Excerpts from police report about early Peterson mistress


Updated July 20, 2004, 4:45 p.m. ET

(Court TV) The following are excerpts of a 2003 police report, obtained by Court TV's Catherine Crier, about interviews conducted by Modesto, Calif., police detective Allen Brocchini. The detective interviewed a woman who claimed she had dated Scott Peterson for five months during the early days of his marriage to Laci Peterson, who was later found murdered. The woman's last name has been redacted by Court TV.

On Friday, 1-3-2003 at 1448 hours, our LACI PETERSON tip line received a call from [Janet]. Janet said she used to date Scott PETERSON in 1998 when they were [in] college. [Janet] said Peterson was married at the time they were dating but she didn't know it. [Janet] left her cell phone number in case someone wanted to call back.


[Janet] said Peterson was very generous with his money, frequently taking her out on dates and out to dinner. [Janet] lived with two female roommates and they were always short on money. Peterson would frequently come to their residence and bring food and gifts. [Janet] said on one of their first dates together, Peterson gave [Janet] twelve dozen [sic] roses. [Janet] said they talked about moving in together during their dating relationship.


During one night in 1998, [Janet] said she went to Peterson's residence late in the evening. [Janet] said she arrived during the early morning hours and was let in the house by Peterson's roommate. [Janet] said she went into Peterson's room and found Peterson in bed with Laci. [Janet] said she was extremely upset because Peterson was cheating on her with Laci. [Janet] said she had words with both Scott and Laci until one of Peterson's roommates escorted [Janet] out of the room. The roommate drove [Janet] home. The roommate told [Janet] that Laci was Peterson's wife, not his girlfriend and Peterson had been cheating on his wife.


I asked [Janet] if her and Peterson talked about having a family. [Janet] said her and Peterson had gone to a rodeo on one of their dates and there were kids present at the rodeo. Peterson told [Janet] he did not want kids because they would get in the way of his lifestyle. [Janet] said Peterson made it clear that kids were not in his future.


While [Janet] and Peterson dated, Peterson also stopped eating meat, That corroborates what Amber FREY told me regarding what Peterson had told her. Peterson told Frey he dated a vegetarian in college for about six months. Peterson told Frey he had stopped eating meat while dating that girl because "the sex was great."

I asked [Janet] about their intimate relationship. [Janet] said, "He had issues." I asked what [Janet] was talking about, and [Janet] said Peterson did some weird things at a bar after they broke up. [Janet] said it was only second hand information from Peterson's roommates, however [Janet] heard Peterson got real drunk and began exposing his penis in the bar. [Janet] said Peterson was very self-conscious about the size of his penis, and whether he could please a woman.


I asked [Janet] how sure she was Laci knew Peterson was in an intimate relationship with her. [Janet] said she is positive Laci knew even though she never spoke to Laci. [Janet] said Laci knew because of what [Janet] said to Scott and Laci when she caught them in bed together. [Janet] made it obvious to Laci that Scott and [Janet] were in an intimate relationship. [Janet] said Scott was never verbally or physically abusive towards her.