Drag Queen's shocking revelation about his wild night with Scott

by David Thompson

2 years ago before cops say Scott Peterson killed his wife Laci, he picked up a transvestite at a notorious Modesto gay bar, took him in the same bed he shared with Laci and had sex with him.

Cordeiro, who passed a polygraph exam, tells Globe that Peterson didn't pick him up by accident, Scott knew he was a man. "Scott could tell right away that I am a man,- he wanted a man! "The first thing he told me is that he'd never been with a transvestite before."

Cordeiro's shocking revelation may be the missing motivation to the heinous crime that has gripped the nation. A psychiatrist tells Globe that if Scott was ashamed of a secret craving for gay sex, it most likely unleashed a murderous rage that led to the death of Scott's wife and baby.

"In misery over not getting 'cured' of being physically attracted to men, Scott could have placed the blame on Laci for not fully converting him to being a heterosexual, explains Dr. Martha Kirkpatrick a professor at UCLA. "His rage boils over and he kills her".

Cordeiro, 36, an unemployed hospital janitor, first told of his astonishing one-night stand with Peterson in a lengthy interview with Globe. We then commissioned a former US LE, agent now a polygraph expert, to put him to the test. Cordeiro passed the exam meaning he is convinced-without a doubt- that Scott Peterson is the man he had sex with, the examiner said.

Portuguese-born Cordeiro who was adopted by an American family when he was 7, says his name also belongs on the ever growing list of Scott's lovers. He is uncertain of the date but believes their fling occurred on an October night in 2000, in the Peterson home.

Cordeiro recognized Peterson from news reports about Laci's disappearance and the grim discovery of her body. "I was amazed when I saw Scott's picture and photographs of the home where he took me to have sex.'  He says Peterson approached him at about 9:30pm on a Sunday night in the parking lot of the Brave Bull bar, where Cordeiro often performs his favorite song, Take My Breath Away, on open-mic night.

Sources tell us the bar is a well known gay hangout in a rough part of town. Cordeiro says he was wearing a knee-length gown that was leopard print, black stilettos, wig and full make-up, but made no secret of the fact that he was a man.

Scott was driving a pick-up truck, "I was outside the bar before going inside to perform my drag queen act," says the transvestite, "A man I know now to be Scott drove into the parking lot and opened his window." "He looked at me and smiled and asked me if I needed a ride. I smiled back at him and said yes, I'd love to go with him." "I'd been with a lot of other men before and it was obvious Scott was hitting on me. He was very charming and kept telling me how beautiful I looked. He said he wanted to try something new. He wanted to have some fun."

Then Peterson leaned over and kissed him, says Cordeiro. "We kissed on the mouth, tongue-to-tongue, the transvestite says. "His breath smelled of alcohol and I could tell he had been drinking.' "He said he didn't want anyone to see him. He didn't want anyone to know he was picking up a drag queen."

The 5 foot 3 Cordeiro says Scott drove him to a home he now knows was Laci and Scott's house. He has seen the house on the news since Laci disappeared. Cordeiro describes the house as very clean and tidy. "Scott locked all the doors and told me to go into the bedroom. When he joined me, Scott took some pillows off the bed and put them on the floor so it was easier for him to lie down. He also put an extra sheet on top of the bed sheets so we didn't make a mess of them.

"It was a big comfortable bed. We sat down on it together and cuddled and kissed for some time. He was very passionate and tender toward me. I was slowly rubbing my hands over his body,. At one point, he laid down on top of me while we were making out. After a while Scott took off all his clothes and didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed or shy to be naked in front of me."

I noticed he needed to work out more because he had love handles and was a bit flabby around the middle. He had a very hairy chest and his manhood was average size. We kissed and I could see he was very excited. I was fully clothed.

He told me to perform oral sex on him on the bed, which I did. He seemed to be really enjoying himself. It was all over rather quickly. After he was done he dropped the nice guy act and was in a hurry to get rid of me and rushed me out of the house. It was late at night and Scott would not give me a ride back to my home. He told me I would have to walk.

Scott was giving me a strange look- his eyes were cold and dark. Men sometimes turn violent on me so I did not want to stick around. I knew it was time to leave. Peterson did not pay him for the sex session. I never charge guys I meet for sex, I do it for the fun of it.

"Peterson may have been hiding gay desires for years says," Dr. Kirkpatrick. Often men like that hate themselves for wanting gay sex. Marrying Laci could have been an attempt to find a cure for those desires, despite having a wife, he blames her for his desires and for not helping him get rid of them.

Cordeiro says he never saw Peterson again after that night and came forward so everyone will know about Scott's double life. "If Scott can manage to lead such a double life, who knows what else he is lying about."