Parts of a fishing reel


Collected on:  Date unknown, after the boat was seized

Collected by:  Rudy Skultety

Item No.:  310




The items received only passing mention. 

GERAGOS: Sure. Besides having Donabedian try and start the engine, and then dissemble the engine, or disassemble the engine, you also had found two items which you believed to be associated with a fishing reel, and they were collected and marked as item number 310, correct?

SKULTETY: Correct.

DISTASO: The -- the fishing reel parts that counsel asked you about, I think that was number 310?

SKULTETY: Yes. That was taken at a different date.

DISTASO: What day was that?

SKULTETY: That was December 30th of 02.

DISTASO: Okay. Those -- those were just miscellaneous parts from a fishing reel?

SKULTETY: That's what I believe they were, yes.

DISTASO: It wasn't an entire fishing reel?


DISTASO: And what exactly were the parts that were taken? Describe for the jury what were those parts; do you know?

SKULTETY: I believe it was the handle from the crank off the reel, if I remember correctly.