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FREY:  …strongly about uh…seeing me?

PETERSON: Just because I feel sorry for all the things you’re having to go through (sounds like crying).  Today when I spoke to you on the phone, you know, heard how upset you were in the morning. (beep)  I just…I just know that if we got to sit down and see each other that I think of how both of us could be experiencing (beep) something so unbelievable that I think it would help both of us to, you know (beep) help survive it better.  (beep, beep, beep)  One thing I wanted us to do is throw it at ya, __________ but I wanted to see you, I mean I wanted to do that.  But I don’t know, I just think it would be so good for us.

FREY:  Scott, I…I just don’t see how that would be possible in doing.


FREY:  If they’re finding you in Mexico, they’d certainly find you again in Fresno.  And that just wouldn’t be good for me especially right now, Scott.

PETERSON:  I know you could.  And I um…I’m just willing to do it because I think it’s so necessary but I just wanted to ask.

FREY:   You just what?

PETERSON:   I just wanted to ask you, needed to ask you.

FREY:  What do you think um…would come of that?

PETERSON: What’s that?

FREY:  I said what do you…what do you think or what do you feel would come of, you know, seeing me?

PETERSON: I just think that it would help both of us so much in easing the things that we’re going through.  I mean, you know, I think we talk on the phone because that..that just know, you know I care about you and I think you care about me as well.  And I think it would help tremendously in stuff we’re going through and what’s happening but I don’t know, I just never felt such a strong desire as I do. (sniff)

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PETERSON:  You know I’m such a terrible to communicator over the phone and I just..I desire so much to comfort you.  Maybe that’s what it is, is I know I can’t do that over the phone.

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