Closing Argument

ABRAMS: Coming up, family and supporters of Scott Peterson offer up a challenge to anyone who thinks he is guilty. I will answer some of the questions and explain why they just don’t get it. It’s my “Closing Argument.”


ABRAMS: My “Closing Argument” — the latest pathetic effort from supporters of Scott Peterson to prove he was wrongly convicted. They’ve created a Web site and now offered up a challenge to anyone who — quote — “believes Scott is guilty.” The challenge — quote — “Tell us how Scott could have committed this crime with a series of events that fits the circumstances. And they outline 20 broad issues that — quote — “must be addressed.” Of course, most of the questions could best be answered by Peterson himself.

Why would he said certain things before the murder? Explain when and how Scott killed Laci. Explain how and when Scott cleaned up all the crime scenes. Explain why Scott is checking his voice mail while he drives to the warehouse and my favorite, explain why Scott was watching Martha Stewart on television.

As in most cases, where the murderer does not come clean, many questions will go unanswered, including when he killed Laci, but that says nothing about his guilt or innocence. They also utilized a technique mastered by O.J. Simpson, the would I really be so dumb as to (BLANK) defense. Why would he have said he last saw Laci wearing black pants and a white shirt when she was wearing khaki capris, they ask.

It’s called a bad cover-up. He’s pretending he last saw her the night before. Why would he tell the police their dog McKenzie was protective of Laci if the plan was to say she was abducted while walking the dog? I don’t know, to try to add credibility to his story or maybe he just hadn’t thought it out enough. Why wouldn’t he have cleaned up concrete found in his warehouse, if it had been used to make anchors to weigh her body down? Because he was like so many murderers before him, sloppy.

Explain why Scott would drive 90 miles to dump her body and then come home and tell police right where he was. Because he was afraid he had been spotted there and didn’t think the body would ever wash up on shore. I don’t know. They’re employing a time honored defense tactic of trying to make the case far more complicated than it actually was. Laci Peterson was found 90 miles from their home, precisely where Scott Peterson was that day. His story about a Christmas Eve fishing trip was filled with holes. He even told others he was playing golf that day.

He was having an affair that he tried to continue after Laci went missing and even told Amber Frey his wife was dead and they’d be able to spend more time together after the holidays. There are a lot of questions that still remain about the Peterson case, but the only person who should feel obligated to answer them is Scott Peterson himself.