Tina Maria Michelle Pope Reiswig


Witness for the People:  Guilt Phase

June 3, 2004


Direct Examination by Rick Distaso

DISTASO: Miss Reiswig, where are you employed?

REISWIG: At Sweet Serenity Day Spa

DISTASO: Is Sweet Serenity Day Spa, what kind of business is that?

REISWIG: It's a full service day spa, which includes hair stylist, manicurist, esthetician, massage therapist. Lot of our clients come in for either a full day service, which includes lunch, or just individual services.

DISTASO: And just so he we're not confused. The Sweet Serenity Day Spa is different than the Salon Salon Day Spa in Modesto; is that right? Different business?

REISWIG: Yes, it is.

DISTASO: Okay. Were you working at Sweet Serenity Day Spa in Modesto on December 23, 2002?


DISTASO: And what time did you get to work that day?

REISWIG: Fairly early in the morning, because it was a very busy day. I knew that whole week was very busy for the holidays.

DISTASO: Was that because the holidays were coming?

REISWIG: Yes, right.

DISTASO: Did you know a woman by the name of Laci Peterson?

REISWIG: Beforehand, no.

DISTASO: Okay. Had you seen Laci Peterson as a customer or someone who frequented your day spa at Sweet Serenity?

REISWIG: That is correct.

DISTASO: Let me show you a picture of People's Number 6.

JUDGE: Mr. Distaso, how many did you mark out of my presence?

DISTASO: I told you, judge, I marked a bunch this morning so we can get rolling. I won't do that again.

JUDGE: Because I like the jury to know where they came from too. This is People's Number 6?

DISTASO: This is People's Number 6.

DISTASO: Do you recognize the woman in that picture, People's Number 6?

REISWIG: Yes, I do.

DISTASO: Who do you recognize that person to be?


DISTASO: Okay. Now, did you see Laci Peterson on December 23rd at the Sweet Serenity Day Spa?

REISWIG: Yes, I did.

DISTASO: Do you remember what time it was that she came into the store?

REISWIG: It was approximately early afternoon. I can't put a fix on the time exactly.


REISWIG: But I know it was early in the afternoon.

DISTASO: All right. And just tell me what happened when she came in. Just start from the beginning. You were working; is that right?

REISWIG: Yes, I was working with a client. My face was directed to the front door, so whenever a client would come in I would see them. And I greeted her.

DISTASO: Okay. What is your job at the day spa?

REISWIG: Manicurist.

DISTASO: So you were working when Laci came in, right?

REISWIG: That's correct.

DISTASO: What happened next?

REISWIG: I said hello, and told her that Michelle would be with her in just a few minutes.

DISTASO: Okay. Who is Michelle?

REISWIG: Michelle is the owner of the day spa, and the esthetician.

DISTASO: What happened next? Just take me through what happened as best you can recall.

REISWIG: Well, after I greeted her, I told her Michelle would be with her in just a few minutes. And I couldn't, I don't even know if she acknowledged me. But it was like she wasn't, all the other times that Laci has come in, I never really knew of her

GERAGOS: Objection. Non-responsive.

JUDGE: Sustained. Just answer the question.

DISTASO: That's okay. Did Laci then go and have a treatment with Michelle?


DISTASO: How long did that take?

REISWIG: About 15 to 20 minutes.

DISTASO: And then did Laci then come out of wherever she was in the spa?


DISTASO: Did you see her again?

REISWIG: When she came out?

DISTASO: Uh-huh.


DISTASO: Did she say anything to you?

REISWIG: I told her how cute she looked. And she just wasn't herself. And she just responded she was tired.

DISTASO: Okay. And did you have any other conversation with her?

REISWIG: No, I did not.

DISTASO: Do you remember what she was wearing?

REISWIG: Black Capri pants, with a long-sleeve white shirt.

DISTASO: Do you remember anything else?

REISWIG: Black Mary Jane shoes.

DISTASO: Do you remember if she was wearing any type of watch?

REISWIG: I believe like a silver-gold watch.

DISTASO: Okay. Did you give a statement to the Modesto Police Department about this particular incident?

REISWIG: Yes, I did.

DISTASO: At the time you gave the statement, was the incident fresh in your mind fresher than it is now a year and half later?


DISTASO: If you would take a look at that statement, do you think that might refresh your memory as to what Laci was wearing in regards to the watch?


DISTASO: Let me show you a police report and show you something. Did you give, go ahead, tell me when you are done reading. Did you give a clothing description to the police back when you were first interviewed?

REISWIG: Yes, I did.

DISTASO: And just reading that, does reading that description refresh your memory as to what Laci was wearing?


DISTASO: Can you tell me again, just completely as best you remember it, what Laci was wearing on the 23rd.

REISWIG: She was wearing black Capri pants, black Mary Janes that weren't high-heeled, and a long-sleeved white shirt, that was not wrinkled, but crisp. And silver-gold wristwatch.

DISTASO: Okay. And when you say Capri pants, just so everybody knows what you are talking about, what does that mean?

REISWIG: About down to the shin. They are cropped pants. They are above the ankle, but lower than the knee.

DISTASO: And when you say Mary Jane shoes, I don't know what exactly that means. Can you explain what type of shoes you are talking about?

REISWIG: They are closed front and back shoes with the strap across the front.

DISTASO: And what color were they?


DISTASO: No further questions, your Honor.


Cross Examination by Pat Harris

HARRIS: Good morning, Miss Reiswig.

REISWIG: Good morning.

HARRIS: You interviewed how many times with the Modesto Police Department?


HARRIS: Twice. First time was when, do you recall?

REISWIG: Back in March.

HARRIS: Okay. And the second time would have been when?

REISWIG: A few weeks ago.

HARRIS: During your first interview, it was with Detective Grogan; is that correct?

REISWIG: That's correct.

HARRIS: And you recall speaking to Detective Grogan for several minutes, and talking about the clothing and what all you had seen that day, correct?

REISWIG: That's correct.

HARRIS: Okay. And do you recall telling Detective Grogan when Laci came in she seemed a little quiet?


HARRIS: You testified earlier that Laci came in, and she said that she was tired. Told you that she was tired?

REISWIG: That's correct.

HARRIS: During the interview with Detective Grogan, did you ever tell Detective Grogan that Miss Peterson said that?


HARRIS: You did tell Detective Grogan that? Would you like to take a second and just review-

REISWIG: Yes. I'm sorry.

JUDGE: Can you just identify for the record what she is reviewing?

HARRIS: She reviewed the report that Detective Grogan wrote.

JUDGE: What date?

HARRIS: On March 3.

JUDGE: 2003?

HARRIS: 2003.

GERAGOS: For the record, does it have a Bates number stamped on it? If it does-

HARRIS: Bates stamp 0867.

HARRIS: Okay. When she entered the room, when she entered the salon-

REISWIG: Uh-huh.

HARRIS: Your testimony was that she told you that, you told her she looked cute, and she was tired; is that correct?

REISWIG: No. It was when she was leaving.

HARRIS: It was actually when she was leaving?

REISWIG: She is up in front after Michelle was done with her.

HARRIS: Was not when she came in?


HARRIS: In fact, when she came in, she didn't speak to you, did she?

REISWIG: No. I greeted her. She didn't respond, or I didn't hear her responding. But she didn't say anything directly to me.

HARRIS: Okay. It's your testimony that she, in fact, was wearing, this was March, excuse me, December 23rd; is that correct?

REISWIG: That's correct.

HARRIS: And she had on a pair of black Capri pants?


HARRIS: And it's your testimony that she had on a long-sleeved white shirt, is that correct?


HARRIS: And you told the police, I believe, that the shirt, in fact, was, to your belief, that it did not have buttons?

REISWIG: That's correct.

HARRIS: You believe it did not have collars?

REISWIG: That's right.

HARRIS: And, in fact, you told the police you thought it was a pullover white shirt?

REISWIG: I can't remember about the pullover. I'm sorry.

HARRIS: During the later interview with the Modesto Police Department, did they show you some clothes? Did they show you pictures?

REISWIG: Yes, they did.

HARRIS: At that time did you identify what you believe was a white pullover shirt that looked close to what she was wearing that day?

REISWIG: I'm sorry, I can't remember.

HARRIS: And it was on that day that you also identified she was wearing black Capri pants as well, correct?

REISWIG: That's correct.

HARRIS: And you said the Capri plea pants are pants that come about right down to here; is that about right?


JUDGE: For the record, about 4 inches below her knee.

HARRIS: About four inches above, correct.

HARRIS: Do you recall that Laci Peterson had a tattoo? Did you see that?


HARRIS: Where was the tattoo?

REISWIG: Pardon me?

HARRIS: Where was-

REISWIG: On the ankle.

HARRIS: And do you recall what kind of tattoo it was?

REISWIG: A sunflower.

HARRIS: Now, beyond the salon, had you had any contact with Laci Peterson?


HARRIS: And previously previous to in indicate had you had any other conversations with Laci Peterson?


HARRIS: This was the only time you spoke to her?


HARRIS: That's all I have.


Redirect by Rick Distaso

DISTASO: Miss Reiswig, counsel was asking you if you had told the detectives about Laci saying she was tired. And did you find that reference there in the police report?

REISWIG: After she was done with Michelle?



DISTASO: So it is documented in the report?

REISWIG: Yes, it is.

DISTASO: And the day that you were spoken to by the police the first time was in March of 2003?

REISWIG: That's correct.

DISTASO: Then the second time you said was a couple weeks ago?

REISWIG: A few weeks ago.

DISTASO: And was that for the purpose of reviewing your statements in preparation for your testimony here?

REISWIG: That is correct.

DISTASO: Okay. How many times do you know that Laci had been to the salon? Do you know that information?

REISWIG: Maybe three times that I have seen her.

DISTASO: Prior to the 23rd?


DISTASO: Would that include the 23rd, or three times then the 23rd?

REISWIG: Including the 23rd.

DISTASO: Okay. All right, thank you. I don't have anything further.


Re-Cross by Pat Harris

HARRIS: Does the Serenity Day Spa have a video surveillance system?

REISWIG: No, we do not.

HARRIS: That's all I have. Thank you.