Straight Answers

Nancy Grace, hosting Larry King Live on CNN, asked the question: Does Amber Frey ever get a single straight answer [from Scott Peterson]? The answer is No, and the reason is simple: she doesn't deserve one. With all her talk about Scott earning back her trust, the truth of the matter is, Scott has very good reason not to trust her -- she is working undercover for the police in an effort to prove he is responsible for Laci's abduction and murder.

Scott may or may not know Amber is working undercover for the police, but that doesn't matter, because she is. Whether it's foresight or hindsight, Scott had the best reason in the world not to give Amber any information that their twisted minds could warp into a motive.

Amber had no moral justification for spying on Scott. She had no reason to believe he was involved in Laci's disappearance, except her grandiose fantasies of being "the motive."

I could feel sympathy for Amber, if she didn't have such a track record of attaching to married men and trying to break up their marriages, and if she had any awareness at all that her predicament has as much to do with her own poor judgment as Scott's deceptions.

So many times burned by a lover, why is she still foolish enough to rush into intimacy with a total stranger. Has she yet learned to get to know the man first, before hopping into bed with him?

So many times lied to by significant others, why is she still foolish enough to believe what every charming man tells her?

During one of their conversations, Amber asked Scott,

Do I just like . . . is it written all over me, you know, sucker or something? Oh, here's a person I can easily take advantage of, she's just so naive.

Yes, Amber, it is written all over you. Your behavior is a huge neon sign that says how easily you can be taken advantage of.

That is very unfortunate for you. What is equally unfortunate is you don't also have a warning sign written all over you that says, Danger, explosives. Because you certainly are an explosive personality when offended. Of all the options available to you, you seem bent on choosing the one that is most destructive, both for you and the offender. In doing so, you make yourself more a victim than you would otherwise have been.

In those taped conversations, Scott frequently said, Amber you don't deserve this. I never once heard Amber say, Scott, you don't either.