Scott's Boat

February 26, 2003

Bruce Peterson is the former Modesto resident who sold Scott Peterson (no relation) the boat he said he used on his fishing trip the morning of Christmas Eve.

"We sold it to him on Dec. 9," Bruce said. "We negotiated the sale price and he came back the next morning with the cash after the banks opened and bought the boat."

Laci's family says what they find strange is that Scott Peterson never told Laci about the boat. And he told them later that he was saving the boat as a surprise for Christmas Day.

Bruce Peterson says Scott never mentioned anything about the boat being a surprise.

Bruce said Modesto police did ask that he and his wife examine the boat, which is still impounded, for any changes since they sold their boat.

The couple says they found a life vest missing, auxiliary wheels missing and a powdery substance on the floor of the boat.

"In the boat, on the bottom of the boat, it looked to us like it may be cement residue," Bruce said.