DNA Lab Tests Remains With Laci Peterson In Mind


Apr. 17 (AP)

Scott Peterson, 30, a fertilizer salesman, was nowhere to be seen in town. He hasn't surfaced publicly since the bodies were discovered by people walking dogs.

While his in-laws stood by him early in the investigation, a rift developed after Peterson acknowledged having an affair with a Fresno woman and traded in his wife's Land Rover for a new pickup truck.

Although police have seized his boat, truck and nearly 100 items from the couple's house, he has not been named as a suspect in his wife's disappearance.

Dennis Rocha told WBZ-TV in Boston that he thinks it's only a matter of time before his son-in-law is charged in the case.

"I just can't see Scott being out there free," Rocha said. "That would just eat me up." He predicted that an arrest "will happen very soon."

A woman staffing a tip line set up by Scott Peterson's family said his parents were not answering calls from the media Wednesday.

His father, Lee Peterson, told reporters Tuesday at his house north of San Diego that he didn't know where his son was.

"What if Scott were here?" he said. "Is that a big deal?"

The lawn in front of the Modesto house the couple shared was freshly cut Wednesday, but neighbors said someone had stopped by and cut it the night before. Scott Peterson hasn't been seen in the neighborhood for more than a week.

The property manager of the building where Peterson rented an office, who only identified himself as Mark, said Peterson moved out earlier this year and is trying to find someone to take over the lease for another six to eight months.

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