Clothes Hamper


People's 7 and Defense 3J (not made available by the court), and Defense 4O.




Rudy Skultety, the crime scene manager, said they were looking for some clothes, but the clothes in the hamper in the Master Bedroom were not itemized.

GERAGOS: Okay. Now, this photo here, this hamper which has clothes in it, you were specifically looking for clothes, were you not?

SKULTETY: Some clothes, yes.

GERAGOS: Okay. Now, did you go through and itemize the clothes that were in the hamper?

SKULTETY: No, I did not.

GERAGOS: Do you know if you had anybody itemize the clothes that were in the hamper?

SKULTETY: That was -- to my knowledge, that was not done.

GERAGOS: Was not done?

SKULTETY: To my knowledge, no.

Skultety also confirmed that no items of clothing in the hamper were taken as evidence.

GERAGOS: Did you take any of the clothes that were in the hamper as evidence items?

SKULTETY: To my knowledge, no items of evidence were located in the hamper.

Ray Coyle is the detective responsible for searching the Master Bedroom.  He said the hamper was gone through, all of the clothes removed and laid on the bed, and then returned to the hamper on the 26th, and then again on the 27th.  He confirmed that the items in the hamper were not itemized. 


Coyle was asked if he remembered seeing the blouse Laci wore to Salon Salon in the hamper, and he replied that he did not.  He was then shown a photograph, and then he recalled seeing it.  He also remembered seeing khaki colored men's walking shorts, corduroy men's pants, white or tan pajama top, 2 pairs of boxer shorts, and one pair of women's panties.


Coyle was shown People's 17, and asked if he recognized the blue pajamas in the picture of the hamper.  Coyle said he couldn't tell if it was the pajamas or a blue shirt.