Collected on:  December 27, 2002

Collected by:  Rudy Skultety, Crime Scene Manager

Collected from:  Dresser in Master Bedroom


Detective Ray Coyle, responsible for searching the Master Bedroom, found the diary in a dresser drawer and told Skultety about it.  The diary appears to be the Pregnancy diary that Laci was keeping, and which was given to Sharon Rocha.  Rocha provides several entries in her book, For Laci.  I also include Sharon's comments preceding and following each entry.  Neither the Prosecution or the Defense used the Diary during the trial. 

Pg 62:
"Laci relished every minute of being pregnant...she was just so excited about everything, including morning sickness....She treated her first ob-gyn appointment as if it were a holiday.  She called me after she left and said her doctor had officially confirmed her pregnancy to her and Scott. (He'd gone to the appointment with her.)
"Unbeknownst to me, she started keeping a diary of her pregnancy. The pages were cataloged as evidence and weren't brought to my attention until after Scott was convicted....Her voice is so clear and clearly excited, starting with the very first entry on July 16, 2002."

Well, it's official. I am with child. Today Scott & I had our first sonogram. The baby looked like a peanut. So small, with a strong heart beat and active. She/he rolled over, kicked it's arms & legs. I didn't realize a baby at 10 weeks would be so developed. My true feelings would be excitement & relief. I can't wait for the changes to come.

Pg 63:
"Laci came to our home for dinner that night. Scott was out of town. As she walked in the door, she was practically in tears. I asked what was wrong. She said she lost the sonogram, which she wanted to show me....We searched...and didn't find anything. Laci was distraught. I suggested she get a copy from the doctor, which she did a few days later and which she gave to me. It's the only photo I have of my grandson....I don't know how she could have lost it. Unfortunately, Scott's betrayal leads me to question everything about him and sometimes I wonder if he grabbed it from her car and threw it out.

"[Laci] couldn't wait to start wearing maternity clothes and was obsessed with getting bigger. One day she stopped by her friend Stacey's house and, according to Stacey, wouldn't stop patting her tummy until Stacey commented on her 'bump'.
'You had to acknowledge how thick she was before she'd stop,' Stacey told me. 'And Laci rarely stopped talking'."

July 25, 2002
Today I realized I can no longer fit into a pair of pants that I love. My tummy is getting bigger and i have a hard time sucking it in. I'm still real sleepy, but my headaches aren't as bad. I had to buy a new bra this week, and I know a new wardrobe is on its way sooner than I thought!

"For Laci, this was a special time in her life...It also drew her closer to me...In July, her friend Rene Tomlinson gave birth to a baby girl, Emma...She was so happy for Rene, she told me.
'I can't believe I have a baby inside me,' she gushed.  'This is so amazing'."

pg 64:
August 15, 2002
On my way to the mall I had a big sneeze, and a few seconds later I felt something that I had been waiting for. I felt the baby move. It was a small flutter on the right side of my stomach. I had been reading about what the first movements would feel like, but I didn't expect it so soon. I am only 14 weeks pregnant but my body is starting to show signs that I am pregnant to everyone else.

"A week later, Laci had another appointment with her ob-gyn. Scott again accompanied her."

August 20, 2002
We heard the baby's heartbeat today. the doctor had to chase the baby around with the machine, but she finally cornered her/him. The heartbeat was strong and loud. It's amazing to have a living human inside of me. I can't wait to meet him/her.

"Thinking back, Scott's behavior seemed to change in the months before Laci's murder....there were little incidents...but since they weren't huge red flags I didn't give them a lot of thought... "

Sharon describes an incident where she had taken her sister's granddaughter, Lacey, swimming at Laci's house. As they watched Lacey play in the water, Laci had told Sharon that Scott was inside taking a nap.  'He came out a while later and wasn't friendly at all. That wasn't the Scott I thought I knew. I'd never seen that side of him. I asked Laci if he was okay.'
"He's been working hard," she shrugged. "He's just tired."

pg 65:
Sharon describes a Labor Day gathering at her home: "Laci was talking about baby names. All of us chimed in and gave our own suggestions. Scott suggested Ripley. I looked at him and said, You can't do that to your son. 'Ripley' will always be followed by 'believe it or not'."

September 5, 2002
The second trimester is great! I have so much energy & feel like my old self again, except for the extra 10 pounds. I am wearing my maternity clothes now. My tummy is growing a little each day, and my bathroom trips are less frequent. I'm 17 1/2 weeks and the count down has begun until my next doctor's visit. At that appt. we will find out the sex of our child.

pg 66:
"I was convinced she was having a girl."  Sharon describes how she had Laci come to her office where a co-worker, named Kathy, "known for being able to predict the sex of babies", "had Laci lie on the floor and then did her little thing.  A girl for sure, Kathy said."

September 24, 2002
I am 20 weeks pregnant and my tummy is finally bulging out. Today we had another sonogram and we were able to find out the sex of our child. It's a boy. We were excited to know the sex of our child. It makes our pregnancy even more realistic. Now we need to focus on names and decorating the nursery.

"Laci called to tell me the news. Then she stopped by my office to tell me again in person. Each time, I asked if she was sure -- that's how steadfastly I believed the baby was a girl. We had a good laugh over that when she showed me the sonogram photo.
"You can't argue with that," she said."

Sharon discusses how Laci wanted to give Scott a big party for his 30th birthday, but "she had trouble getting him to commit to a date when he'd be home.  Why wouldn't he commit to a date? That was always curious, not the norm. Then during the trial we learned that the night before his thirtieth birthday, Scott was partying at a convention in Anaheim."

"So was he excited about fatherhood? Scott's behavior provides the best and most honest answers.  And I think deep down Laci had concerns."

pg 67:
October 29, 2002
The baby has been moving a lot lately. It feels like little punches. Some times they're big enough to move my hand if it's placed on my tummy. Today we had an appointment or check up for a better word. Scott and I heard the baby's heartbeat and the doctor said it sounded normal. The doctor asked if Scott had felt the baby move yet and he excitedly replied yes. October 27 Scott felt the baby move for the first time. We were at the Tomlinson's watching Game 7 of the World Series, between the Angels and the Giants. I felt releaved [sic] because I didn't want to be the only one experiencing such a beautiful moment. Now Scott, in my mind, can enjoy my (our) pregnancy even more now. Scott didn't show a whole lot of excitement, but I know he really was.

pg 69:
Sharon discusses how Laci and Scott's friends, Greg and Kristen Reed, also pregnant at the time, had decided to name their baby Conner. When Laci and Scott dropped off Sharon's birthday gifts on Nov. 1, Laci was "pouty". Sharon writes: "I got her to admit she was little annoyed....'Mom, she knew I wanted to name my baby Conner,' Laci said. 'She had five names on her list and Conner was the last choice.' ...I...pointed out the foolishness of thinking you could own a name....She laughed at herself and realized there was no reason to be upset."

November 14
My little baby boy is growing every day. It seems like every morning I wake up and my belly seems bigger. I love feeling him move inside of me. We've decided to name him Conner Latham Peterson. I enjoy talking to him and rubbing my tummy to let him know I'm thinking about him. Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience.

pg 70:
Sharon writes that six days later, Scott met Amber. She then discusses Scott and Laci's Thanksgiving trip to Disneyland. Sharon says that Laci didn't feel up to the trip and when she asked Laci why she was going Laci's reply was, "Because Scott's never been to Disneyland and Jackie wants to take him." Sharon writes: "Why couldn't it wait until after Laci had the baby? And the central premise -- that Scott hadn't been there -- turned out to be untrue. As I learned later he'd gone as a child. The Petersons were also throwing Laci a baby shower for their side of the family. I felt bad for my daughter.  On November twenty-fourth, they came for dinner, and Laci, though in good spirits, seemed a little tired.  maybe she wasn't enthused about the trip."

"During dinner, Laci informed us that Scott had joined...[the] Del Rio Country Club.  As she told us, Laci looked at Scott and shook her head.  He grinned and rubbed his hands together...I thought he looked as though he were envisioning long days on the golf course.
'Great,' she said. 'Now I'll see you less than I already do."'
'You'll still see me,' he said, adding, 'or you could come with me'."

"On November 26, they drove to Disneyland.  Scott pushed her around in a wheelchair. She didn't offer many details but I know she was relieved to get through it.  From what I later read about it, she had good reason to feel that way.  Supposedly Scott was aloof and antisocial at dinner.  He consumed an expensive bottle of wine by himself and talked constantly on his cell phone -- to guess who?  He left Laci with the rest of the family.  According to Laci, Jackie was always criticizing something about her...this time it was the new name Laci and Scott were considering for the baby...Logan, not Conner, at least for the moment, but for whatever reason Jackie didn't like it.

I was gratified by Anne Bird's account in her book of Laci on that trip.  She said Laci's smile was unfailing no matter the circumstance, and she described her as resilient, strong and always maintaining a good positive mood.  That was my Laci -- the silver lining in a dark cloud.  As for the rest of that Thanksgiving, Scott's family gave her a baby shower and I know she appreciated the gifts and had a good time, but she didn't say anything else about the Petersons.  Knowing Laci, that spoke volumes.

In a moment of weariness, Laci had told me that Jackie made her feel like she was never quite good enough. ...Laci was looking forward to the future: Christmas, her baby shower in January, her growing tummy, and the excitement she felt as she got closer to her due date in February."

pg 72:
Dec. 1
On our trip down to San Diego for Thanksgiving, Scott and I came up with another name for the baby, Logan. We will have to start using that name when speaking to the baby to see if we like the sound of it. Conner is still on our minds, but we are not certain. If we do go with Conner, we need to decide on how we are going to spell it, er/or.

"That was the last entry Laci made in her pregnancy diary.  I wish she'd written more.  I wish she were still here to write.  I can't begin to describe the deep pain I feel when I think of her heading into the future with such excitement, and all of us helping her and cheering her on, while at the same time, Scott was at the dinner table or in bed next to her, plotting her murder, and none of us had any awareness that we were nearing the last day of Laci's life."

Sharon blatantly implies that Scott was on his cell phone with Amber on the night of November 26, but neither his nor Amber's phone records support her claim.