The Death Knell?

October 22, 2004

Dr. Charles March testified that the earliest Conner died is December 29, 2002, and the range of possibility extends into January. Unrefuted, that is a death knell to the Prosecution's case. David Harris understood the significance of March's testimony as he tried every which way to undermine it.

Harris attempted to show that Devore and Galloway are in better position to judge Conner's age at death than March, since March does not have expertise in forensic pathology and forensic anthropology experience.

But neither does Devore, whose expertise is in maternal fetal medicine. March's is in gynecology, infertility, and reproductive matters.

And, I'm certain that the Defense would be perfectly happy to let Galloway's measurements stand as the expert testimony about Conner's age when he died. Her various measurements produce ages of 35 to 38 weeks. Factor in the recommended 2 week range, and you still arrive at Conner being 33 weeks old at death, which makes him alive on December 25, which totally refutes the Prosecution's argument that Scott murdered Laci and dumped her in the Bay on December 24.

Harris also attempted to refute March's estimate of death date because he relied on the June 9 pregnancy test date, saying March had no evidence such a test was taken.

Harris reflected a lack of familiarity with all the public statements that have been made about Laci's announcement of her pregnancy. Had Sharon Rocha been in the courtroom, she could have handed Harris a note suggesting he back off, reminding him of her interview with Katie Couric, on national television, June 9, 2003, billed as the one year anniversary of Laci announcing her pregnancy. In that interview, Sharon said Laci was calling all family and friends by 7 am on Sunday June 9 to tell them she was pregnant. Sharon commented in that interview on Laci's efforts to get pregnant, and how excited she was to find out she was pregnant.

March said in his many years of experience with infertile couples, they tell family and friends the minute they know they are pregnant. Sharon confirmed this in the Couric interview, when she said that Laci was constantly calling her with details about trying to get pregnant that Sharon really didn't want to hear.

It was absurd for Harris to suggest that March relied on incorrect information when he factored in the June 9 pregnancy test. It's the game of deception that this Prosecution has played from the beginning, starting with the lies the MPD told to the family and to the media in order to turn opinion against Scott and put on psychological pressure.

With all of the badgering Harris did, trying to refute March's testimony, he only ensured the repetition of the death knell to the Prosecution's theory:

The earliest date Conner could have died is December 29, 2002.

If the Jury gives any credibility at all to March's testimony, they must acquit.