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(January 28, 2003 at 1438 hours)

(phone ringing)


FREY: Yes.

PETERSON:  Okay.  She already fell asleep?

FREY: Yeah, she crashed shortly after I talked to you.

PETERSON: Yeah, good deal.

FREY: Are you on the road?


FREY: Well, uh…

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said my phone…my phone is driving me crazy, but it’s not me again.


FREY: I don’t answer the numbers I don’t recognize…

PETERSON: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

FREY: So. I’m just on a cell so…well, I saw your uh…interview today or part of it I guess.

PETERSON: Yeah, they cut it up pretty bad.

FREY: Well, from what I could see um…that’s media for ya.

PETERSON: Yeah, they really hacked out a lot of stuff I said on most things.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: They hacked out a lot of stuff I said about a lot of things.  So hopefully they’ll…they’re gonna do more tomorrow so hopefully that one’s better.


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FREY: Are you doing another interview as well?

PETERSON: No, no.  I just, sat down with her for two or three hours yesterday. And uh…I think they’re gonna strain it into three parts.

FREY: Oh, really?


FREY:  Scott, there’s a few things that…that bothered me about your interview if I could talk to you about it.


FREY: I guess…I guess the one that bothered me the most was when they asked you are in love with me and you said no.  Right?

PETERSON: Yeah.  I thought that might bother you.

FREY: You know, you never said that, but your intentions as far as you and I talking about future plans and everything and as well as Ayianna um…

PETERSON: Yeah, we talked about possibilities with you definitely.  And that’s one of the things that they cut down really bad on what I had continued to say.

FREY: What…okay, what was that then?  What did they cut down?

PETERSON: Well, you could see the…there was a skip from when I answered no to when I said, you know, that I respected you.  Um…and they cut out, you know, the parts that I mentioned that I care about you and I, you know, hope the media doesn’t continue to harass you and you don’t deserve, you know, that type of thing so that’s basically what I said and they cut it down to um…what was a very quick no and then the respect thing.  Um…it was a very fast no because I was coached from Waltona. know, they just kept saying you should say no, you should say no, you should say no.  And I know I, you know, I said no so fast and then they cut out the rest of it.

FREY: Uh…so yeah, that threw me.  The only, you know, before when you made a statement about you and me having a future together.  I mean I would think there would be more emotions involved.  But I mean…


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PETERSON: Yeah.  Well, you always…

FREY: …I…I don’t…I don’t want to assume anything.


FREY: By…but again, I mean I don’t think that you just fully thought out that you didn’t have any feelings for me.  Are you there?

PETERSON: Yeah, I’m here.

FREY: Comments?

PETERSON: Well, I mean obviously I did encourage you.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: Obviously.

FREY: Obviously what?

PETERSON: That I care about you.  I mean there’s no question.

FREY: It still puzzles me that…that, you know, also that Laci knew about me and you guys...obviously she wasn’t okay with that.  But I mean you were making and talking with me about future plans.  I mean I’m still at a loss on how that was gonna be possible with you being married to Laci and having a child on the way.

PETERSON: Yeah, we always talked about…yes we did, we talked about possibilities, you’re right.

FREY: We talked about…you talked about poss…you talked about it.  Not possibilities, but that it was gonna happen, things you would like. And I mean again, I had no knowing of her in this.

PETERSON: Yeah, I know.

FREY: So you have to keep that in mind.

PETERSON: Yeah, I know.  Of course.

FREY: That that’s where I was at with you.

PETERSON: Yeah, I see what you’re saying.


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FREY: So are you telling me none of this was gonna ever happen for you and I?

PETERSON: No, I don’t…you know, I don’t know.  I mean that’s why they’re possibilities, you know, that’s what we talked about was, you know, if and things like that.

FREY: But I had no knowing of Laci so how…

PETERSON: So you were thinking of them as in terms of, you know, but I mean, you know, I always said if, you know, we were together.  And I think you…

FREY: And why would I think…

PETERSON: And you thought of them as definitely going to happen then, huh?

FREY: How would I…how would I know any different than that, Scott?

PETERSON: Well, I mean there’s a whole range of, you know, things.

FREY: Whole what?

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said there’s a whole what?  I’m sorry.

PETERSON: Well, I mean, you know, people’s relationships, you know, develop and change and do different things.

FREY: Right.  But you know where I was at in my life and that I was ready for you.

PETERSON: Yeah.  Well uh…

FREY: But what’s this yeah, yeah, yeah?

PETERSON: Well, then I guess I did.

FREY: You guess?

PETERSON: I…I never um…I…honestly I’ve never looked at you as, you know, being ready if that means that, you know, this is what you want right now.

FREY: You never looked at me as…?


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FREY: …I mean how many conversations have I said I’ve worked so hard and I remember specifically talking to you saying a year ago had I met you I wouldn’t have been ready for you.  Do you remember?

PETERSON: Yeah, I remember you saying that.  Yes, I do.

FREY: So how…how would you think any different than that?

PETERSON: Well, I mean okay, well, what kind of, you know, timeline were, you know, you were considering these possibilities, you know?  I was…

FREY: Well, I didn’t know because you were gonna be gone.

PETERSON: Yeah.  And I always thought, you know, possibilities are years down the road kind of thing.

FREY: True.  I’m not gonna rush in and get married like other people I know in a month or so but…


FREY: Still those possibilities being there as you and I in the future of a relationship, correct?

PETERSON: Yeah, definitely.

FREY: And developing…and developing that, correct?

PETERSON: Yeah, there’s always possibilities.

FREY: And when you develop those things I mean emotions are definitely involved.  I mean I invested emotions.

PETERSON: I know you did and that’s why, you know, it makes me, you know, sick to my stomach that I lied to you and that’s why it was so wrong.

FREY: So was I only one investing emotions or I mean am I wrong in thinking these things?

PETERSON: No, Amber, I care about you, you know that.  You know the answer to that question yourself.

FREY: Well, it’s good to hear it, you know, because I’m not assuming anything I mean…


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FREY: I would much more appreciate you telling me then saying I, you know, because I don’t know, Scott.

PETERSON: But you do.

FREY: No, I don’t.

PETERSON: And I’m sure that you know by my actions.

FREY: By your actions?

PETERSON: Well, not…now, I’m sorry, hold on, not by my lies.

FREY: Not by your lies, is that what you said?


FREY: So then don’t feed me a bunch of lines and ah…then tell me because I really don’t, Scott, I really don’t know.  You could tell me you care about me but…

PETERSON: That’s a shame.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: That’s a shame.

FREY: What’s a shame?

PETERSON: That you don’t know.  You know, I mean I wish you could see what I, you know, how I felt by um…you know, how I treated you with the exception of lying to you.  That sounds like a weird thing to say, I realize.

FREY: Well, I don’ think that from you at all.  From what I know of you, yes, you are very kind, you’re very attentive, you’re very sweet, you’re a very loving person.  But I told you that.

PETERSON: Is that what I showed you?  Then, you know, you know the answers to your questions if you know these things.

FREY: So I have to assume?

PETERSON: No, no, that’s not it at all.  It’s just…


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FREY: Then why can’t you be direct?

PETERSON: I am being direct.  I am proving to you in the most direct way possible that you know how I am, you just said those things.  You know that, you know, I have emotions for you.

FREY: So how was it you and I were gonna have future plans together being married to Laci and having a baby?  I don’t understand that.

PETERSON: Yeah, and, you know, we…

FREY: Hum?

PETERSON: We have…we…I don’t want to start with uh…you know, we’ve talked about this and let’s, you know…

FREY: Well, I never had an answer.

PETERSON: I know you haven’t.  And I…and you…you can’t have one now, you know.

FREY: Why?  I can’t have one now?

PETERSON: No!  I’m sorry for that.

FREY: You’re not sorry for that because if you were sorry…

PETERSON: Yes, I am.

FREY: …then you would give me an answer.

PETERSON: Well, I’m…well, what would…

FREY: You know, and you couldn’t answer why you had…you even had a relationship with me.


FREY: You couldn’t tell her.  Can you tell me why you had a relationship with me?


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PETERSON: Well, you asked you me why I started a relationship with you and I don’t have any answer to that.

FREY: Why did you continue a relationship with me then?

PETERSON: Just because, you know, you’re wonderful and…I don’t know.  I just um…you know, I enjoy…

FREY: If I’m so wonderful…

PETERSON: Because I enjoy spending time with you.

FREY: So if I’m so wonderful and all these things, Scott…


FREY: …then why couldn’t you give me the decency of truth?

PETERSON: I know.  I don’t have an answer to that one either, Amber.

FREY: Okay.  ________(inaudible, phone cutting out).  Uh…so what else am I gonna expect or what else is gonna be on that interview thing for…?

PETERSON: Oh, I don’t know.  I haven’t seen what they, you know, how they edited it or anything.

FREY: Too bad, that’s unfortunate that they do that.

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY: I said that’s too bad and unfortunate that they edit like that.

PETERSON: Yeah, true.

FREY: And the uh…the girl that was talking about me on the radio station, she wrote me a letter and apologized.  And she said, you know, I know it sould like I was bragging or carrying on, but they edited so much because every other word I said I don’t want this on the air.  But it was like she got a taste of the media and how it really is and…

PETERSON: Yeah.  Was she a friend of your or something or I didn’t hear it so I don’t know.


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FREY: Um…I just have a hard time putting that in a sense because a friend wouldn’t do that to me.

PETERSON: Oh, okay, I understand.

FREY: That’s why…that’s why it was exposed that I have a daughter or a child and where I work.

PETERSON: Yeah, I’m sorry.

FREY: So um…it’s just very frustrating.

PETERSON: Yeah.  Have you told um…her school not to, you know, acknowledge names?

FREY: Um…what I talked with the director about uh…was, you know, I haven’t as far as…I don’t know what…you know, and obviously a lot of people know us and want us to give a statement of some sort. And I don’t know if people have really put two and two together, but my only comment was uh…if anybody comes in uh…asking to see Ayianna, whether it’s my family member or not, I want to be called and informed.  They said but nobody is to see her or take her without um…double-checking with me first.

PETERSON: Yeah.  That’s your privacy also, you know, besides people that call around and…

FREY: Yeah.  Um…yeah, I guess yesterday when I went to pick her up I was pretty cautious that nobody followed me.  I just don’t want…


FREY: I don’t want my daughter to have to go through this.

PETERSON: Definitely.

FREY: So I um…I don’t know.  I mean the media is story hungry so…and we’ll talk about it?  When do you think…so that way…

PETERSON: Well, how about this evening?

FREY: Huh?

PETERSON: How about this evening?

FREY: Early evening or later evening?


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PETERSON: Your call.

FREY: Well, what are your plans for this evening?

PETERSON: How about 9:00 o’clock or so?

FREY: Okay.  Um…what’s uh…the night or the end of Good Morning America?

PETERSON: What’s that, Amber, I can’t hear you?

FREY: You can’t hear me?

PETERSON: Amber, if you can hear me I’ll talk to you later.  Phone’s cutting out. Bye.

FREY: Bye.