Bruce Peterson comments on the boat sale

February 27, 2003

A man who says he sold a boat to Scott Peterson has made his conversation with police public.     Bruce Peterson – no relation to Scott – says he sold a boat to Scott Peterson Dec. 8, just over two weeks before Scott’s wife, Laci, was reported missing. Scott Peterson says he was fishing at the Berkeley Marina that morning.    

Once police began investigating, they reportedly talked with Bruce Peterson and showed him the boat, which Peterson says looked different than when he sold it.  “In the boat, in the bottom of the boat, it looked to us like maybe cement residue,” Bruce Peterson said. “You know, just like the powdery stuff … a bag of cement may have been in the bottom of the boat or something."    

He says the boat was also missing auxiliary wheels and one of its two life jackets.    

Scott Peterson hasn't been named a suspect in his wife's disappearance. She was due to give birth Feb. 10.