sniffling because…I mean I should say sick, I mean my…you know, I can’t eat anything and I guess it’s just stress.  I’ve never really been stressed before but I guess that’s what’s making me sick.  But I’m sniffling now just because I was crying earlier so…

FREY: Yeah, I was trying…trying to be that, but being sick and then all this other things that, you know, with Doug and being…catching some bug and vomiting hasn’t been good for me the last couple days.


FREY: Um…my mom asked how much I’ve lost and I said I don’t know, it’s just been a couple days, she said, said any is significant as far as my weight is concerned.


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FREY: And today I didn’t eat very much because my stomach still just is in knots.


FREY: Phew!     )  Countdown.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said there’s…

PETERSON: Countdown?

FREY: Countdown of people in my life.


FREY: You know, first you.


FREY: Then the Sibley’s, well, my sister, Dave…

PETERSON: Have you talked to your sister?



FREY:      ) I guess Dave pretty much was the can of worms though, huh?

PETERSON: That’s not fair.

FREY: Then Scott Peterson, then my sister, then Doug.  That wiped out a whole entire family.  Oh, I forgot to mention Sonia, my dad’s girlfriend.  So, wow, I’m pretty…pretty much getting too close to one hand now.  I’m just being very negative right now.

PETERSON: It’s understandable.

FREY: What baby?  (            )  Yes.  Yeah.  One, two, three, four…four…four…


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FREY: Say one, two, two…  (Ayianna talking in background)


FREY: Three, well she counts to three now, that’s pretty good.

PETERSON: That is so cool.

FREY: No, Ayianna, don’t touch.  Get the ball.  She says A, B.

PETERSON: Yeah, wow!  Do they work on that at her school or…?

FREY: Uh…probably.  I work with her here at home.

PETERSON: Yeah, I know you do.  And when she goes into the…the more adult class…or not adult, but 2-year old class, do they work on it more?

FREY: Oh, probably so.

PETERSON: Yeah, I know you do.  And when she goes into the…the more adult class…or not adult, but 2-year old class, do they work on it more?

FREY: Oh, probably so.

PETERSON: Yeah, I know you do.  And when she goes into the…the more adult class…or not adult, but 2-year old class, do they work on it more?

FREY: Oh, probably so.

PETERSON: Yeah.  What an exciting time to see her learning.

FREY: Okay, baby, rock.  Yeah, you can rock, honey (talking to Ayianna). Don’t…I don’t want to rock.

PETERSON: You should hop on there.

FREY: No.  You want me to get up there?  (talking to Ayianna)

PETERSON: Get on up there.

FREY: Are you gonna sit with me or are you gonna kick me off?  (talking to Ayianna)


FREY: What sweetheart?  Okay, I’m coming.  Mama’s chair.  I’m coming honey, all right.  Oh, I’m gonna sit here all by myself (talking to Ayianna)


FREY: Ayianna, rock.  Rock on your rocking horse, sweetheart.  All right.

PETERSON: The girls rocking together, huh?


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FREY: Uh-hum.


FREY: Yes, baby.  I’m watching you.  (                            )  Slow down, honey.

PETERSON: You need a um…big ol’ pad around that rocking horse for her like a, you know, a judo pad or a boxing deal or something.

FREY: You turned around on the horse, huh?

PETERSON: You mean backward?

FREY: Thank you for listening, honey.  Good girl.  (                  ) What’d you do last night?

PETERSON: What did I do last night?

FREY: Uh-hum.

PETERSON: Um…I was over at um…Laci’s mom’s house because they had that uh…story on Dateline and um…Fox News Network.

FREY: Really?

PETERSON: Yeah, and we all watched that.

FREY: Hum.

PETERSON: And they had a um…on Fox News, the Greta show, Greta Van Susterson or something.  She had uh…this guy that goes (inaudible) all the time on.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: She had a couple of guys to go fishing in the bay for sturgeon all the time, asking them questions.  And then Dateline did a piece.

FREY: You’re gonna fall, Ayianna.  Oh, no.  Oh, no, you’re gonna fall.


FREY: I’m gonna fall forward, honey.  Stop pulling on me.  (talking to Ayianna)  You gonna rock with me?


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FREY: Oh, you are getting so big.

PETERSON: How much does she weigh now?

FREY: Oh, I don’t know.  The last time she was weighed it was 23 pounds.

PETERSON: Way too much huh?

FREY: She’s definitely solid.


FREY: Pretty!  Those are some sweet lips  (talking to Ayianna)  Yum!  She has Chapstick on and she gave me a kiss on the lips.

PETERSON: Yeah.  You guys are too sweet!

FREY: Thank you.  (talking to Ayianna)

PETERSON: What cool hairstyle do you have going for her right now?

FREY: She just has a ponytail.


FREY: Actually her hair’s been pretty all natural.


FREY: Um…it’s grown very fast, long, thicker.  But today we put it in a ponytail.  She had pigtails yesterday and the day before.

PETERSON:          )  You just enjoy playing with it, huh?

FREY: Oh, she hates it though.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: She hates it.


FREY: She hates me doing her hair.


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PETERSON: Chuckling)

FREY: No, no.  What Ayianna?  Why do you say mama, no, no?  No, no? Oh!  (talking to Ayianna)  What?  What, sweetheart, mama what? (talking to Ayianna).  I was watching Romeo and Juliet today.

PETERSON: Oh, yeah.  Did you rent it or do you own it?

FREY: I own it.


FREY: It was a gift actually.  You know my…the picture in my living room The End of the Quest?

PETERSON: The End of the Quest?

FREY: A man kneeling down to a woman or more kneeling on his knees and their hands…

PETERSON: Oh, okay.  I think so.  Is it um…on the bookshelf area?

FREY: Yeah.


FREY: Um…the same person Don.  The same person Don had given me that picture for my birthday years ago.  Um…I don’t remember at what point he gave me that movie, Romeo and Juliet, but uh…but um…Ayianna, honey, stop pulling the phone.  But it’s uh…so I watched half of it today.

PETERSON: Did you?  And did you get to your favorite scene?

FREY: But of course.


FREY: Yeah, hold on.  Are you there?

PETERSON: Yeah, I’m here.

FREY: Yes, honey.  You love your baby, okay?  (talking to Ayianna)

PETERSON:        ) Isn’t she about to hit the wall and pass out and go to sleep?


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FREY: That’s why she’s in my lap right now.

PETERSON: She’s about to do it, huh?

FREY: Uh…she’s got her baby she’s cuddled up with and…


FREY: And in my lap, we’re rocking.

PETERSON: That must be adorable.  Still on the rocker or no?

FREY: I’m in the rocking chair.


FREY: Mama’s shoes?  Yeah, those are mama’s shoes, honey.  Those are mama’s boots.  (talking to Ayianna)  Mama’s boots.  Those are shoes, honey.  Mama boots.  Mama’s boots.  Mama’s boots.  So uh…what were we saying?  Um…boots, yes, boots.

PETERSON: Speaking about boots?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Did you think it was weird the other day when I um…when I had mentioned that seeing you in the mirror, you know, in the red turtleneck and the black pants and that’s what you said you had held up and looked at that day?

FREY: Yeah, but it wasn’t that day.  Actually it was the day before I remembered.  It wasn’t that day, it was the day before.  But yes, I did.

PETERSON: And I had seen it the night before.

FREY: It wasn’t that day either?  Um…

PETERSON: Yeah.  But peculiar things are too common, huh?

FREY: No, not really.  Huh?  I mean again because…Remember our first date?  Do you remember our attire and how, you know, we couldn’t have planned it any…



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FREY: You know,…of a match.  I matched my mom today too, it’s funny though because before I left my house well before when I was gonna leave I had um…black pants, but a different pair of black pants and a brown shirt and a gray…a brown shirt with a print with a gray long sweater.  And uh…before I left I changed and I put a more of a charcoal sweater on and a red long um…sweater jacket. And that’s exactly what my mom wears…


FREY: I thought well, that’s a coincidence that often happens to me with people I have in mind before I see that day.

PETERSON: Did you go to her house or did you guys meet for lunch or something or…?

FREY: We met for lunch.

PETERSON: Did ya?  That’s nice.

FREY: Yeah, um…met for lunch.


FREY: I feel so isolated these days.


FREY: You know, I was with friends Saturday and I had full days at work, which was good for me.


FREY: But then of course it was just happened to be the days I didn’t have scheduling I was sick, so I guess that was just as well.

PETERSON: Yeah.  Well, that you didn’t have ‘em you mean?

FREY: Yes, I didn’t have them because I was sick.  Not just as well I was sick as…

PETERSON: Right, right.  That’s why I wanted to make sure you weren’t peeking.


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FREY: Oh, good girl, honey.  You’re gonna stroll your baby to sleep and go night-night?  Yeah, you’re a good girl.  Night-night.  Baby night- night?  Baby me-mee-mee.  Good girl.  So, oh, so tomorrow another day in which case I have no idea…

PETERSON: Another day for good to come to you.  Amber?

FREY: I’m here.

PETERSON: Okay, good.

FREY: Where are you?

PETERSON: Right here.

FREY: I don’t know where here is.

PETERSON: Oh, I’m at the warehouse.  I was just moving some stuff around and I have to do some accounting things.


PETERSON: And I have to get ready for a big shipment tomorrow.

FREY: Where’s the shipment to?

PETERSON: To Fresno.

FREY: Really?


FREY: What contracts do you have in Fresno?

PETERSON: Um…it’s called Britz Fertilizer.

FREY: Brigg’s?


FREY: Britz, oh.


FREY: Hum.  What was that?  Hello?


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PETERSON: Amber, I didn’t say anything.


PETERSON: It’s a joy listening.  Thank you for sharing with me again.  it’s so kind of you.

FREY: How was it that kind to hear such unpleasant news in my life?

PETERSON: Well, it’s kind of you to be willing to share with me.

FREY: Well, at this point there’s not really too many people to share this news with and it’s not necessarily something I want to share with people.

PETERSON: Yeah, I understand.

FREY: People?  Certainly today Shawn wasn’t one of ‘em but uh…um…you know, I just thought it was the right thing to do (baby making noise in background) so…

PETERSON: Yeah.  What’d she say uh-oh about?  Just saying it?

FREY: Uh…just that it was unbelievable to her and that she said, “How is anything ever going to make sense to me again?”  I said, “Well, at least you’re not in my shoes, I’ll say that much.”


FREY: I was reading the cover today um…oh, is it broke honey.  Broke, I know.  It was always broken (talking to Ayianna)  Okay, don’t pull it off, okay.  It’s okay.  Um…the cover of Romeo and Juliet um…and actually I should probably grab it again so I don’t screw up what it says but…

PETERSON: All right.

FREY: Hold on, okay?


FREY: This brilliant and contemporary re-telling of the world’s most tragic love affair makes this wildly inventive Romeo and Juliet unforgettable.  It just brought me back to the movie you wanted me to watch Love Affair.


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FREY: You know, and I think for the most part in the move Love Affair is just the coincidence of…(screeching/whistling noise)  What is that noise?

PETERSON: I can’t hear it.

FREY: Really?

PETERSON: Is it like the wind?

FREY: It just…it sounds like a high squeak or something.  I don’t know.

PETERSON: Hum!  I can’t hear anything.

FREY: Um…of the coincidences of my life and yours and parallel to this movie is just very coincidental I guess.  Would you agree?

PETERSON: I can see some of it, sure.

FREY: You liked that movie so well.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I think one thing that really stuck out is when she was walking I think when they were visiting the aunt, she had a white dress with a hat.


FREY: And I just said…I…I…I was thinking I remembered when you had picked up a hat at my house and you said I think you have a…what’d you say, a…what was the word you used?

PETERSON: Yeah, I forget, but I do remember asking if you had a…

FREY: A white dress…

PETERSON: An appropriate summer dress of some sort for it, huh?

FREY: Yeah, yes.  And I just remember her hat resembling mine so well. God, we have a bad connection or something.

PETERSON: Well, I can hear you.  Are you still hearing the squeal or something?


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FREY: Yeah, I think it’s feedback or something.  It happens, it’s not uncommon on my phone to have feedback.  I had a problem with this a while back ago and they said it was the tow or towers or something.  And they said well, if you could…if call when this is happening then we can indicate which tower or satellite is having complications and we can track that, but it’s irritating.

PETERSON: That’s funny you bring up the hat and the dress (

FREY: Why?

PETERSON: I don’t know, it just that it’s true.

FREY: Yeah, um…that’s driving me um…can you call me back because this is just really bad.

PETERSON: Yes, I’ll call you back.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Bye.  (beep)