What's This Case All About?

Evidence? Nope, none. After an 18-month investigation, an eye-opening preliminary hearing, and nearly four months of trial testimony, all the State can produce is a single strand of Laci's hair in a pair of old pliers and a couple drops of Scott's own blood in the pickup he used for work and recreation. 3 searches of the house, vehicles, boat and warehouse; 3000 wiretapped phone conversations; a girlfriend and family members tape recording conversations in an attempt to entrap Scott; GPS and ground surveillance; examination of Scott's personal financial records as well as Trade Corps'; examination of every computer he had access to; exhaustive search of the Bay based on where the bodies were found -- produced no evidence. The MPD, CA DOJ, and FBI working in concert could find no evidence.

Media bias? Plenty. A quick perusal of the Media Coverage is enough to prove the media has been decidedly against Scott from the get-go. Not to mention The National Enquirer's unique role as LE's spokesperson, and recently CourtTV's usurpation of that role. And as the trial progresses, many admit how weak the case is against Scott, but few will draw the obvious conclusion -- Scott is not guilty. Talking Heads describe the situation as being not enough evidence to convict, but will not take that next logical step to declaring he is innocent. Consequently, millions of Americans will mistrust an acquittal and conclude Scott got away with murder.

Lies & Deceit? For sure . . . in every part of this investigation. We document some of it for you. MPD lying to the Rocha family and Laci's friends. Family and friends lying to the media. Lead Detectives misrepresenting witness statements in their reports.

Obstruction of Justice? Yes . . . first by LE and now by the DA. Deliberate delays in having evidence tested and deliberate delays in handing over exonerating evidence to the Defense. Whole paragraphs extracted from reports, witness after witness saying what appears in police reports isn't what they told the police, and witnesses lying in their zealous efforts to convict Scott.

Other Suspects? Well now . . . Modesto is no Mayberry RFD, and credible tips were called in regarding other suspects:  the Medina burglars, the Jackson tip, the Harshman tip, the Tracy tip, the Longview Sighting.  None of these were adequately investigated. 

Are there any Heroes? Yes, not all involved in this investigation let Laci and the people down. Several of the officers and detectives did an outstanding job with their part of the investigation. They acted with honor and integrity and they told the truth when they testified