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020703-2243                                02-142591


(February 7, 2002 at 2243 hours)

(phone ringing)

FREY:  (beep) Hello.


FREY: Was that your phone or my phone?

PETERSON: I donít know, probably this one..

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: This phone just cut out, stopped?  What do you think?

FREY: What do I think aboutÖ?

PETERSON: What Iím asking?

FREY: To see me?

PETERSON: Iím asking to see you.

FREY: I said I donít know how that would be possible without being spotted by somebody.


FREY: Unless you have ideas, I..I donít know.

PETERSON: No, my idea was like tonight.

FREY: How is that?

PETERSON: I thought I could come to wherever you are.  Like tonight just for __________ or something to see you or to talk to you.

FREY: I canít have you come to my house, Scott.


FREY: And I have Ayianna.

PETERSON: I know (crying) I..I canít say I understand, but okay.

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FREY: Scott.

PETERSON: You know Iím not a monster, Amber.

FREY: I never said you were, Scott.

PETERSON: Thank God, I know.  But you know I could never hurt you or her or anyone.  You know that donít you?

FREY: (no answer)

PETERSON: Donít answer it.  Thereís..oh, I donít know if you would trust me that far then.

FREY: Iím sorry?

PETERSON: The other possibility is that house at Lake Arrowhead.

FREY: Where?

PETERSON: Lake Arrowhead?

FREY: I donít know where itís at.

PETERSON: Um..basically east of Los Angeles.

FREY: Why there?

PETERSON: Whatís that?

FREY: Ayianna, no, no, baby (talking to Ayianna).  I couldnít hear you.  Can you hold on, I gotta get her.

PETERSON:   Yeh, of course.

FREY: (Ayianna crying in background)  Those are friends of yours?

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PETERSON: Friends of mineís family.  They..they donít stay there more than two weeks a year and they just offered it whenever for anyone.  WeÖadditionally we could go there alone.  Itís easy to get away.  We just need to see each other, Amber, at least for a couple hours.  Iíms so sorry that you canít trust me to..

FREY: Scott, itís not that.

PETERSON: come there.

FREY: You have to understand youíre obviously being followed by the media and who knows who else.  For you to come to my home, which has been already on television, especially local people know where I live.


FREY: Thatís the last thing, Scott, I need is for you to be at my home with 24 or 4, Channel 47, you know, staked out at my house with the cameras on.  IÖ


FREY:  ÖI donít need that, Scott


FREY: Thatís the last thing I need.

PETERSON:  I was just trying to come up with someÖsome way, Amber.

FREY:  You know, whatever footage they took on uh..the Channel 24 it looked like it was at night so they were filming you at night when you were leaving.  I donít know, but it was early morning.

PETERSON:  Where was it?

FREY: When you were in the hotel in Fresno.

PETERSON:  Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

FREY: Are you driving?


FREY: Do you even know where youíre going?

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PETERSON: Not really.

FREY: What were youÖ?

PETERSON: Is there some way because I think it would help us so much.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: I said is there some way?  I mean it would help us so much.

FREY: If there is some way it would help us so much.  Is that what you said?

PETERSON: Is there some way for us to see each other, Amber?  Do you think it would help? (crying)

FREY:  If it would help?


FREY:  At this point all I could see is it just damaging me even more.

PETERSON: Say what?

FREY: I said the onely thing I could see by that is it damaging me even more because they called my dad that..when you were in Fresno.  TheÖthe media called my dad and said that theyíd seen you or maybe theyÖI mean they could have just been throwing stuff out there to see what heíd say.  But heÖhe had a hard time with that because they were saying they thought you and I were together and whatnot and, you know, my dad said no.


FREY: Amber did not see him, is not with him.  You know, and IÖI canít take that chanceÖ

PETERSON: I know it.

FREY: Öof doing that.  I mean thereís only so many places that you and I would be protected in seeing each other and I donít think you would be willing to do that so..


FREY:  Right?

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PETERSON:  Whatís that?

FREY: I said right?

PETERSON: Yeah, itís a risk obviously.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: Itís an obvious risk, no question.  What about the Lake Arrowhead thing, a possibility or no?

FREY: Scott, if they followed you to Mexico, Lake Arrowhead would be that much easier to find.

PETERSON: Well, hereís what happened with that.  The police leaked to the media that I was in Mexico.

FREY:  Uh huh.

PETERSON:  Is how they found out.

FREY: That you found out?

PETERSON: Thatís how they found out.

FREY: Was um..Iím not following you, sorry.

PETERSON: The police leaked the fact that I was in Mexico to the media.

FREY: I donít know.  IÖyou know, they said something that people had called me and said that they heard you were in Mexico and they heard it on the news.  Um..


FREY: So, I donít..I donít..(pause) Is that where youíre gonna stay tonight in Lake Arrowhead?

PETERSON: No, no.  But Iím in Visella right now.

FREY:  In Visella?

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FREY: Itís just frustrating for me too, Scott, you know?

PETERSON: Yeah.  Itís in your eyes.

FREY: What about your eyes?

PETERSON:  I need to see them.

FREY: And what would that do for you?

PETERSON: Whatís that?

FREY: I said and what would my eyes do for you?

PETERSON: I think theyíd do so much.  I donít know, theyíd eitherÖ.I guess theyíd either hurt really bad or theyíd do so much, I donít know. (crying) (pause)  I should probably get off.

FREY:  And do what?

PETERSON: I donít know, but I just feel like Iím taking up your time.  You know, I want so much to comfort you hear your voice.  You know, IÖI know youíre angry with me.  I think you are.  I donít know, tell me?

FREY:  Tell you?


FREY: Itís funny you like to make a statement and thenÖ

PETERSON:  Whatís that?

FREY:  I said do this a lot.


FREY: YouÖyou.

PETERSON:  Let me ask you this, how do you feel about me?

FREY: Confused. Sad. Frustrated. (sigh) Constrained.  IÖI guess.

PETERSON:  Whatís that?

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FREY:  I said I could justÖyou know, thereís just so many words how I feel, I just..

PETERSON: Yeah.  Tell me more about sad?

FREY:  Tell you more about sad?


FREY: You lied to me.


FREY:  And I trusted you.  And makes my heart sad that you couldnít be honest with me.

PETERSON:  Say that again.  Iím sorry I didnít hear it.

FREY: I said that you couldnít be honest with me.


FREY: And that you canít be honest with me.

PETERSON: No, I can be honest.  I will be honest.  I have been.

FREY: No, you havenít.

PETERSON: But I get such frustration levels from you is the reason I canít.

FREY: Those things that you canít talk to me about are the things that make me..make it hard for me to trust you.

PETERSON: I trust you without __________you.

FREY:  What?

PETERSON: And I will. I mean..

FREY: If what?

PETERSON: Whatís that?

FREY:  You will if what?

PETERSON: Well, I mean, you know, when some time has passed.

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FREY:  When time has passed?

PETERSON:  Sit down with you, yeah, some time, some resolution some time.

FREY: What is time gonna pass do?

PETERSON:  Whatís that?

FREY:  What is time passed gonna do for the timing in the future?

PETERSON:  Time changes the situation.  I mean

FREY:  Fish? (talking to Ayianna)  Go get tissue, go get tissue, go get tissure.  You know I wouldÖI would think the sooner you would begin to be able to open up to me, Scott, the sooner I feel more at ease about things with you.

PETERSON: Definitely.

FREY: Right?

PETERSON:  Definitely.

FREY: So youíre just telling me okay, Amber, just be patient a little bit more.  Is that what youíre I mean asking?

PETERSON:  Yeah, Iím hoping you can be.

FREY: Basically right now all I have is time and patience.

PETERSON:  Youíre amazing to me.

FEY: Baby, go get tissue (talking to Ayianna).  Go.  You know umÖIíve never had more anxiety in my life.  Actually, I donít think Iíve ever had anxiety until a month ago.


FREY:  (sigh) But youíre gonna, you know , make me for whatever reason wait before you can talk to me and thatís frustrating.

PETERSON:  I know.

FREY:  What?

PETERSON:  I know (sniff)

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FREY:  What are these things you want to tell me in person and not over the phone?

PETERSON:  (crying)  Thereís so many things I want to tell you.  Got, itís unbelievable.

FREY:  Where to begin, Scott?

PETERSON:  One very important thing I wanted to tell last Saturday, so many things.

FREY: About Saturday?

PETERSON:  No. there is one thing I want to tell you so much about that.

FREY: AboutÖ

PETERSONĒ Whatís that?

FREY:  So tell me now, what?

PETERSON:  I canít, sorry.

FREY:  Why?

PETERSON:  I canít tell you.

FREY:  Why?

PETERSON:  Not over the phone, Amber.

FREY:  (sigh) Well..

PETERSON:  And Iím not..Iím not saying that so that, you know, Iím not pressuring you or anything as far as that.

FREY:  Thereís one thing you want to tell me, but not over the phone?

PETERSON:  No.  Thereís so many things I want to tell you.

FREY:  But not over the phone?

PETERSON:  But thereís..thereís one so special if you knew it, okay?

FREY:  You know whatÖ?

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PETERSON:  Iím sorry, I said..I shouldnít say those things to you.  I shouldnít, it hurts or frustrates you or makes you mad, I donít know which, but itís unfair.

FREY:  I..I had a thought.

PETERSON:  Unfair and Iím sorry.

FREY:  I have a thought, but the thing is you probably wonít because you question things about me.  But I said, you know, you wantÖdo you have a video camera, Scott?


FREY:  Because right now I think thatís the closest you and I will have in uhÖcommunicating face to face.

PETERSON:  Iím sorry for that.

FREY:  Hum?

PETERSON:  Iím sorry if thatís the case.

FREY:  You do have a video camera?

PETERSON:  I do, yeah.

FREY:  Well, youÖthatís the only thing I could think, but I guess IÖI donít know, you probably wonít because itís not to my face.

PETERSON:  About what?

FREY:  Videotape it and I could see you..

PETERSON:  Yeah.  I know, but itís notÖI canít do that.

FREY:  Iíd send it right back to you.

PETERSON:  I canít.

FREY:  I t was just a thought because I donít know when I could see you anytime soon, Scott.

PETERSON:  I know.

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FREY:  Right now, you know, I donít know if the mediaís following me because of all this stuff with the Enquirer.


FREY:  Um..thereís people everywhere.

PETERSON:  Yeah (sniff)

FREY:  Iíll think about the possibilities.

PETERSON:  Will you?

FREY:  Yeah.

PETERSON:  Iíd like to talk to you tomorrow on a pay phone or something.

FREY:  Um..

PETERSON:  What would be a good time that you would be near a pay phone that maybe you could call me and tell me and Iíll call you at a pay phone, from a pay phone.

FREY:  Okay.  But the pay phones in Fresno generally you cant receive calls.  Um..Iíve had issues with pay phones.


FREY:  Iím trying to think.  I need to go into the office tomorrow.  That might be a possibility or..what baby?  (talking to Ayianna)

PETERSON:  You know what?

FREY:  Yeah.

PETERSON:  Amber, tomorrow then?

FREY:  Uh hum.

PETERSON:  Call me and um..that way Iíll get the number and Iíll call you back from a pay phone.

FREY:  Okay.

PETERSON:  Okay, __________talk to you.

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FREY:  Anytime?

PETERSON: Anytime, Amber.

FREY: Okay

PETERSON:  And Iíll call you back immediately, okay?

FREY:  Okay

PETERSON:  You want me to say it.  Fine I will say it.  No then I wonít say it, itís not fair.

FREY:  Whatís that?  What was that?

PETERSON:  I said I donít not fair, I shouldnít say it.

FREY:  Say what?

PETERSON:  How much I want to see you and tell you some things.  Okay, I should say goodnight.

FREY:  Are you going home?

PETERSON:  I think Iíll go to Sacramento.

FREY:  Whatís in Sacramento?

PETERSON:  I canít say.  SoÖ

FREY:  Because?

PETERSON:  Well, I think you know.

FREY:  Because I donít know.

PETERSON:  Well, you know whatís in Sacramento for me.

FREY:  Huh?

PETERSON:  You know whatís in Sacramento for me so..

FREY:  No, I donít know whatís in Sacramento for you.

PETERSON:  I _______________ until I could talk to you.

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FREY:  Huh?

PETERSON:  I can tell you, but not on these phones.  Okay, so goodnight.  Thank you for talking to me.

FREY:  Iím frustrated.

PETERSON:  I know.  I donít want to frustrate you.  I just donít want to frustrate you.

FREY: Well, how am I supposed to know whatís in Sacramento?  I thought you lived in Sacramento, but that is not that case.

PETERSON:  WellÖno, Iíll tell you.  Iíll tell you tomorrow.

FREY:  Okay, that would be relieving.

PETERSON:  Okay.  Goodnight, Amber.

FREY:  Goodnight Scott


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