People's Exhibit:  Recorded Phone Call between Brent Rocha and Scott Peterson


Exhibit number is not identified.


Jan. 17, 2003


PETERSON: I mean none of it's true. I -- I -- you know, I mean --
ROCHA: Scott --
PETERSON: I'll give you the documents to show ya --
ROCHA: No, no, no. I don't need doc -- if you told me you did somethin' -- it's my word against yours. So you know what? I think you would tell me something if something happened. But -- I don't' really give a what happened now -- it's too late. Whatever's done is done. If you did somethin' -- or someone else did somethin' -- it's done. You can't take it back even if we wanted to take it back.
ROCHA: Um -- you know I just want my sister back.
PETERSON: I do too. I want Laci and my baby back.
ROCHA: Yeah. But -- you know a lot of things are -- the way it's being portrayed is -- it's you, man.
PETERSON: I know it.
ROCHA: It's you. And -- and the evidence is really stackin' up against ya -- I talked to Susan last night -- did you get a chance to talk to her?
ROCHA: Okay. Well we just talked a little bit an -- about what was out in the papers and um -- you know -- I'm sure your family is supportin' ya but I think they're startin' to have doubts too- they were surprised to hear about the affair -- so I don't know. I mean Scott- I mean if -- if you did it you know you're not gonna get away with it. You know that, right?
PETERSON: Of course not, no.
ROCHA: So I mean, are we gonna just play this game out? Or what? What's -- what's the plan here?
PETERSON: Brent I didn't do anything.
ROCHA: Okay.
PETERSON: It's that simple -- we need to find her.
ROCHA: Ah yeah I ah --
PETERSON: I mean I can understand your suspicion -- but -- you know I understand your suspicion of me but hey -- we gotta keep the Center open -- we gotta find her. God ain't important to me right now.
ROCHA: Okay. I mean -- you know what shocks me Scott? Is you sending my sister to a Christmas party by herself while you're out with the other girl at a Christmas party down there. You know that disturbs me. And -- and that -- that -- I lose trust in you. It doesn't show me you're bein' honest. I mean, you had to know that was gonna come out. But you still didn't admit to it. So that means like -- it shows me that you're tryin' to get away with this. (Pause) See what I'm sayin'?
PETERSON: Yeah, yeah I understand. Hey just --
(Tape ends)