Points to Ponder

At what point does no evidence = no guilt? Millions of Americans freely admit that the Prosecution has yet to provide evidence that Scott committed the murders, yet precious few are changing their minds about his guilt. Is the presumption of guilt mentality so pervasive and so strong that once an opinion of guilt is formed, nothing can change it?

How could Sharon and Ron go on national TV, program after program, and claim that Scott cut off all communications with their family and not reveal the phone call on Jan 16 wherein they accuse him of murdering Laci? How could they expect him NOT to stop talking to them?

How can Amber lie through her teeth in order to catch Scott in a snare, and be seen as a heroine? Why is it alright for Amber to lie to Scott, but not for Scott to lie to Amber? Amber certainly wasn't upfront with Scott about her past. She told a very glossed over story about her involvement with the Hart's. She didn't tell the truth about why Ayianna's father wasn't involved in her upbringing. What's with this double standard -- women can lie in a relationship but men can't?