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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591


(January 17, 2003 at 1716 hours)

FREY: Hello.

PETERSON: Hey, Amber, it’s Scott.


PETERSON:  Are you there?

FREY: I’m here, that was a…you called me back quicker than I thought you would.

PETERSON: Well, when did you leave the message?

FREY: Just a few minutes ago.

PETERSON: Oh, really?  Well I just picked up the phone to call you, just turned it on.

FREY: What were you calling in regards…?

PETERSON: Um…just wanted to make sure you’re okay.


PETERSON: Because I know…I think I saw…well, I don’t know what you’ve seen but, you know, Laci’s family is accusing me of having something to do with it now so…

FREY: Um…I haven’t heard anything from the family.  I just caught the news and um…

PETERSON: Wasn’t that…what was…did they have on the news?

FREY: Yeah, they have your phone conversations actually about you saying your wife and kid um…that kind of threw me a little bit.

PETERSON: What conversation was it?


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

FREY: Um…on the phone I guess with some…I don’t…somebody had called you today and said the conversation was they asked you about what was said and you said it was all lies, that you were going to open up your own center and look for your wife and kid, in short.

PETERSON: Who was uh…I talked to a couple reporters, we’re gonna open up another center.

FREY: I’m sorry…I didn’t catch who the person on the other line was.

PETERSON: Well, no, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.

FREY: Oh, it doesn’t really, but…


FREY: And that it said that the family saw photos of the girlfriend and Scott and um…


FREY: So huh…hitting home.

PETERSON: I know and that’s why I wanted to call.  I just wanted to make sure you’re not being bothered or…

FREY: Not yet.

PETERSON: I hope you aren’t.

FREY: You know I…I had Detective Buehler calling me today asking me where I was on the 23rd and 24th though.

PETERSON: Oh, my God!

FREY: Um…let’s see, what else?  Uh…the next…I guess at 6:00 something’s coming on with Laci Peter’s…uh…’s family.  They’re going to make a statement of some sort, I have no idea what.

PETERSON: Yeah, I heard that press conference.

FREY: So what is your take in all this, Scott?

PETERSON: I’m just…the only thing I mean…


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

FREY: And if you tell me…

PETERSON: I just feel bad…what’s that?

FREY: I said…

PETERSON: No, no, I just hope that you’re not bothered anymore by any of this.

FREY: It’s a little late for that, Scott.

PETERSON: Yeah, I know, I know, but I can hope.

FREY: You can hope?  You can hope for a lot of things.  I mean you can hope for your Laci to return, you can hope that I’m not bothered, you can hope that the news coverage only focuses on her, you can hope all these things, Scott, but the fact is truth prevails.  I don’t know how many conversations I have to have with you about that.

PETERSON: The truth will prevail and that’s why we’re confident…

FREY: When, when?  And why…and why does it have to take so long? Why does my life have to be affected by this and when it is gonna stop, Scott?

PETERSON: Your life should not be being affected by this.

FREY: It should not be, that’s a true statement.  It is though and that’s a fact.

PETERSON: I know it.  And I hope it’s not anymore.

FREY: It’s inevitable…they’re asking me where I was the 23rd.  You’ve heard things.  Oh, well, maybe the girlfriend’s involved in it.


FREY: Great!  Where was I the 23rd?  Now I’ve got to wrack my brain, where was I the 23rd?  Hum…heh, most likely with my daughter.


FREY: She and I…can she speak to say…to say I was with my mom playing?  No, she can’t.  (             )  Where was Scott?  Where was Scott the 23rd?  Where was Laci the 23rd, Scott?  Can you answer me that?


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

PETERSON: (silence)

FREY: Hello?  Hello?  Um…I heard a silence and I heard a breath, did you hear me?

PETERSON: Yeah, I did.  Oh, are you asking me?

FREY: You obviously didn’t hear me because I asked a question.

PETERSON: No, I wasn’t sure if you were really asking where I was at the 23rd?.

FREY: Yeah, where…where were you on the 23rd and where was Laci?

PETERSON: I was at work.  I was at work.

FREY: With her the whole day?

PETERSON: I assumed she was at home.

FREY: She wasn’t with you all day?

PETERSON: Not in the morning, no.

FREY: Okay, the rest of the day because the morning really isn’t that significant?

PETERSON: I went with her to the um…OB/GYN appointment she had in the afternoon.

FREY: Uh hum.  And that’s it?

PETERSON: Um…she went with me to uh…the salon and I got my hair cut.

FREY: Okay.


FREY: And?

PETERSON: Amber, are you asking if I had something to do with this?

FREY: You never told me you haven’t.

PETERSON: Yes, I have.  I had nothing to do with this, you know that.


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

FREY: How…how…how am I supposed to know that when I didn’t even know you were currently married, you have a child on the way, how was I supposed to know?

PETERSON: The only…the only way you can know that is just by knowing.

FREY: How am I supposed to know, Scott?


FREY: You’re supposed to be in Europe right now, Scott.  How am I supposed to know that you have nothing to do with this, tell me that, Scott?

PETERSON: You…you know, Amber.  I know you’re intuitive enough to know.

FREY: Then explain all the coincidences and…and lies that you’ve told me?

PETERSON: I lied to you, you’re right.

FREY: Huh, huh, then that should make me think any different than that, Scott?

PETERSON: I’m sorry, Amber.  I’m sorry I lied to you.  I’m sorry you’re involved in this.  I hope you’re not…

FREY: You didn’t answer the question.  No, you’re deferring…

PETERSON: What was your question?  What was your question?

FREY: I said with all these things, how can I not possibly think you have something to do with this, Scott?

PETERSON: The only way that you can know that is by…the only way…

FREY: You lied about having a girlfriend, you lied to me about having a wife.

PETERSON: The only way is that you know me well enough to know I could never do anything like this.

FREY: I don’t know you well enough.  How could I possibly know you well enough.  I…I…


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

PETERSON: I think you know.  I think you know me.  You know people’s hearts and souls, Amber.  Better than anyone in this world you know people.

FREY: And from what I know, Scott, and this pains me to say, this was all a plan.  I was…I was a plan in your…before all this, this was just a plan you had, Scott.  You…the only…the thing is you know where it went wrong for you, Scott in this plan, is you didn’t think the media would be so big and I’d ever learn of this.  That’s where it went wrong, that is was so huge that I did learn of this and that now where are you?  Because you were gonna come back from Europe and you and I were just gonna take off, that…that was my indication from you, that’s how I…that’s how I perceived when you got back that things…you and I were gonna be together and possibly just kind of take off from…from this area.  Is that…am I far- fetched?

PETERSON: Amber, it just hurts so bad for you to think I could have something to do with this.

FREY: You don’t think this is hurting me so bad?

PETERSON: I know it’s been…

FREY: You don’t think I’ve been emotionally…I mean emotionally involved with you for some time.  And emotionally, you know, putting so much…you know, I…putting the trust there but yet still in question, you know, is this person telling…

PETERSON: I know you cried so hard.

FREY: …telling me the truth?  Is he really where he’s at?  I mean how many times did I not question, you know, Scott, you know, I’m having a hard time with issues, trust issues, and then you do this?

PETERSON: I know.  I know it’s been tough. ______(inaudible)

FREY: What?

PETERSON: Yeah, you’re right.

FREY: Yes what?

PETERSON: That I was lying to you and you feel it and you needed to…I asked you to trust me and it was wrong.


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

FREY: That was a good question I asked uh…when was that before the dance, December 14th, just before the dance…


FREY: …so it was roughly around 6:00 or so I said can I, you know, to answer your question can I trust you with my heart?

PETERSON: I remember.

FREY: What was your response?


FREY: What a mistake there, huh, on my part?  What a fool.  That’s why I said you make me feel like such a fool, Scott.

PETERSON: I’m sorry, Amber.  You’re not a fool.  I never should…I’m sorry you’re going through this.

FREY: Never should have what, Scott?  Finish your sentence.  Never should have what?

PETERSON: Never should’ve became involved with you.

FREY: No, you should not have.  You’re married.


FREY: Why did you?  I mean that question, why did you call me when Shawn told you if you are not serious about anyone, especially my friend Amber, she’s been through enough, don’t call her.  Why did you call me?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: Why?

PETERSON: I don’t know.

FREY: I don’t know is not good enough for me, Scott.  I deserve an answer.

PETERSON: That’s all I have, Amber.

FREY: You have the answer, give it to me.


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

PETERSON: I wish I had it.

FREY: You have it.

PETERSON: I don’t.

FREY: Oh, I remember you talked to Shawn.  You said you had…you weren’t sure because I said, “Why, it’s been, you know, you mentioned this and he sounded interested, why hasn’t he called?” And she said she hadn’t talked to you because you ere out of town.  And then you…when you returned or I don’t remember exacts that you said, “Well, the thing is what if…what if your friend doesn’t like me and then our friendship would be affected.  Or what if we got along and were dating for a while and then something happened, then our friendship would be affected.”  And she…so she reassured you, “Amber’s not that way.”  And so shortly after is when you called me.  You left me the message, “Amber, this is Scott Peterson uh…friends with Shawn Sibley um…and I would like to meet you.”  Do you remember that message you left me?


FREY: Yeah.  Well, that’s where you went wrong in this whole plan of yours because if there wasn’t me, Scott, there would be no girlfriend.  There’d be no effect because your family…well, did, think that you and Laci have this perfect marriage, there’s no possible way eyes could be pointed or fingers could be pointed at Scott Peterson having anything to do with Laci Peterson’s disappearance.  Correct me if I’m wrong, Scott.

PETERSON: Amber?  I’m sorry that…that…sorry you’re ever involved in this and you’re going through this because of what happened.  And that’s all I have to say, but…

FREY: This was gonna happen regardless of me or not.  And wouldn’t it have been so much easier if I would have just been pissed off that you lied to me because then my…my investment of my emotions would have been altered then, right?  You would have came back from Europe, and let me just emphasize Europe because that was never a trip that was gonna be taken, and then we could resume a relationship after this all died down and then you could explain the loss of your wife?

PETERSON: No, my God, Amber.  My God, how can you say that to me? You know me better than that.


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

FREY: How could I not say that, Scott?  Because these re conclusive…I have tried in my head because I have no other choice then to…

PETERSON: Now, you know that can’t be true.  You know that’s…

FREY: No, Scott, I can’t.

PETERSON: …that’s not a possibility…

FREY: No, I can’t and no, I don’t.  Prove to me different, you haven’t proved shit to me, Scott.

PETERSON: I can’t prove anything to you.

FREY: You can’t…

PETERSON: Amber, you know…you know deep inside of you I could never have anything to do with it.

FREY: You haven’t thought about that one.  And…and…and it’s been some time and I have thought about that.  Do you want me to guess or should I hold that thought because you’re not gonna give it to me.

PETERSON: Then I don’t want to hear it.  I can’t…I can’t hear it right now, Amber.

FREY: Where are you because I’m have a hard time hearing you?

PETERSON: I’m driving.

FREY: Is you window down?

PETERSON: No.  Just a shitty reception area.  In fact I’ll probably lose it here in a couple minutes.  But I…I don’t want…I can’t…

FREY: _______ conversation in a few minutes?

PETERSON: No, the phone connection.

FREY: You’ll call back, right?


FREY: Okay, so um…


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

PETERSON: Amber, please don’t…don’t say it.  I can’t take it right now.

FREY: You can’t take it?

PETERSON: Because you’re gonna say uh…that you think I had something to do with this, I can’t take it.  I’m sorry.  (                  )

FREY: You can’t take it?

PETERSON: I’m so sorry that you have…no, hey…

FREY: You have…you have no idea.  You know, and I think God, how selfish of me to say I…that…that, you know, what I’m going through.  My God, Laci’s mother, what she’s going through at this point?


FREY: Devastation.

PETERSON: You should not be going through this either, Amber.

FREY: And what I feel is only, you know, a fraction of what she feels and my God, I mean I know what I’m feeling and it…it hurts.  It’s an unbelievable hurt.

PETERSON: I know it.

FREY: I can’t catch my breath at times.  I can only imagine what her mother is feeling right now.  Okay, I’m gonna turn it down a notch because I don’t…I don’t…mean to be mean.

PETERSON: Amber, I’m…I’m so sorry that you’re, you know, that I dragged you into this and…

FREY: You dragged…explain that because…?

PETERSON: By being involved with you, you know.  The situation happened and you’re in it because I’m involved with you.

FREY: You were involved with me.  Now, again I…I just…it still blows me away because I kept going back to this so that I wouldn’t feel like you were being dishonest with me.  I…I…I said…I asked you is there anybody else you’re seeing?  And you said, “Oh, God, no, there’s nobody else.  This is a monogamous relationship and exclusive.”  isn’t that what you said, Scott, exclusive?


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

PETERSON: I don’t know exactly, Amber.

FREY: And when I asked…or with uh…you don’t know exactly, you didn’t say that there was no one else?

PETERSON: I said monogamous, you’re right, monogamous.  And I remember saying you’re the only one I would call sweetie.

FREY: And that I was the only one and that I’d be safe to say that you’re my boyfriend and that…that, you know, I guess in terms boyfriend/girlfriend right?  And that you wanted to say lover, but that didn’t sound appropriate cause that sounds like the only thing is that sex is involved.


FREY: And we said okay.  Well, what about my love, right?

PETERSON: Yep.  Yes.

FREY: Why were you wanting to be so involved that soon with me in the terms of boyfriend and girlfriend?

PETERSON: You’re a wonderful person, Amber.

FREY: But you’re still married, Scott.  You’re not divorced.

PETERSON: I know it was wrong to lie to you.

FREY: There wasn’t even a problem as far as anybody in the family could indicate.  How is that, Scott?  Why would you even go my way?

PETERSON: Yeah.  Amber, I…I can’t give you any answers to anything.  I don’t have ‘em to give.

FREY: You better start trying because right now I’m…I’m a little…I’m a little loose right now.

PETERSON: Yeah, I…let me just say a couple things, okay, then…then uh…and then, you know, I’ll call you again if you’ll answer.  Um…just that…

FREY: Call me at what point?

PETERSON: Tomorrow.

FREY: Tomorrow?


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591


FREY: Oh, I’m not going hear uh…because…go ahead.  Say what?

PETERSON: So if you want to keep talking I will…I just don’t want to not be able to give you answers and you have to ask questions over and over again.

FREY: That’s what…?


FREY: Yeah, that’s what you were gonna say?


FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: But that’s why I was gonna say a few things and, you know, but you can keep talking and I will listen to your questions, but I can’t give you answers I don’t have.

FREY: Then tell me the…you know, seriously tell me the irony of her missing and you’re still…I mean I…it’s just…I feel…I’m just in this maze I can’t get out of.  It’s complete confusion.

PETERSON: I know.  I know.

FREY: That…that just keeps…you know, the only…the only way to be a possible scenario is you, Scott.


FREY: Only Scott Peterson, husband of Laci Peterson, couldn’t possibly have a girlfriend?  You’re denying that.  Of course, you know, and maybe I should say thank you for not indicating it’s true, but you know what, the family knows it’s true.


FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Amber, you think I had time to do this and that, those hurtful things, not that you’re trying to hurt me, but it is _____________ (inaudible).


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011703 ─ 1716  02-142591

FREY: Who else…who else is there to point fingers to, Scott?

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: Who else?  Who?  Who?  Can you answer that?