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012503 ─ 1828  02-142591


(January 25, 2003 at 1828 hours

(phone ringing)

FREY: Hello.

PETERSON: Hey, Amber, it’s Scott.


PETERSON:  So are you still being harassed?

FREY: Um…well, I’ve made myself somewhat invisible at this point for a while.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said I’ve made myself somewhat invisible.  Um…nobody knows where I’m at right now so…

PETERSON: Oh, good.  You’re at a friend’s house or something?

FREY: Yes.


FREY: So um…yeah, but they found my dad, my grandmother, and so um…(    ) so they’re dealing with that.  Um…I don’t know, I think they’re staked out at my grandmother’s house.  I’m not sure if they’re still there or not.


FREY: So um…(     ) so I…I…I really don’t know what to expect, you know, day to day anyway.

PETERSON: Yeah.  Well, I hope…I hope they stop harassing you.  I hope they respect what you asked.

FREY: Um…you know, I…I have a hard time thinking that they will, you know.  They’re media of course so…



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FREY: So anyway um…what else…I mean was there something specific that you wanted to talk to me about?

PETERSON: No, no.  I just, you know, wanted to return your call and um…just didn’t have the time when you called so I thought it only fair that I wait to talk to you in case, you know, you wanted to say something more.

FREY: Well, um…I mean it was only…God, I was just up here the day before and had to come right back.

PETERSON: Yeah.  So did you call them and say I want to do a press conference or what?

FREY:  No.  My God, I had CBS parked outside of my business.  I couldn’t believe they were there.  I…I was stuck inside my office from 10:30 till the police from Modesto came to get me because I couldn’t leave.


FREY: Why?  Because I was barred, you know, I…I…Fresno, they have that displayed…I mean right at 5:00 o’clock they showed the news. I had my phone after that just ringing off the hook from people that knew me.  “Amber, didn’t I just see you on the news?”  “Yes”.


FREY: Um…so why this happened was because I…I…my god, the phone rang every 10 minutes at the office.

PETERSON: I’m sorry.  I didn’t ask why, but you said you were on the Fresno 5:00 o’clock news?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Before you did the press conference?

FREY: Yes.  That was me getting into my car from my place of work.

PETERSON: Oh, gosh!

FREY: Um…CBS just pounded…pounded me to try…they wanted off camera, off record, they wanted all these things.  They’re offering to fly me to New York, they would put me up in a 5-star hotel, everything else.


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FREY: And I was like no, I’m not speaking, it’s not happening.  They go well, we’re holding off the press as long as we can but, you know, we can’t hold off any longer.  And I said well, you know, do what you need to do, but I’m not…I’m not coming out.  So that’s why this had to be held was because they were gonna break the story and if anything was gonna be broken it was gonna be directly from my mouth.


FREY: So um…that’s why this mess.  And basically why?  Why?  Because somebody, in which case I know who, had to speak on 102.7 and said entirely more than they needed to and that’s why this all came about or else this wouldn’t have happened.


FREY: So I’m…I’m a little…I…I don’t even have the words to find uh…to say of my anger at this point.

PETERSON: Yeah.  Hum!  No question.  Okay, now I need to know from you um…I am going to um…speak to the press this coming week.

FREY: When?

PETERSON: During this coming week.

FREY: Do you have a date?

PETERSON: Um…well, I’m debating on when it should be done.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Because Tuesday is um…the State of the Union Address.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: So that will take up, you know, a lot of time.

FREY: I know it will.

PETERSON: And um…and I want maximum coverage obviously.  Uh…so it will probably be um…with Good Morning America.

FREY: Okay.


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PETERSON: And um…you know, obviously uh…I’m gonna tell them yes, you know, um…had a romantic relationship with you.  Um…and I…

FREY: Thank you for not phrasing that as an affair because the word bothers me.

PETERSON: Yeah, of course.

FREY: I guess in your…in your terms, it probably would be appropriate.  In my terms, it’s not appropriate.

PETERSON: That’s true.  And um…I won’t speak, you know, anymore uh…about…about it.  Um…you know, just that so…

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: You probably will be seeing me on TV doing that.

FREY: Uh…let me know.  Give me a heads up so I can make sure I’m…you know, I would like uh…to watch that.

PETERSON: Okay.  Um…

FREY: And now um…I’ve…I’ve noticed or it was brought to my attention that uh…America’s Most Wanted is gonna air tonight at 8:00.

PETERSON: Is that when it’s on?  Okay.

FREY: You weren’t interviewed for it?


FREY: Okay.  Well, yeah, it’s gonna be on and it’s about the case of there are investigators uh…here apparently.  I don’t know which ones are gonna be on it.  So tonight at 8:00 yeah.  It may be, you know, something to catch.



PETERSON: No, I’m definitely watching it.

FREY: And uh…God, I am so tired at this point.  I’m trying to…


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PETERSON: You know, it sounds weird but um…I was so…I dunno, so in awe yet so proud of you if you will um…when you did that it was amazing, you have an amazing character.  Um…(voice very garbled)  Um…it also made me…well, I pulled over and threw up when you cried.  I was listening to the radio because it’s so hard to hear.

FREY: Threw up?

PETERSON: But it was so amazing, your strength.  Amber, are you there?

FREY: I’m here.  I’m…you know, I’ve gotten every…you…the…the people that have called.  After that night I had 14 missed calls.


FREY: I had 9 websites on my phone messages.  I had even later after that several more calls from people, you know, saying basically the same thing as courageous and all that, you know, and uh…whatever.  That certainly was not the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do.


FREY: Uh…but it had to be done so…


FREY: Because at that point I was already told regardless if you speak or not, there’s gonna be a story broke, period.  They…they know who you are.  God, even today and last night they camped out at my work until 11:00.  They had arrived at 11:00 at my work.


FREY: In front of my house knocking on my door.


FREY: Um…I just fear that somebody’s gonna break into my house.



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FREY: Um…the only person that’s contacted my phone from the media is the Fresno Bee, in which case I’ve not returned.  Other than that I have…my number so far has not got leaked out to any um…major media.  I have several…my dad has a list of numbers that people have called to give to me.


FREY: But other than that, thank God they have not called my number yet.


FREY: They’ve called my work I think just this morning.  First thing in the morning there was already 8 messages directly for me.


FREY: There was I think 16 calls altogether and that was just this morning. I don’t know what else was on there but um…


FREY: So you’re gonna speak publicly, huh?


FREY: And you don’t know what day that’s gonna be on?

PETERSON: I don’t know what day it should air.  I think it should probably air…I don’t know.  If he does the speech Tuesday and all they talk about is the speech Wednesday morning.  So maybe Thursday.  Maybe Wednesday night or Thursday morning or something.

FREY: Thursday morning?

PETERSON: Well, I mean that’s…

FREY: You know, if it’s anything like me they’ll wait.  I mean I was late coming up here.  I mean I was in a red light almost the whole way up.  Um…is that your phone, is somebody calling?


FREY: What?

PETERSON: Did you ask me if someone was calling my phone?


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FREY: Yeah, because you keep like dropping…


FREY: Oh!  Um…you know, I said basically, you know, can’t start until I’m there.  So I…I was like apologizing on the way up.  Sorry I’m late, but, you know, I…traffic.


FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Um…how’s Ayianna?

FREY: What about her?

PETERSON: How is she?

FREY: Unfortunately she’ll be dragged into all this mess.  Why I had to…why even have it addressed that I have a 23-month old child was because they…that somehow the media found out that I had a child.  Unfortunately, she had to be drug in on this too because if it was my…my wishes, I have no child according to the media.  They have…


FREY: Unfortunately.  Um…she’s fine.  She um…

PETERSON: ____________(inaudible).

FREY: Yes, I’m with her now.  Um…you know, when she was with uh…where she was staying she was saying, “Mama is on TV. Mama’s on TV.”  And I go, “She did?  She said mama’s on TV?” Oh!  So she enjoyed watching mama on the TV, but she’s good. She’s um…thank God, oblivious of really what’s going on.

PETERSON: Yeah, definitely.  Well, I should say you’re amazing and uh…I’m so sorry you had to be involved in this.

FREY: I’m doing anything any other person would do.

PETERSON: I don’t know about that.

FREY: Well, I don’t know.  Um…


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PETERSON: I think you’re being pretty amazing with all those people calling.  Try to have a good evening, huh?

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: Try to have a good evening.

FREY: Yeah, well um…I’ve been invited to some…some different dinners, but I just…I don’t even know if I could go because one thing I…I saw a couple people, they said it really, you know, you look a lot different in person than you did on the TV.  I go yes, I…I…thankfully I think if anything I do look a little different than on the TV.

PETERSON: Yeah, you do look different.

FREY: I looked horrible.  Um…so I guess that’s a good thing I didn’t look…


FREY: …the same.  But…(              ) excuse me.  So when will um…(                ) when will I talk to you again then?

PETERSON: Whenever you like.

FREY: You don’t answer your phone.

PETERSON: Well, I think you called on…on Thursday?


PETERSON: Thursday, Thursday afternoon, right?

FREY: I don’t recall, I don’t recall, I don’t recall.

PETERSON: Yeah, I’m pretty sure because I checked my messages.  I went down um…I went and met with a bunch of media people to find out how uh…what shows I should do.

FREY: So you think you’re gonna do Good Morning America?


FREY: Are…where is that gonna…are they gonna do it locally in um…Modesto?


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PETERSON: Yeah, yeah.  I’ll probably be on 60 Minutes.

FREY: Again, let me know if you would please?

PETERSON: I will, definitely.  And, you know, any real…__________ you have and uh…

FREY: That I have?

PETERSON: Yeah, what I say or do or…?

FREY:        )  Um…

PETERSON: It will not impact you.

FREY: You know, so far…again what is it, are you gonna be very specific or are you answering questions that hey have because I mean you know exactly what I’ve said.  Obviously it’s in the paper verbatim so…


FREY: Um…basically that says a lot right there in…in what I said.

PETERSON: Yeah.  Well, I mean _____you didn’t know, you know, I lied to you and um…you know, we had a romantic relationship.

FREY: Um…you know, again my daughter’s name can be left out of it.

PETERSON: Of course.

FREY: Even if she’s mentioned, no comments.


FREY: I’m sure, you know, you’re…you’re good at saying no comments or you can’t speak of this at this time so I’m sure you won’t have a problem there.


FREY: Um…Shawn does not want to be mentioned whatsoever in anything.

PETERSON: That’s fine.


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FREY: Um…(      ) other than that uh…I don’t know what else to say um…than that.


FREY: So I guess if there’s anything (phone ringing) you know, again like if something comes up…there’s your other phone.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: Is that your phone?


FREY: Um…you know, certainly call me.  And uh…you know, if I…you know, if I could do the same uh…you know, don’t immediately answer so I guess I’ll just leave a message if I need to get a hold of you.

PETERSON: Okay.  Is there anything I can do for you?

FREY: You know people keep saying that and I’m thinking God, what…what, you know, I have those offers but um…take all this away from me.  Um…but, you know, ___________(inaudible).

PETERSON: Yeah, you know, I mean you know…

FREY: I know, I’m being a little sarcastic.

PETERSON: I know, sweetie.  I can understand.  I know that you’re amazing though.  Well, I’ll talk to you soon.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON: Goodnight.

FREY: Goodnight.