GPS Surveillance

The MPD placed GPS devices in several vehicles owned or rented by Scott Peterson as part of its surveillance.  Rudy Skultety was the officer in charge of collecting the tracking data. 

Pre-Trial Evidentiary Hearings on the Admissibility of the GPS evidence

Peter Loomis, Trimble Navigation   Testimony

Hugh Roddis, President Orion Electronics Limited  Testimony

Delucchi heard arguments on GPS and then ruled to admit the evidence.  Arguments & Ruling on GPS


Evidence presented at Trial


Peter Loomis and Hugh Roddis again testified, along with Rudy Skultety, on the integrity of the GPS tracking data that places Scott at the Berkeley Marina on several days during the investigation. Geragos did not challenge the integrity of the data, but rather spent a great deal of time showing tracking data that puts Scott at other reservoirs and bodies of water that were being searched for Laci.  Skultety's testimony also brought out how many times Scott was in San Diego, or in the area, during January to early April, seemingly to undermine the Prosecution's claim that Scott was a flight risk when he was arrested in San Diego.