Peterson Increases Suspicion From Laci's Family
Scott Peterson Traded In Laci's Range Rover


POSTED: 10:46 pm PST February 4, 2003
UPDATED: 10:54 pm PST February 4, 2003

MODESTO, Calif. -- The past few days have been too much for Sharon Rocha, Laci Peterson's mother, to handle, NBC11's Karen Brown reported on Tuesday.

Rocha's suspicions and distrust towards Scott Peterson has grown after learning that he sold her daughter's Range Rover. This has really disrupted Laci's family, Brown reported.

The general manager of Roberts Auto Sales in Modesto told NBC11 that Peterson did come in to their dealership, and later traded in Laci's SUV for a white Dodge Dakota pick-up truck.

Family members have said that Scott and Laci Peterson were having financial problems, but the dealership said the pick-up truck was actually more expensive than the Range Rover.

Scott Peterson was not available for comment.

However, Laci's father, Dennis Rocha released a statement saying, "I think it's awful, just awful. It just aggravates us how he can keep doing this to our family, tearing us apart."

Brown reported that once the dealership found out that Laci's family was upset over the fact that her Range Rover was traded in, the dealership agreed to return the car to Laci's family.

The family got together and discussed it, and they decided that the car should be turned over to Laci's father. Later on Tuesday, the Range Rover was returned to Dennis Rocha.

Brown reported that Laci's family is pleased to have the car given to them and Dennis Rocha is also happy to have something that is a part of his daughter in his possession.

Laci Peterson has been missing since Dec. 24. She is pregnant and her baby is due in the next few weeks.