Is Marlene Obsessed with this Case?

September 26, 2004

Recently, a group of individuals speculated about my involvement in this case, calling it an obsession. Unlike Nancy Grace, they said, Marlene isn't being paid to cover the trial. They speculated on various things they thought I would hope to gain from the trial -- including a romantic relationship with Scott Peterson.

Merriam-Webster defines obsession:
a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling

So, I am not at all surprised that this group labels my interest in this case an obsession. To them, presumption of innocence is indeed an unreasonable idea or feeling.

And that's unfortunate because presumption of innocence is not only a Constitutional protection, it is the substance of several basic principles:

what goes around, comes around
with what measure you mete, shall be measured to you again
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

And, presumption of innocence is the best assurance that the guilty will be punished. Think about it. Every time a person is falsely accused, the guilty person is free to commit other crimes. Every time an innocent person is convicted, the guilty person is free to commit other crimes.

And think about the costs involved when the innocent are charged, tried, and convicted. Millions of dollars wasted -- and all the while the guilty are free to commit other crimes. Even more than that, innocent lives are destroyed.

Just what does presumption of innocence mean? For the general public, it means that each of us withholds judgment about guilt until all the evidence has been presented in a public trial.

It means we don't come to a conclusion of guilt based on pre-trial publicity. As we have seen over and over in this case, what was reported in the early months of the investigation has been proven either false or grossly exaggerated. Yet, those opinions once formed are nigh impossible to change.

Yes, I invest much time and money in this website, the Talk About It discussion forum, and attendance at Trial. I have no financial backer, no one signing a paycheck or footing my bills.

So why do I do it? Because I want in some way to effect some much needed change in these areas:

Will I write a book? One is already being written, and read by thousands. It's this website.