Laci's Social Security Card

Detective Ray Coyle, responsible for searching the Master bedroom during the December 26-27, 2002 search, said he noted the social security card and called it to Detective Rudy Skultety's attention.  Skultety was the Crime Scene Manager.  It seems, from Coyle's testimony, that the social security card was collected as evidence.


Under direct examination, Distaso specifically asked Coyle about the social security card?  He said he saw it next to the jewelry box, and it had Laci's name on it.  Distaso asked again, "So a Social Security card with Laci Peterson's name on it was present in the house on the 26th of December, 2002 . . . or the 27th, I guess?"  Coyle answered:  "Yes. Both."


Coyle indicated the social security card was collected as evidence under cross examination:

GERAGOS: . . . did you point out anything else at the house?
GERAGOS: What else?
COYLE: Numerous items. Several pieces of jewelry, a diary out of the dresser, a pair of shoes out of the closet, passports, a Social Security card. I believe I also found a checkbook that I pointed out in the bedroom, the other bedroom. I can't recall whether that was taken into evidence or not.

However, Geragos questioned Brocchini about the Social Security card, in relationship to the Kim McGregor burglary on January 19, 2003, and established that McGregor stole Laci's social security card during the burglary on January 19:

GERAGOS: She never mentioned that she had, that she had taken a Social Security card?
BROCCHINI: Not at that point, no.


GERAGOS: And at this point you told her that you had additional information, and either she was going to be completely honest again, or you told her, again, or you were going to arrest her for the burglary; is that correct?
GERAGOS: And then she admitted at that point that she had stolen Laci's Social Security card, correct?
GERAGOS: That she actually had it in her pocket as she was talking to you on the phone.
BROCCHINI: Can I look at the report real quick?
GERAGOS: Sure. I'm, the heading is 1190. Kim McGregor is in bold. It's the first paragraph following.


GERAGOS: At that point you told her to meet you at the Modesto PD and turn over Laci's Social Security card, correct?
GERAGOS: And she came over, she gave you the card,

GERAGOS: . . . that she had forgotten that she had Laci Peterson's Social Security card in her pocket until this morning when she found it; is that correct?

Geragos specifically asked Brocchini if he saw Laci's social security card on either the 24th or the 26th/27th of December.  He said he did not.  He said he didn't look for it, didn't see it.