by Neil Blincow,  Bob Michaels, John South and David Thompson

May 6, 2003

Points made in the article

1.  The wedding took place at the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, a popular place for weddings in San Luis Obispo.

2.  Charles Yates told Star that Laci had once worked at the resort, which had lovely gardens.

3.  Dennis Rocha was late for the wedding due to work and his dad, Laci's grandfather, walked her down the aisle.

4. Sharon Rocha and Laci were given roses by Scott the day Sharon met him for the first time.

5.  Laci was looking forward to being a mom despite removal of one ovary and had taken twice a week yoga classes in Modesto during last summer.  Scott never came to the yoga class.

6.  Laci was happy being pregnant and planned to decorate Conner's room in a nautical theme.

7.  Laci's cousin, Candace Rocha, wonders why Scott took out a life insurance policy on Laci after she became pregnant, and named himself, not Conner, as a beneficiary.

8.  As news mounted of Laci's disappearance, Amber Frey came forward to say she had an affair with Scott who had picked her up at a bar in Fresno, on Nov. 20th.