Did Laci's husband have other affairs?

MODESTO, Calif., May 23 (UPI) -- Scott Peterson, who was arrested and charged in the death of his pregnant wife Laci, may have had affairs with two women other than Amber Frey in the period prior to his wife's disappearance, according to a report Friday.

San Francisco television station KTVU said both the defense and prosecution confirmed that investigators had located two women with whom Peterson reportedly had what one source called "some sort of relationship."

The sources did not go so far as to call the women actual "girlfriends" of the Modesto fertilizer salesman who is awaiting trial on capital charges that he murdered his wife and, in the process, caused the death of his unborn child.

The remains of Laci and the male fetus were discovered in the same general area of San Francisco Bay where Peterson said he had been fishing when Laci disappeared on Christmas Eve. Their deaths are both considered homicides that could result in Peterson being sentenced to death if he is convicted.

While the Petersons outwardly appeared to have a happy marriage, Frey's admission in January that she had been having an affair with Peterson handed Modesto police -- along with the media and the public -- a possible motive that Peterson might have to do away with his 27-year-old pregnant wife.

Peterson's defense team has suggested that Laci actually may have been abducted and murdered by members of a Satanic cult, and have reportedly located an unidentified female witness who can back up the unusual theory.

Peterson's lawyers plan to ask the court next Tuesday to schedule a preliminary hearing at the earliest possible date so that they can present evidence they predict will prove his innocence.