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Transcript of taped phone call from Sharon Rocha to Scott, February 13, 2003


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(In progress)

SHARON ROCHA: Yeah- I just have some questions I need to have answered.


SHARON ROCHA: Um the night – the last night I talked to Laci—

PETERSON:  Uh-hunh

SHARON ROCHA: What was going on?  What happened after 8:30 that night?  Were you at home when she called me?

PETERSON: Yeah I was there.  We um –we watched a movie.  We had um got a haircut—Amy earlier that night.

SHARON ROCHA: Yeah I know earlier but I’m talkin’ about after 8:30.  After I talked to her.

PETERSON: (Overlaps above) _____________ We picked up a pizza and watched a movie and went to bed.

SHARON ROCHA: What movie?

PETERSON: Ah The Rookie.

SHARON ROCHA: And then you went to bed at what time?

PETERSON: Oh I don’t know probably 10:30 or something.

SHARON ROCHA: What was she wearin’ when she went to bed?

PETERSON: Um my pajamas—the blue ones.

SHARON ROCHA: Your blue pajamas?


SHARON ROCHA: How come she was wearin’ your blue ja—pajamas?

PETERSON: ‘Cause they—fit her.


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SHARON ROCHA: And she went to bed about 10:30?

PETERSON: Think so.

SHARON ROCHA: Was she feeling okay—when she went to bed?

PETERSON: Yeah—yeah—she looked fine.

SHARON ROCHA: Did you guys have some other plans—some tentative plans—for the—for Christmas Eve?

PETERSON: No.  Just comin’ to your place.

SHARON ROCHA: Because it took her—I asked a couple of times before she decided or before she told me that you guys were coming over.

PETERSON: Uh hunh.

SHARON ROCHA: So you didn’t have anything else planned for Christmas Eve—before?

PETERSON: No.  No—I think the question was in her mind who was gonna be over there.

SHARON ROCHA: And she was feeling all right when she went to sleep?

PETERSON: Yeah—definitely ii I mean she was – you know she was feelin’ a little more tired—last couple days.  That week—but she was fine she wasn’t sick or anything.

SHARON ROCHA: And then how was she feeling when she got up in the morning—what time did she get up?

PETERSON: She got up before I did.  About seven.  You know and—you know how ah she is she has to ear right away—or else she felt sick so—her breakfast then I got up and -- ___ cereal again together.

SHARON ROCHA: You ate cereal again together?


SHARON ROCHA: So she got up and had breakfast and then ate breakfast again?

PETERSON: Well had a little bit – piece of toast and I had some cereal.

SHARON ROCHA: No I mean her.


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PETERSON: Yeah she got up around seven I think.

SHARON ROCHA: And then she—she

PETERSON: (Overlaps above) Had her bowl of cereal –


PETERSON: Ah I got up later – and had ah cereal and she had a piece of toast.

SHARON ROCHA: And what was she wearing when you left?

PETERSON: Ah she had on her black pants – and like a white top with long sleeves. ___.

SHARON ROCHA: A pullover or button or what?

PETERSON: Yeah.  Pullover like ah—you know tee shirt kinda sweater kinda thing.

SHARON ROCHA: And what shoes?

PETERSON: (Pause) I don’t know. She maybe had slippers on I don’t know.

SHARON ROCHA: So you don’t even know what shoes she had on?

PETERSON: No not really.

SHARON ROCHA: I just wanted to know—I mean I talked to her at 8:30 at night.  I need to  know –everything that happened after that.

PETERSON: Sure well—

SHARON ROCHA: I mean what she—how she acted—if she was sick or if she was tired or—

PETERSON: No she was I mean she was feeling good you know that morning.  You know her- she was you know excited to be baking you know she was into her gingerbread thing and going to—helping _____and you know get ready for Christmas Day.  She felt like she had – all her French toast stuff and she was gonna make _______ French toast for Christmas Day.

SHARON ROCHA: Well how come you didn’t notice when you walked__

PETERSON: (Overlaps above)  _________ set the table on Friday.


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SHARON ROCHA: How come you didn’t noticed when you walked in the door that – she hadn’t been baking or the lights were off or anything?

PETERSON: ‘Cause I was late and I was rushing -- ________ yeah.

SHARON ROCHA: I mean surely McKenzie came up to you when you walked in the back gate with his—leash on.


SHARON ROCHA: But you didn’t—

PETERSON: I took it off of him and I didn’t—it didn’t even register.

SHARON ROCHA: Didn’t even register that Laci wasn’t in the house when you walked in--it was a dark house—didn’t smell like she’d been cooking—everything was cleaned up and neat and tidy—and nothing even registered to you.

PETERSON: No I – again—ah I grabbed a piece of pizza out of the fridge and jumped into the shower immediately and when I got out then I looked at the  messages – I assumed she was over – you know – at your place.

SHARON ROCHA: I mean we’ve never even had this conversation all this time.

PETERSON: True.  I know.  And it wasn’t until yeah you asked about McKenzie thing – and I – even if I remember I – you know mentioned to you – yeah and he  had his leach on he – go to the park.

SHARON ROCHA: I didn’t mention it – you told me he had his leash on it.

PETERSON: Right well you asked about McKenzie if he was in the yard.

SHARON ROCHA: No you told me he was.

PETERSON: Okay I mean either way.

SHARON ROCHA: I mean that’s how I knew all that stuff there as no reason for me to ask about that.  I didn’t even know she was going for a walk until later that night when I asked you when we were standin’ in the driveway I asked you –what were her plans for the day and that’s when you told me – that  she was – planned on going for a walk.  (Pause) So she was wearing your blue pajamas?  Is that a blue top and bottom?

PETERSON: Yeah.  But she was wearin’ the --_____.


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SHARON ROCHA: Is that what she normally wears to bed?

PETERSON: Oh that whole past month yeah.

SHARON ROCHA: Were they like flannel pajamas or –

PETERSON: No—not___-- cotton.

SHARON ROCHA: Okay well that’s what I wanted to know.  I mean these are questions that I’ve had and I’ve never – had them answered I mean just what she was doing that night.

PETERSON: (Overlaps above) Uh-hunh—yeah.

SHARON ROCHA: She went to bed about 10:30 and everything was just fine.


SHARON ROCHA: And everything was fine at seven o’clock when she got up.

PETERSON: Oh yeah—great____.  She was excited about you know doing the cooking stuff so - _______________.

SHARON ROCHA: (Overlaps above)  But you said she set the table.

PETERSON: setting it up for Christmas Day.  Oh yeah the table was set.

SHARON ROCHA: No it wasn’t.

PETERSON: Three or four days ago.

SHARON ROCHA: All that was on there was the um—the little cracker things.  What did she  set on the table?

PETERSON: Well the cracker things and the candles and all that stuff.

SHARON ROCHA: ‘Cause there wasn’t anything on there but the crackers and the candles. There weren’t any plates or silverware or anything else set out there.

PETERSON: Okay—I mean (pause)

SHARON ROCHA: Was that what you’re saying she did all that?


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PETERSON: Well I don’t know – I don’t recall if there were plates out there or not I do remember the crackers and the candles and – you know obviously the presents and the tree and all the –

SHARON ROCHA: You just said she had the table set for three or four days.

PETERSON: Yeah it was like it was ready – you know she had – she had those red berry things out there – all that.  You know we were just ready to have people over Christmas Day.  That’s what – you know—she was excited about – Christmas Eve.  Getting’ prepared ____.

SHARON ROCHA: Um like I said I just – it’s just odd that you didn’t notice anything when you walked in the house—I mean the dog had his leash on – the house is dark—she hadn’t cooked—and you went ahead and took a shower and didn’t bother to call until afterwards. I would a thought – you would a called right away.  There was no note for you or anything so—


SHARON ROCHA: Okay—well that’s what I wanted to know for now unless I think of  something else.


SHARON ROCHA: Okay thanks.



(End of call)

(Faint voice)  This conversation was recorded at about __35—Thursday, February 13th.