The Whole Picture

September 21, 2004

Those who think Scott murdered Laci often acknowledge the insignificance of the pieces of evidence the Prosecution has put forth in this trial, but are quick to add, when you piece them altogether, they make a complete picture of guilt.

I agree. When those pieces are put together they make a complete picture of guilt. But, that picture is a distorted reality. It only uses 100 carefully selected pieces out of a 500 picture puzzle. Yes, the 100 pieces make a very pretty and distinct tree. But what the Prosecution is refusing to admit is the tree is only a part of the landscape -- the real picture is about a lovely home with a man and a woman expecting their first child. The picture of the tree is a whole tree, but it isn't the whole picture.

When Geragos puts on the Defense Case, we'll begin to see some of those other features in the picture take shape. Hopefully, before the end of this trial, the jury has had a chance to see how all 500 pieces of the puzzle fit together, not just the 100 that the Prosecution so carefully hand-selected. I feel confident that if the Jury sees the whole 500 piece picture, they will acquit.

I think Geragos has a daunting task ahead, though. I have not noticed any movement on the part of those who already concluded Scott is guilty. I was so hoping for a change in the public mind to accompany an acquittal.