The Berkeley Marina Parking Receipt

Scott produced the parking receipt for the Berkeley Marina on the night of December 24th in an effort to convince the officers that he had been at the Marina that day because they did not believe him. The parking receipt was admitted into evidence, but the Court only provided a picture of the receipt vending machine, People's 53.

All receipts expire at one minute before midnight on the day they are purchased.  Receipts are to be posted on the windshield.  This is a picture of an actual receipt, and a close-up of the receipt vending machine.


Cliff Marchetti testified that only 3 tickets were sold from that machine from December 23 through December 27, which the prosecution used to prove little or no activity at the Marina on Christmas Eve.

DISTASO: Let's just go through this. The start date here is the 23rd of December, and end date is the 27th of December. And looks like roughly the same time periods 8:21 and 8:57, correct?


DISTASO: And then the total cash was in the machine for that period of time was fifteen dollars.
MARCHETTI: Based on the receipt, yes.
DISTASO: So at five dollars per car, that would show that three tickets had been sold during that time period.
MARCHETTI: That's what that ticket would say, yes.
DISTASO: And this ticket, these tickets are kept in the normal course of business at the marina?
MARCHETTI: Right. We keep them as part of our deposits, so that when staff go over to pick up the cash, they come back with a transaction sheet like that to verify how much money was collected.