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(phone ringing)

FREY:  Hello.

PETERSON: Hey, Amber, it’s Scott.

FREY:  Hi.

PETERSON: How are you?

FREY:  I was looking and I don’t...I don’t know the number.


FREY:  But nobody knows I have his phone so…

PETERSON: You have to decide if you wanna to answer or not, huh?

FREY:  Well, he said this is the phone I guess um…all of the media’s calling on.  He said…he goes well, just say you’re I don’t know just answering the phones and taking messages.

PETERSON: Yeah.  What happened to your phone?

FREY:  Um..oh, I don’t know.  They said I went over like 20000 minutes.


FREY:  I’m just having a hard time understanding and I know I’ve been on the phone quite a bit, but I had extended uh…hours on there, it or limits or I guess hours, minutes, yeah, minutes.  But I don’t recall..I mean I know I’m talking a little more, but not that extreme so…


FREY:  They shut it off.

PETERSON: So you have a big bill or…?

FREY: was like $800 is what they say.


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FREY:  Yeah, there’s just a little…I don’t know, I have to see for myself what it is because that just doesn’t sound right to me.

PETERSON: No, not at all.

FREY:  No, that’s just crazy.  I’ve never had a phone bill…


FREY:  My phone bills average anywhere from $80 to the ma…to the max $80.

PETERSON: Generally that’s the bill?

FREY:  Huh?

PETERSON: And you need that for work, huh?

FREY:  What’d you say?

PETERSON: You need your phone for work?

FREY:  Uh..yes, I do.  So this will went out yesterday.

PETERSON: Um..I mean can you repay over the phone?

FREY:  I..I  have no idea.

PETERSON: Let me um…I’ll give you some credit card information and then you can pay for it tonight.

FREY:  What was that/

PETERSON: Let me give you some credit card information and then you can pay for it tonight.

FREY:  No, I can’t do that.

PETERSON: And then your phone will work.

FREY:  I can’t do that, Scott, but thank you.

PETERSON: No, no, I want to.  I mean you can’t go like that.

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FREY:  Well, I have um…the other number I mean in the office I can, you know, call people and let them know, you kmnow, to just call that number.  But I just…I want to figure out what it..I’m just..I’m having a hard time understanding, you know.  I just feel if, you know, there’s not a mistake I want to see that there’s not and that it’ know, that I..I just can’t imagine I went over 2000 minutes.

PETERSON: Yeah, that’s outrageous.

FREY:  Yes. (talking to Ayianna) Elmo.

PETERSON: Will you let me know about it and I’ll take care of it?

FREY:  Let you know what?

PETERSON: About the bill.

FREY:  What was that?

PETERSON: Let me know about the bill and let me take care of it and if you need help with anything.

FREY:  Um..well, when I went in there today that’s what they told me.  And so they had me call or talk to some information…I don’t know what other number they directed me there at the um..Sprint place.  And um…she..she just said well, you know, what we could is send you a printout of all your calls with the times and everything.  And I said okay, that would be great, thank you.  And they said they’d send it out tomorrow.  So I’ll see where…what exactly it is umm…

PETERSON: Well, let me help, okay?  I know this has got to be a struggle like this for you.  Are you there?

FREY:  Yeah, I’m here.  So are you back in Modesto or are you…?

PETERSON: Yeah.  And don’t be … I know, you know,  you’re proud and, you know, this shouldn’t be such a burden in this fashion on you so whatevery you need, all right?

FREY:  All right, I appreciate that.  Thank you, Scott.

PETERSON: How was your birthday?

FREY:  Uh…it was…I had a good day and um..

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PETERSON: A lot of people come over to Denise’s?

FREY:  Um..quite a few.  Um…


FREY:  I’m a little um..upset about a couple people that didn’t show.

PETERSON: Really, who?

FREY:  Um..Shawn.

PETERSON: Oh, really?

FREY:  She called me early that morning and just said know, Shawn… say Happy Birthday.  But I didn’t really ask Denise or I thought she said whe was coming or I don’t know if she said one way or another, but she never came and um…

PETERSON: That’s not right.

FREY:  I don’t know.

PETERSON: She’s better than that.

FREY:  I don’t know what’s going on with that because I still haven’t heard from her, but of course now my phone’s been out for two days.  But she could have called me still later that day and told me why she wasn’t going.

PETERSON: That’s ridiculous, she’s a better person that that.  She must be embarrassed.

FREY:  And um..also um..(sigh) Famous had said uh…asked something about the invitation and I said..I said, “What invitation?” She said..he’s like, “The wedding invitation.”  I said, “I don’t know.  I didn’t get one”  And he was surprised.  He said, “I got mine like a month or a couple months ago”  And I said “Really?”  And uh..or I think it was last month.  And then Denise’s husband asked me..let’s see or uh..said uh..did you get..something about the invitation and I went, you know, “I don’t know, I didn’t get one|”  Um…I just thought that maybe he got his early, but I guess everybody got one but me.  Um..I go, “I don’t know, I haven’t heard anything” And he goes, “Well, we’re not going either then”.  So I don’t know.

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PETERSON: Well, it makes me think it..I mean was it because of the whole..?

FREY:  I..I really don’t know and I’m not gonna go out of my way at this point.  She disappointed me not coming to my birthday so..

PETERSON: I know.  She’s a better person that that.

FREY: So um..

PETERSON: I’m sorry, Amber

FREY: So when I said something Denise was like, “Amber, just don’t worry about it.  Have a good time and, you know, um..just don’t worry about it.  Your..the people are here’ all that matters so..”

PETERSON: Yeah.  You had a fun time then?

FREY: I did.  I had a good time.  I was being real clumsy and kept spilling stuff.  I felt bad because it was on their new Spanish tile so..

PETERSON: Ha ha ha (laugh)

FREY: I christened.  I christened their house (laughing)

PETERSON::  What did you do?

FREY:  Christened…christened their house.

PETERSON: Crashed into it like with your car?

FREY:  No, christened, you know..?

PETERSON: Oh, christened.  Oh, so you did have a good time!

FREY:  Christened.

PETERSON: Okay, so you had a few then?

FREY: Huh?

PETERSON: You had a few then?

FREY: Yeah.

PETERSON: Well, what were you drinking?

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FREY:  Just um…wine.


FREY:  I had a bottle for myself.

PETERSON: Ha hahaha.  A liter.  Ha ha (laugh)

FREY:  So..

PETERSON: Or was it a two liter bottle?

FREY:  No, it was a full bottle.

PETERSON:  HA hahaha (laugh) Did you stay there then?

FREY:  Yes.  Yes, I wasn’t allowed to go home.  Ha ha ha.  So I slept on this horrible hide-a-bed.


FREY:  I was up at 5:40 in the morning.

PETERSON: Yeah, hurting?

FREY:  No, not really.  Well, I got up and I drank some Gatorade and tried to go back to sleep.  But I just was having um..bad dreams I was up by 8:00 and um..I felt fine.

PETERSON: Yeah, good.

FREY:  But um…I better not stay on too long because I don’t want to run out of his minutes.  Um…but I still would like to mail you that book if you’re gonna be around and…

PETERSON: Definitely.  Yeah, definitely.  And you have my address, I’d like to do that.

FREY:  Let me..let me get a pen, hold on.  Are you there?


FREY:  Okay.  Are you there?

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FREY:  Okay, let me re write it.  I’ve got a…

PETERSON: I don’t really know it.

FREY:  Great.  PMB..

PETERSON: Yeah, I know it, I know it, I know it.  Um…1801 “H” Street.

FREY:  8…oh, wait, wait.

PETERSON: Yeah, “H” Street.

FREY:  1801?

PETERSON: Yeah, “H” Street, H, as in Henry.

FREY:  Right.

PETERSON: PMB 290. (beep)

FREY:  What is it?


FREY:  I can’t…PM…oh, PMB?


FREY:  18…(beep) 01 “H” Street.  And what was the rest, I’m sorry?

PETERSON: PMB 290, and that’s Modesto.

FREY:  (beep, beep, beep)  Ah!  The phone..

PETERSON: What did you do, get the phone in your hair?

FREY:  No, my dad’s phone beeps beep..the other line was beeping through.  And then Ayianna’s making noise and I just…honey, no no no.  Take this off. (talking to Ayianna)  What?  “H”..I can’t hear what you’re saying after “H” street?

PETERSON: Well, after the “H” Street, you put PMB 290.

FREY:  Oh, after?

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FREY:  290?


FREY:  Okay, so why…(beep)


FREY:  Oh!

PETERSON: What toy is she playing with?

FREY:  She’s playing with a bus, but the phone’s ringing again.  So, okay, 1801 “H” Street, PMB 290, Modesto?


FREY:  And what’s the um…zip?


FREY:  What?  9…


FREY:  Oh, that was not nice! (talking to Ayianna)

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