Witness:  For the Prosecution

Gloria Allred's thumbs-up on the day of the guilt verdict may have said more than we originally thought, with Amber's book to be released January 4.

Allred began her representation of Amber Frey for the stated purpose of protecting her from those who would malign her reputation. She often said in the early days that Amber Frey had no opinion as to Scott's guilt, being content to leave it up to the Jurors to decide. Allred was excused from the gag order imposed by Judge Girolami, who, in a statement directly to her, expressed confidence that she knew the legal boundaries of her comments to the media. She acknowledged that she did.

Yet, over the course of the trial, we have seen the disturbing development of Allred as the spokesperson for the Prosecution, openly advocating Scott's conviction and criticizing Mark Geragos' defense at every opportunity. It became very apparent to many of us that Allred saw more financial potential for Amber in a guilty verdict than an acquittal. If we had any doubt, this thumbs up settled it once and for all.