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FREY: Hello.

PETERSON:  Can you hear me better?

FREY: Yes.


FREY: Yes, I can hear you better.

PETERSON:  It means so much from you.

FREY: I could draw my own conclusion I guess and let youÖ

PETERSON:  You know I didnít mean monetarily?

FREY: NoÖIÖI took it as that itís what it is.

PETERSON:  Well, what I meanÖwhat I was talking about what, you kow.  Itís a beautiful thing you did, Those photographs.  And itís, you know, um..itís so personal to you and so wonderful that, you know, youíre free to do those kinds of things.  And itís just totally stealing that away from you by, you know, umÖwell, by publishing them obviously.  I donít know if thatís what you thought I meant butÖ

FREY: Itís just..itís just very frustrating.

PETERSON:  I know.

FREY: And thatÖthat was the first time I ever saw those phontos and that was probably four years ago.

PETERSON:  Are they..are they not the photos that Iíve seen?

FREY: I never had seen Ďem.  This was my first time seeing Ďem.

PETERSON:  Oh, okay.  Theyíre not the ones where you and the hair extensions, huh?

FREY: Unh-uh, nope.

PETERSON:  Oh, okay.

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FREY: Nope.  Itís when I had short hair and braces.  No, thoseÖwho knows.  I..I think thereís two people that haveÖmaybe one of those and the other ones, I donít know.  Itís just whatever at this point.  I mean itsís out of my control soÖ

PETERSON:  Yeah.  Well, I mean itís nothing to be ashamed about.  Itís just that feeling, you know, theyíre private.

FREY: Uh hum.

PETERSON:  You know.  I donít know how to phrase it, but wonderful things.

FREY: (sigh) Itís very frustrating.  So umÖ.I guess Iím having a hard time with you expressing..expressing your feelings to me when..

PETERSON:  With you?

FREY: Öwhen thereís so many other things going on that..that Laciís still not found.


FREY: Isnít that confusing for you?

PETERSON:  I donít think it would be to you.

FREY: You donít think it would be to me?


FREY: Why?

PETERSON:  Well, I mean just all the answers to questions you want.

FREY: I think you just lost me.

PETERSON:  Well, Iím sorry I have to be ambiguous, but umÖto get all the answers to the questions that youíve asked..

FREY: Uh hum.

PETERSON:  You know, youíd understand why umÖyou know, I obviously um..I can express to you that I care about you.

FREY: Just basically as far as youíre concerned, you and her were over emotionally?

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PETERSON:  UmÖIím not gonna, you know, answer questions thatÖI canít answer questions that you want right now.  You know all the answers that you need.

FREY: I have all the answers that I need at this time, is that what youíre saying?

PETERSON:  Whatís that?

FREY: I have all the answers that I need at this time?

PETERSON:  And I need to..we need to get to a place.  I need to get to a place where, the situation needs to be resolved where I can, you know, vocalize those to you.

FREY: (sigh)  You there?  Hello?


FREY: Got any more quarters?

PETERSON:  Yep, got one left.

FREY: WhatísÖ whatís the number?

PETERSON: doesnít say.   Just 575 and the rest is gone.

FREY: Youíre kidding?

PETERSON:  But I shouldnít stay here very long anyways.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON:  Yeah, cause IÖI know that well, at this gas station Iím sure people have recognized me already and itíll be, you know, big head lines.

FREY: Okay.  Okay.  So well, Iíll think about those offers.  UmÖso what are you doing Monday?

PETERSON:  UmÖwell, I mean I have some financial stuff to do around here so Iíll probably beÖand then Iím headed down. thereís a big farm show down south in the Valley.

FREY: Uh hum

PETERSON:  Iím going to be at Tulare.

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FREY: Hum!

PETERSON:  So Iíll be down there for a few days.

FREY: Tulare?

PETERSON:  Uh hum (affirmative)

FREY: Thatís not to far, is it?

PETERSON:  No, not far at all.

FREY: Monday I work.  I just haveÖI had a couple of clients in which case they..I had already seen one of the gals Friday.  But um..then Iím going to see my aunt.


FREY: And then uhÖDenise is gonna have a little get together at her house for me so..

PETERSON:  Whatís that, say that again?

FREY: I said Denise is gonna have a get together at her house for me Monday.

PETERSON:  Oh good.

FREY: So I figured I probably should keep a low profile.

PETERSON:  Yeah, thatís good.  Thatís good sheís doing that for you.  You deserve a wonderful birthday.

FREY: So um..then tonight thereísÖthe office is um..where Iím at and across the way all of our birthdays are this month soÖ

PETERSON:  Oh thatís right.  Thatís tonight?

FREY: Yeah.

PETERSON:  Good.  Youíre going, right?

FREY: Iím going just for a couple hours because I have Ayianna.  I couldnít arrange umÖsomebody to watch her for a while, so Iím just gonna stay for a short time.

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FREY: But thatís okay.  I donít really know very many people that are going to be there anyway.



PETERSON:  Tell me why the date 3-28 is significant to you?

FREY: 3-28?


FREY: Should it be?

PETERSON:  I thought you told me once it was?

FREY: I did?


FREY: 3-28?

I PETERSON:   know 3ís are significant to you.

FREY: Hum?

PETERSON:  3ís are significant to you, right?

FREY: Yes.

PETERSON:  For some reason I thought you told me 3-28, you said, 3-28-03?

FREY: Hum!

PETERSON:  I obviously understand the 3ís, but the 28th I didnít.

FREY: Unh um.

PETERSON:  Was I wrong or am I wrong?

FREY: I donít recall it all myself.  When did IÖI donítÖwhen did I say that?

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PETERSON:  UmÖI think it was like three weeks ago or so.  Maybe I heard you wrong.

FREY: Oh, no, just this year me being 28.

PETERSON:  Oh, being 28, okay.

FREY: Itís the only one I can think of.

PETERSON:  Okay.  So I heard you wrong.

FREY: Possibly.  IÖIÖit doesnít ring a bell except that this year is significant for some reason.  A year for me and my birthday?


FREY: I donít know, I donít recall 3-28.   Is it significant to you?

PETERSON:  No, only because I thought you had mentioned it.

FREY: Hum!

PETERSON:  So itís just aÖ

FREY: No, resolution in this would be significant day for me.


FREY: I donít know when that is unless you could tell me?  Nope?  Hum, no, okay.


FREY: Hum..somebody..or one of my friends was asking about Ayiannaís birthday and I said you know, I need to get on that because I havenít done anything yet.


FREY: I donít know if people will come out to the house this year or not, not many people are now at this point so..


FREY: Itís coming up fast.  Hum!  Like I said sheís gonna be 2 now.  Thatís pretty good.  Are you there?

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PETERSON:  Yeah, Iím here.

FREY: I can hear her, ďMommyĒ.



PETERSON:  Okay, this is my last quarter.

FREY: Okay.

PETERSON:  So Iíll talk to you soon, huh?

FREY: Okay.  You still feel okay talking on my phone?

PETERSON:  Whatís that?

FREY: I say do you feel okay talking on my phone?

PETERSON:  About most things.

FREY: Okay.


FREY: Hum?


FREY: Okay.

PETERSON:  Okay.  Goodnight.

FREY: Hum.  Bye.

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