Laci's Sister Testifies About Inheritance


Posted: June 7, 2004 at 10:45 a.m.

REDWOOD CITY (BCN) -- Laci Peterson's half sister contradicted several prosecution assertions today when she testified that Laci was walking regularly and taking a yoga class and also told the court about a sizable inheritance that she, Laci and their brother Brent Rocha were given in the weeks prior to Laci's disappearance.

Amy Rocha testified for the second day in the double murder trial of her former brother-in-law Scott Peterson.

Rocha testified that she, Laci and their brother Brent Rocha received an inheritance of property and jewelry worth a sizable amount -- several hundred thousand dollars each -- in the weeks prior to Laci's disappearance.

"There was also an inheritance approximately three weeks before Laci went missing," of between $50,000-100,000 worth of jewelry, Defense Attorney Mark Geragos asked Rocha, who agreed.

Rocha and Laci were to split the money from the jewelry, which Laci was selling on ebay and at a number of area pawnshops.

Laci, Rocha and Brent Rocha also inherited a house from their grandmother to be divided among the three of them.

"The house was going to be sold and it was going to be in excess of half a million dollars, correct," Geragos asked.

"Yes," Rocha answered.

Rocha said today that at one point shortly after Laci's Dec. 24, 2002 disappearance she told police that Peterson would "be the last person to hurt anyone."

In his opening statement last week Prosecutor Rick Distaso asserted that Laci Peterson had not been partaking in much physical activity in the weeks immediately prior to her disappearance because she was eight-months pregnant. Rocha today confirmed that her sister was active in yoga and also took regular walks, contradicting the prosecution's assertions.

Rocha also testified that Peterson had in the past talked about his interest in fishing, challenging another claim from the prosecution's opening statement. Distaso had said that Peterson had never shown any interest in fishing before his alleged Dec. 24, 2002 fishing trip on San Francisco Bay.

Laci's mother Sharon Rocha is scheduled to take the stand after the court morning break.

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