Divers Sift SF Bay Again
Scott Peterson Pursues 'Cult-Killing' Theory


May 19 Possibly concerned about the lack of evidence linking Scott Peterson to the death of his pregnant wife Laci, investigators returned to the SF Bay to search for clues. Meantime, Scott Peterson is pursuing the possibility that a satanic cult killed Laci.

Marin County Sheriff's investigators scoured the bay through the weekend, and continued the search again today.

For eight hours Sunday, seven boats equipped with expert divers and high-tech sonar scoured the murky 59-degree waters.

The extra dives may have come about because the autopsy completed last week did not reveal as much evidence as hoped.

"It tells me the assistant district attorney's office is still putting together their case to complete the fabric that says Scott Peterson is the person responsible," Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsome, a legal commentator and former assistant district attorney, told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America.

Sources tell ABCNEWS the examination did not determine cause of death, but investigators still hope to determine if the 27-year-old woman suffered a head wound or put up a struggle.

Laci Peterson disappeared before Christmas last year, and her remains were found on the shore of San Francisco bay last month. Her husband Scott Peterson, 30, has been charged with her murder.

Divers were also looking for anchors that might have weighed the body down, especially cement anchors.

ABCNEWS has learned police found cement ingredients on Scott Peterson's property.

Source:  http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/news/051903_nw_missing_bodies_found_search.html