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(beep, beep.  Phone ringing)

FREY:  RR Frey Construction.

PETERSON  Hey, Amber.  Itís Scott

FREY: Okay

PETERSON  Sorry I took so long.

FREY:  Well, itís understandable, I guess.

PETERSON  Whatís that?

FREY: I said thatís understandable, I guess.

PETERSON  Oh, someone broke into the warehouse while I was gone.

FREY: What?

PETERSON  Someone broke into the warehouse here while I was gone.  Someone drove a car through the door.  I was in the middle of doing a repair of that.

FREY: Youíre kidding me?

PETERSON  Whatís that?

FREY:  I said youíre kidding me?

PETERSON  Was there media when you left your house?

FREY:  No. 

PETERSON  Oh, good.

FREY:  No, there wasnít actually.  You know I always kinda take a look around before I go in theÖor before I leave because I wonít leave my house if there is especiallyÖespecially with Ayianna.  Huh?

PETERSON  So sad to have to do that.

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FREY: Yep.  They havenít, you know, Iíve been fortunate.  But IÖfor the most part they havenít soÖ


FREY:   They just at work basically.

PETERSON  What was that?

FREY:  They just seem to be at work more so.  But theyíre not likeÖI donít think theyíre like they are with you.


FREY:  I donít think so..  I mean havenít experienced anything anyway.

PETERSON  Oh, the donít shouldnít bother you at all.

FREY:  Hum?

PETERSON  They shouldnít bother you at all.

FREY:  No, but they do and thatís the media.

PETERSON  Thatís one of the things I wanted to ask you.  HumÖ

FREY:  Huh?

PETERSON  I know that all of this has been obviously very disruptive.

FREY:  Yes.

PETERSON  And also I donít know how financially it is for you and do you need help with, you know, paying for the office or rent or anything like that?

FREY:  Oh, I couldnít ask anybody to help me.  I wouldnít so..

PETERSON  Well, Iíd like to if you need it, okay?  So you tell me if you do, all right?

FREY:  Hum?

PETERSON  Tell me if you do.

FREY:  Okay.

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PETERSON  So itís umÖitís your birthday Monday?

FREY:  Yep.

PETERSON  I wanted to make it so special for you, but obviously I canít do a lot.  Um..but if you want to go away, you know, for a couple of days or something umÖIíd like to take care of it for you.  If theresí some resort you want to go to, donít tell me where.

FREY:  Uh-hum

PETERSON  So Iíll just, you know, get you the funds to take care of this.

FREY:  Okay.

PETERSON  Okay?  You know, I can imagine you could use a few days somewhere else.

FREY:  Hum!  Understatement.

PETERSON  Yeh, understatement of the year maybe, huh?

FREY:  Huh?

PETERSON  Understatement of the year, huh?

FREY:  Yes.

PETERSON  So Iíd like to do that for you if you..if you want to.  I know you have plans on Monday, but anytime let me know.

FREY:  Okay.

PETERSON  So those are kind of the cold things I wanted to ask you?

FREY:   Cold?

PETERSON  Yeah, you know.  And that I just need to tell you how much I care about you.  And I desire so much to be, you know, for the rest our lives, your best friend, your biggest comfort and the second most joy in your life.  I wanna be those things so bad for you.  Are you there?

FREY:  Iím here, Iím listening.

PETERSON  Those are really the reasons I wanted to talk to you.

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FREY:  Okay.  (sigh) Are there otherÖ

PETERSON  Whatís that?

FREY:  I said and are there other things too?

PETERSON  Oh yeah.  There are so many more, you know, there are.  There are so many more.

FREY:  I only know what you tell me.

PETERSON  I canít tell you now, you know that.

FREY:  You canít tell me what?  Where to begin what you canít tell me?

PETERSON  I know and Iím not gonna frustrate you with it.  Well, maybe I do frustrate you with it, but itís easier not to say I canít tell you because it just frustrates you.  And, you know, when the time comes and we can sit down, you know, face to face, and, you know, thereís some resolution of this and time has passed.  I mean, you knowÖyou know all the answers to the things you want to know.

FREY:  I do?

PETERSON  About them all.

FREY:  I do?


FREY:  How do I know?

PETERSON  I wish I could tell you, but youíveÖyouíve guessed the answers to all of them.

FREY:  How do I have the answers, Scott?

PETERSON  Well, you donít have the answers, but youíve guessed at them and you know them and itís just gonna take time and trust for me to not trust, but time for to be able to tell you.

FREY: Hum!  So whatís this you were saying last night about Sacramento?

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PETERSON  Whatís that?

FREY: You said you would tell me today about Sacramento?

PETERSON  No.  I didnít say Iíd tell you today.

FREY: Oh, then I misunderstood.

PETERSON  Iím sorry, I canít.

FREY: Makes no sense to me.

PETERSON  Iím very sorry that I canít, I wish I could.  UmÖremember the other day when I called you and I wanted to see you..

FREY:  What was that?

PETERSON  Yesterday when I called and I wanted to see you, and obviously I still think it would be great if we could see each other.  Um..God, I so long to be back in a, you know, place where I hadnít hurt you with the lies.  Itís unbelievable.  I just uh..

FREY:  Are you there?  Hello?

PETERSON  Are you there?

FREY: Yeah.  Itís hard to hear you.

PETERSON  I know, this pay phone sucks.  Frankly, Iím almost out of quarters here.

FREY: Great.

PETERSON  So thank you for calling me on this phone and listening to me.  I just wanted to tell those things and if you want to take advantage of know, Iíd like to help you.  If you need it let me know, okay?  And I wish I could help you in other ways.  I wish I could comfort you like I said Iíd love to be your biggest comfort for the rest of our lives.  Your best friend, I want those things and hopefully, I will..will be able to.

FREY:  You know you donít have very many quarters on you?

PETERSON  Um..Iíve got about a dollar left.

FREY:  How long does that last?

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PETERSON  Well, itís cost 3 dollars so far.

FREY: Really?


FREY:  Should I see if I could try to call back?

PETERSON  If you want to.

FREY: Let me get a pen.  My dadís little desk thing here.

PETERSON  Whatís that?

FREY: I said Iím trying to findÖthereís really not any paper around here.  Thereís a bunch of like cards.

PETERSON  Is there something you want to talk about?

FREY: it the only pay phone?


FREY: Hum?


FREY: Because Iím having such a hard time hearing on this phone.

PETERSON  Okay.  Well, when this thing runs out of money Iíll try..Iíll try the one next to it.  Iíll call you right back?

FREY: Youíll call me right back?

PETERSON  Yep.  Iíll try the one right next door.

FREY: Okay.

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