Family of Missing Modesto Woman Airs More Suspicions

The PIXPage Staff

The family of Laci Peterson had some stinging words for her husband Wednesday.

Laci Peterson has been missing since Christmas Eve. She was due to give birth February 10. Laci's family has described the recent behavior of her husband Scott Peterson as "weird" and said they are troubled about what they call his lack of emotion and grief since his wife disappeared.

"When my sister's car needed to be repaired from the police work that was done to her car, he asked that one of us take it there, so he didn't have to go there and be questioned by police," said Brent Rocha, Laci's brother. "It's just little actions like that where he's trying to avoid them that make you wonder."

Laci's family says they haven't spoken to Scott in weeks.

In the meantime, a crime lab made a DNA match between Scott Peterson and a blood sample from inside his truck. Peterson has said that he cut himself on a fishing trip the day his wife disappeared. Wednesday, much of Modesto was abuzz with a rumor that police were zeroing in on an arrest of Peterson.

"We heard that today, too," said Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha. "It didn't come from us. We don't know where it is coming from."

Modesto police say there are no pressing plans to make an arrest.

Scott Peterson has not been in Modesto for several days. He is reportedly at an agriculture show in the Fresno area.