Prosecutors Rest Case in Scott Peterson Double Murder Trial


Prosecutors in the Scott Peterson double murder trial wrapped up their case Tuesday, putting their last two witnesses on the stand.

Late Tuesday morning session prosecutors called their 174th and final witness, Modesto Police Detective Jon Buehler. He testified this morning that he was the first to interview Scott Peterson's mistress and that he was the one who asked to tape her phone calls with Peterson.

He explained that Amber Frey would routinely call him after each phone conversation she had with Peterson to update him. He described the calls as taking place at "all hours of the day." He finished his testimony during the afternoon session by discussing Peterson's arrest.

Buehler testified that when Peterson was arrested in April of 2003, he had a backpack and an overnight bag stuffed with everything from hunting knives and a water purifier to snorkeling and fishing equipment. The detective also said that police recovered two driver's licenses, one belonging to Peterson and the other his brother's. He also said Peterson was carrying six credit cards and nearly $15,000 in cash.

Earlier Tuesday morning officer Kris Buelna of the East Bay Regional Parks police took the stand. She told jurors she collected plastic debris and other items on June 21, 2003, near where Laci Peterson's body turned up in April 2003 along the Richmond shoreline. Buelna's testimony appears to be an attempt by the prosecution to deflect Peterson lawyers' suggestions that someone else could have dumped Laci's remains on shore.

Prosecutors have argued Peterson killed his wife and their unborn son just before Christmas 2002 and then dumped her body in San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

Peterson's attorney Mark Geragos is expected to begin presenting his case when court resumes October 12. Peterson is not expected to take the stand in his defense.


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