Details Emerge About Scott Peterson's Calls


Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Fox News has gleaned exclusive new information about the wiretapped phone conversations Scott Peterson had with girlfriend Amber Frey after the investigation into his 8-months-pregnant wife Laci Peterson's disappearance intensified.

A source close to Frey, 28, told Fox that Scott sometimes called her five to six times a night after she went public with details of their affair in January. He used at least three different cell phones to contact Frey, according to the source.

The new details surfaced as Scott and his attorneys prepared to appear in court again on Tuesday to discuss several legal issues, including a possible change of venue because of the intense publicity surrounding the case.

The pre-trial hearing in Modesto will also include the issue over whether search warrants related to Peterson's arrest should be unsealed and the wiretaps placed on Peterson's phone. Documents related to the wiretaps have also been sealed.

The latest information also came as reports circulated that Scott was having affairs with at least two other women besides Frey. The women could be called as witnesses in the trial.

Whether or not Scott had multiple girlfriends, he was feverish in his attempts to communicate with Frey as the case heated up earlier this year.

During one phone call taped by police, the source said that Frey asked Scott, "Do I need to be afraid of you?"

"Absolutely not. I am not a monster," Scott replied.

"Did you have anything to do with your wife's disappearance?" Frey continued.

Scott reportedly fumbled and said, "Ah, ah ... (Pause) No. But I know who did it and I'll tell you later when I see you."

Scott also repeatedly pressed to see Frey but she refused, telling him it wouldn't be wise because the media was hounding her, according to the source. She also knew her cell and home phone calls were being intercepted and monitored by police.

The source told Fox that Scott kept offering to buy Frey gifts and even said he'd pay for a vacation she planned to take, but she refused the gestures.

Scott did manage to have expensive jewelry delivered to her. The method and place of delivery might prove an interesting point in the case, according to the source.

The latest exclusive information came to light just two days after fresh details emerged about the condition of Laci's body, which washed up on the shores of San Francisco Bay last month.

A source who has seen the 25-page autopsy report but doesn't work for the defense or prosecution told Fox News that the body was severely mutilated, and speculated that the damage had been inflicted by someone with a knife.

But the autopsy report draws a different conclusion, theorizing that the body likely disintegrated naturally after it was dumped into San Francisco Bay.

The source also told Fox that the condition of the body did not point to a ritual slaying but instead appeared to have been dismembered to aid in its disposal.

That theory is problematic for the defense, which maintains that Laci was killed by members of a satanic cult.

Though the report ruled that the manner of death was a homicide, the cause is as yet undetermined. The source told Fox that the lack of a cause would likely create difficulties for the prosecution and raise its burden of proof during the trial. The source said X-rays werenít included with the autopsy.

Laci vanished on Christmas Eve; her husband said he returned from a fishing trip to find her gone. Just before her body was identified last month, Scott was arrested on charges of first-degree murder of his wife and unborn son, Conner.

Authorities feared Scott might flee if they waited to arrest him until after identification of the corpse. When he was apprehended close to the Mexican border, Scott was carrying a large sum of cash and his brotherís passport. He had dyed his hair blond and grown a beard.

Fox News' Rita Cosby, Geraldo Rivera and Catherine Donaldson-Evans contributed to this report.