2002 Ford F-150 4x4 Pickup truck

Scott's personal and business vehicle. 


The State argued that Scott used the truck to transport Laci's dead body from the house to the warehouse on the morning of December 24, then used the pickup to tow the boat to the Berkeley Marina. 


December 24, 2002

December 26-27, 2002

December 15, 2003


December 24


Brocchini did a preliminary search of the truck on the night of the 24th, and seized Scott's hand gun without informing Scott. 


December 26-27 Search Warrant


The Ford truck was seized from 523 Covena and impounded during this search. Subsequent searches while in impound did not require a search warrant. It remained in MPD custody until Judge Girolami ordered its release on December 18, 2003. 

Defense Exhibits 4F1-3, 4H1-2, and 4I1-4 are pictures of the suspected spots on door panel, carpet, and steering wheel.  Click to enlarge.






December 15, 2003

Pin Kyo, crime lab technician, conducted an examination of the pickup, the pickup bed, and the Greenlee toolbox.  She was looking for any signs of blood or tissue.  All presumptive blood tests were negative.  She found no tissue evidence. 


Main compartment had boots, shoes, jumper cable, a pair of stained work gloves, a pair of pliers, a box labeled "Tow Truck in a Box".

Kyo's Analyses:  Defendants Exhibits 6M4, 6M12-A, 6M12-B, 6M12-C.  Click to enlarge.










Kevin Bertallotto, Investigator for the Stanislaus County DA's office, conducted a demonstration showing that a pregnant woman Laci's size could be put into the truck's Greenlee toolbox. 

People's Exhibits 106M-P.  Click to enlarge.