Includes transcripts for all witnesses, hearings, and rulings from the Preliminary Hearing, Pre-Trial Hearing, Trial, and Sentencing.  Some witnesses appeared more than once.  The index is alphabetical.  For a chronological review, with short summaries and other related developments, go to the following sections of the Timeline:

Abbreviations used to identify when witness appeared or hearing or ruling occurred
Prel = Preliminary Hearing   Peo-P = People's Case in Chief, Penalty phase
PreT = Pre-Trial evidentiary hearings   Def-P = Defendant's Case in Chief, Penalty phase
Peo-G = People's Case in Chief, Guilt phase   Jury-P = Jury Deliberations, Penalty Phase
Def-G = Defendant's Case in Chief, Guilt phase   Sen = Sentencing
Jury-G = Jury Deliberations, Guilt Phase   VIS = Victim Impact Statements, Sentencing



Aja, Joe - Captain MPD, Prosecutorial Reprimand for violation of Gag Order

Allred, Gloria - Amber Frey's Attorney, Subpoena to appear

Almasri, Mike Feras - Shawn Sibley's friend, Peo-G

Anderson, Eloise - Dog Handler, PreT, Peo-G

Anderson, Mary - AT&T Dir Natl Subpoena & Court Order Compliance Center, Peo-G

Animated aerial presentation Hearing - Peo-G

Applegate, Rick - Officer MPD, Dog Trailing in Park & Neighborhood, PreT

Aquino, Susan - Laci's maternal aunt, Peo-G

Archer, Carrie - Wife of William Archer, Def-P

Archer, William - Scott's Friend & College roommate, Def-P

Armendariz, Rick - MPD Investigator, Bay Searches May & Sep, Peo-G

Arraignment & Sentencing - Sen

Atkinson, Richard - Target Products Ltd., Target bag found at the Laci site, Peo-G

Austin, William - Owner, Austin's Christmas Store, Peo-G

Automatic Motion for Modification of Death Verdict - Sen


Baehr, Geoffrey - Head Diver, Marine Dive Cliff Rescue Unit, Peo-G

Beardsley, Thomas - Trade Corp customer, Def-P

Beckton, Kelly Jean - Scott's 1st cousin, Def-P

Beffa, Eric - MPD, Tracy tip follow-up, Peo-G

Bertalotto, Kevin - DA Investigator, fishing locations, Peo-G; Chris Clark sighting, Def-G

Bertram, Sandra - Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, Def-P

Bettis, Alexander David - MPD, Ground Surveillance,   Peo-G

Bolinger, Randy - MPD, Pole Camera Surveillance, Peo-G

Box received by Court - PreT

Boyer, Christopher - Captain Search & Rescue Team,  PreT, Peo-G

Boyers, Stacey - Laci's Friend, Peo-G

Brocchini, Allen - MPD Responding Homicide Detective 


Stipulation on Interview


Prosecutorial Reprimand for violation of Gag Order 

Motion for Mistrial and Dismissal with Prejudice

Brooks, David - Pawnbroker, Peo-G

Brooks, Victoria (Tori) - Pawnbroker, Peo-G

Browne, David - Big 5 Store Manager, Peo-G

Budowle, Bruce - FBI Sr. Scientist mtDNA, Prel

Buehler, Jon - Detective MPD, Amber Frey's Handler, Arrest, Prel, Peo-G; blood draw, Salon Salon witnesses, Def-G

Buelna, Kris - East Bay Regional Park, 6-21-03 collection of debris Point Isabel, 402 hearing, Peo-G

Buer, Michelle - Sweet Serenity Spa Owner, Peo-G


Cardoza, Michael - mock cross examination, Gag order imposed

Cardwell, Brian - CADOJ Agent, Ground Surveillance, Peo-G,

Castro, Kim - MPD, December 26th overnight security at Covena home, Peo-G

Caudillo, Ed - Scott's brother-in-law, Def-P

Caudillo, Susan - Scott's half-sister, Def-P

Cavallero, James Anthony - Britz Fertilizer, Dir. Security, recommended private mailbox, Def-G

CCTV Camera Discussion - Prel

Change of Venue - Defendantís Motion to Discharge Jury and Dismiss Penalty Phase and/or New Jury and Change of Venue

Chaplin, Thomas - CA DOJ, Ground surveillance, Peo-G

Cheng, Ralph T. - USGS Sr. Research Hydrologist, tie location of bodies to Scott's fishing route, Peo-G

Chess, Alonzo - Berkeley Marina Landscape Sup., Peo-G

Cleveland, Jeffrey - Peterson friend and employee, Def-P

Cloward, Ron - MPD Search Incident Commander, 290 registrants, Bay searches, Medina Burlgary, Scott's search efforts, Peo-G

Closing Arguments - Guilt Phase Instructions to the Jury, Distaso, Geragos, Distaso; Penalty Phase D. Harris, P. Harris, Geragos

Coleman, Jeffrey John - CPA, TradeCorp, Peo-G  Accountant

Concrete Evidence - 402 hearing Def-G

Content, Roger - Auto Sales, Laci's Land Rover, Peo-G

Continuance -

3Aug 5, New Possibly exonerating evidence

3Aug 18, New Development to be investigated

3Oct 12, Defendant's Case in Chief delayed

Conner - Judicial ruling on correct spelling of

Corder, David - MPD, K-9 search of Dry Creek & Covena neighborhood, mine shafts at Lagrange, Peo-G

Cordova, Ricardo - Peterson Neighbor & Judge, stranger asking for donations on 23rd, Laci's interactions with the homeless, Def-G

Court Artists - Court order not to draw faces of undercover agents

Court Exhibits -

3Letter and box received by Court PreT

3Documents admitted and marked as Court Exhibits [Nov 22]

3Rulings on Writ of Mandate [Nov 30]

3December 2 Ex-parte hearing [Dec 13]

3Letters to the Judge - Sentencing [Mar 16]

Courtney, Charles P. - Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, Def-P

Coyle, Ray - MPD, Dec 26 search-Covena, 290 registrants & parolees, Peo-G

Cuanang, Angelo - Expert SF Bay fisherman, Peo-G  


Dempewolf, Kristin - Arguments & ruling on admissibility [hypnotized witness], PreT

Dempewolf, Martin - Kristin's husband, Park walkers,   Peo-G

Devore, Greggory R. - MD Maternal Fetal Medicine, Conner's age, Peo-G

Discovery violations - Defense Motion for Sanctions, Lissa McElroy

Distaso, Rick - Asst. DA, Peo-G (OS), Peo-G (CA),         Peo-G (Rebuttal)

Dog Trailing & Cadaver Evidence - Arguments & Ruling PreT, Dog Handler's Testimony Peo-G

Ducot, Denise - MPD ID Tech, Dec 26-27 searches, Peo-G

Duerfeldt, Byron - MPD Responding Sergeant, Peo-G


Eachus, Fred - Trader Joe's Mgr, Peo-G

EchoStar documents - 402 hearing & ruling Peo-G

Edraki, Tina - Laci's OB-GYN, Hera Medical Group, Peo-G

Eichbaum, James Richard - MPD, Feb 18-19 search, October Bay searches, Peo-G

Ellsworth, Lori - Laci's Friend, Peo-G

Evers, Jon - MPD Responding Officer, Prel, Peo-G

Evidence admitted, Stipulation of Facts - Prel

Evidence, New potentially exculpatory - Aug 15

Exhibits Admitted - Oct 29


Faris, Tera - CADOJ Special Agent, ground surveillance,   Peo-G

Farmer, Joanne - Jackie Peterson's Friend, Def-P

Farmer, Craig - Peterson friend, Joanne's son, Def-P

FBI CCTV Cameras, Hearing - Prel

Felix, Mary Ann - Edwards Jewelry, Peo-G

Fernandez, David - Trade Show Attendee, Peo-G

Final Arguments Penalty Phase - D. Harris, P. Harris, Geragos

Fisher, Constance - FBI Lab mtDNA expert, Prel, Peo-G

Frazer, Ian - East Bay Reg Park District, control & document evidence Laci recovery site, Peo-G

Freedman, Gary - Berkeley Marina Sports Center, Peo-G

Fresno Federal Grand Jury, Hearing - Prel

Frey, Amber - Scott's girlfriend, Police Spy, Transcript Jan 6 phone call Prel; Peo-G

Fritz, Aaron - Scott's Friend, Peo-G, Def-P

Fritz, Conception (Coni) - Aaron Fritz's Mother, Def-P

Fritz, Paul - Aaron Fritz's Father, Def-P

Fulbright, Kim - Stanislaus Co DA Office, boat & toolbox demo, Peo-G


Gag Order -

3PreT, Preserved

3Prosecutorial Reprimand for  violation of [Jun 28]

3Imposed on Michael Cardoza [Oct 20]

Galloway, Alison - Forensic Anthropologist, Conner's age, estimated time since death, Peo-G

Galloway, Julie - Hostess Pacific Cafe, Scott's former co-worker, Def-P

Gard, Timothy Brian - Richmond PD, patrol evidence technician, Conner recovery site, Peo-G

Gebler, Steven Howard - CTL Engineer, concrete, Def-G

Geragos, Mark - Counsel for the Defendant, Def-G (OS), Def-G (CA), Def-P (FA)

Gerhardt, Hugh - Scott's Coach, Def-P

Gonzalez, Alena Maria - Found Laci's body, Peo-G

Goosby, Sylvester - Berkeley Marina Maintenance, Peo-G

GPS Evidence - PreT, Arguments & Ruling

Grantski, Ron - Sharon Rocha's Companion, Peo-G, Peo-P, VIS

Gray, James - Business neighbor, The Shack, Def-P

Graybill, Russell - Peterson's Postman, Peo-G

Griffin, Michael D. - Sold Mercedes to Scott, Peo-G

Griffin, Randy - USPS Inspector, address change forms, Peo-G

Grogan, Craig - MPD, Lead Detective, Peo-G, Def-G

Guadamuz, Victoria - Motherhood Maternity salesclerk, Peo-G

Guptill, Elizabeth - pregnant walker, Peo-G


Harris, David - Sr. Deputy DA, Peo-P (OS), Peo-P (FA)

Harris, Pat - Counsel for Defendant, Def-P (OS), Def-P (FA)

Hawn, David Lee - MPD Feb 18-19 search, found small pebble of concrete, Peo-G

Helton, Tim - MPD Tactical patrol unit, follow-up on various tips, Tracy tip & Medina burglary, Peo-G  

Hendee, Henry Dodge - MPD Detective, Dec 26-27 searches, crime scene manager Warehouse search; Bay searches, Prel, Peo-G

Henry, Jill - Stanislaus Co. Drug Enforcement Unit, pole camera surveillance, Peo-G

Hermosa, Mike - MPD, Dec 26-27 search, stolen checks/Asian gang, Peo-G

Hicks, Michael - MPD Tactical Patrol, Medina burglary, Def-G

Hill, Lisa - Medical Asst OB-GYN, Peo-G

Hodson, John - MPD, Park Search, Peo-G

Holmes, Veronica - MPD CSO/ID Tech, Peo-G

House, Richard - MPD Dec 26 search-vehicles, shed, sketched the warehouse; Mailboxes Etc.; Feb 18-search storage unit, Peo-G

Hrusa, George Frederic - Sr. Plant Taxonomist, CA Dept of Food & Agriculture, plant material on hair, Peo-G

Hudlow, William R. - CADOJ Sr. Criminalist, packaged evidence for transfer to FBI, DNA testing on trace evidence & duct tape, Prel, Peo-G

Hypnotized Witness [Kristin Dempewolf] - Arguments & Ruling, PreT


Imani, Abbas - Owner Pacific Cafe, Def-P

Imelio, Michael Robert - Peterson's Pool  Serviceman,  Peo-G

In-Camera hearings - Arguments and Ruling on Media motion to unseal


Jackson, Diane - Ruling on Admissibility

Jacobson, Steven P. - Criminal Investigator DA's Office, Wiretaps, 10:08 voice mail, Amber Call Charts, Prel, PreT, Peo-G, Stipulation Def-G

Jagoda, Sandra - Contra Costa Co. Coroner's office, autopsies, Peo-G

Jensen, Carl - Private Investigator, Carmel distances, concrete from driveway, Def-G

Johnson, Christopher - Salon Salon Owner, Peo-G

Josephson, Stacey - Receptionist OB-GYN, Peo-G

Jubran, Claude - CA HP, Apr 18 ground surveillance, Peo-G

Jury -

3Arguments & Ruling on Separate & Sequestered Juries- PreT

3Panel selected [May 27

3Review of Jury Pre-Instructions for Guilt Phase [May 27]

3Swearing in & Pre-Instructions, Guilt Phase [Jun 1]

3Juror 5 and Brent Rocha, In-Chambers hearing [Jun 21]

3Juror 5 and media, Forcum hearing [Jun 21]

3Juror 5 ruling, and instructions to the Jury [Jun 21]

3Juror 5 dismissed [Jun 23]

3Jurors view the boat [Jul 27]

3Instructions to the Jury on Expert Testimony [Oct 18]

3Finalize Jury Instructions [Oct 29]

3Instructions on Closing Arguments [Nov 1]

3Instructions for Deliberation [Nov 3] 

3Exhibits requested by Jury, Examination of the Boat, Defense Motion for Mistrial [Nov 4, 5 & 8]

3Additional Instructions to the Jury [Nov 8]

3Replacement of Juror 7 & Instructions to the Jury [Nov 9]

3Replacement of Juror 5 and a New Foreperson [Nov 10]

3Verdict & Polling of the Jurors [Nov 12]

3Defendantís Motion to Discharge Jury and Dismiss Penalty Phase and/or New Jury and Change of Venue [Nov 22]

3Pre-Instructions, Penalty Phase [Nov 30]

3Jury Instruction Recommendations [Dec 7]

3Instructions to the Jury & Swearing of Bailiffs [Dec 9]

3Stipulations regarding exhibit requests [Dec 9]

3Exhibits requested by Jury [Dec 13]

3Verdict & Polling of the Jurors [Dec 13]

3Discharge Instructions to the Jury [Dec 13]






Kemple, Gwendolyn Mae - Sharon Rocha's 1st Cousin, Peo-G

Kemple, Harvey - Gwen's husband, Peo-G

Kolbe, Kevin - CADOJ Ground Surveillance San Diego Jan-Feb-Apr, Peo-G

Korsberg, Karen - FBI Lab, Trace Evidence Unit, hair, Peo-G  

Krigbaum, Amie Rachel - Peterson Neighbor, Prel, Peo-G

Krueger, Lisa - Sister of Patty Amador, Sharon Rocha's Friend; candlelight vigil, Peo-G

Kyo, Pin - CADOJ Criminalist, serology & general evidence examination, Peo-G


Laffer, Martin G. - CPA, Scott's finances, Def-G

Laolagi, Matt - Kim McGregor's Friend, Peo-G

Latham, Abraham Robert - Scott's 1st cousin, Def-P

Latham, John - Scott's maternal uncle, Def-P

Latham, Leeta - Scott's 1st Cousin, Def-P

Latham, Rachel Clara - Scott's 1st Cousin, Def-P

Latham, Robert - Scott's maternal uncle, Def-P

Lear, Jill - Pregnant walker, Peo-G

Lee, Brian - Park jogger, Peo-G

Lee, Joan - pregnant walker, wife of Brian, Peo-G

Letsinger, Derrick - Responding Officer MPD, Peo-G  

Letter Received by Court - Marked:  Attention, urgent possible evidence, PreT

Limon, Ernie - CADOJ San Diego Unit, ground surveillance, Scott's arrest, collected hair from McKenzie, Peo-G

Lingerfelt, Dale - MPD Narcotics Enforcement Team, ground surveillance, Peo-G

Looby, Michael - Found Conner's body, Peo-G

Loomis, Peter van Wyck - Trimble Navigation, GPS technology expert witness, PreT, Peo-G

Lovell, Doug - MPD ID Tech, Dec 24 & 26-27 searches, thumb prints on pawn slips, body photos, Peo-G

Loving, Kip - Turlock PD, Sacramento Valley High Tech Crime Force, Feb. 18 search, computers & TV/EchoStar, Peo-G


MacKanin, Jeff - CADOJ Special Agent, ground surveillance Jan 3-11, Peo-G

Mansfield, Douglas Kent - CA DOJ, Dec 25 Interview, Scott & Laci's financial situation, Peo-G

March, Charles Michael - OB-Gyn reproductive endocrinology and infertility, Expert witness, Conner's age, Def-G

Marchetti, Cliff - Berkeley Marina Waterfront Manager,  Peo-G

Martin, Leo - Deputy Coroner, collected Laci's body, transported samples for DNA testing, Target bag, Peo-G

Martin, Lisa - Medical Asst OB-GYN, Peo-G

Martinez, Chris - Coroner's Investigator, Conner recovery site, collected & transported the body, Peo-G

Martinez, Melba - La Loma walker, Peo-G

McCall, Kenneth - Rotary Club Member, attended Vigil, Peo-G

McElroy, Lissa - Sharon Rocha's Friend & co-worker, Testimony stricken because of discovery violation, Peo-G

McGill, Adam - MPD, Dec 26-27 search, narrated the videos; Feb 18 search, truck, Peo-G

Mears, Paul - San Joaquin Sheriff's Deputy, Tracy tip, Peo-G

Media Hearings

3Use of Cameras in Courthouse following Juror 5/Rocha incident [Jun 21]

3Motion to open hearing on Defense Motion for Mistrial and dismissal with prejudice; Admissibility of TV Interviews [Jul 14]

3TV Interviews 402 Hearing [Jul 15]

3Hearing:  Diane Sawyer Interview and Modesto Bee [Jul 29]

3Final version of the TV interviews to be presented to the Jury [Jul 29]

3Unsealing in-camera hearings [Nov 4]

3Cameras in courtroom for verdict [Nov 4]

3Camera on 2nd floor of Courtroom when verdict is read [Nov 8]

Medina, Susan - Peterson Neighbor, Home burglarized on December 24, Peo-G, Def-P

Merenda, Dianne Heaston - Park Walker with Golden Retriever, Peo-G

Mewhinney, Patricia - Park walker, Peo-G

Moore, Angelynn - CADOJ Criminalist, Missing Persons DNA, Peo-G

Motion for Modification of Death Verdict - Sen

Motion for Mistrial and Dismissal with Prejudice - Jul 14, Jul 29

Motion to Dismiss - Oct 18

Motion for New Trial - Sen

Motion to Discharge Jury and Dismiss Penalty Phase and/or New Jury and Change of Venue - Nov 22

mtDNA - Arguments & Ruling Prel; Ruling Peo-G

Myers, Nils - eBay Investigator, Peo-G

Mystery Woman - Amanda H. Investigation still ongoing


Nava, Margarita - Peterson Housekeeper, Prel, Peo-G

Nelson, John - Contra Costa County Sheriff's Dept. Criminalist, photo-documentation & collection of evidence at Laci's autopsy, Peo-G

Neumann, Amy - pregnant walker, Encina project, Peo-G

Newman, Erik - Captain Richmond Fire Dept, responded to Conner recovery site, Peo-G

Nickey, Galen - Latent Print Analyst, duct tape from Laci's body, Simply Green container, Peo-G

Nienhius, Gary - Modesto City Auditor, Peterson finances, Rocha Trust, Trade Corp, Peo-G


Olsen, Eric - Trade Corp employee, Anaheim convention, Peo-G

O'Neill, Robert C. - Petrographer, concrete expert witness, Peo-G,

Opdyke, Tod - Richmond PD, dispatched to Conner recovery site, Peo-G

Opening Statements: Distaso Peo-G, Geragos Def-G,       D. Harris Peo-P, P. Harris Peo-P

Order for Trial - Prel

Oswalt, Rodney - CADOJ Criminalist, Hair evaluation and comparison, Prel, Peo-G

Owen, Philip - MPD, Laci's medical records, Laci recovery site, Laci's autopsy, Conner's autopsy, Conner's age, red paint transfer, Jackson sighting, Bay searches, Prel


Pernicano, Joan - Jackie Peterson's Friend, Def-P

Perry, Christopher - Drug Enforcement Unit, ground surveillance Jan 3-11, Peo-G

Peterson, Alison - Scott's sister-in-law (John's wife), Def-P

Peterson, Brian - Forensic Pathologist, performed Laci's and Conner's autopsies, Prel, Peo-G

Peterson, Brittney - Scott's niece, Def-P

Peterson, Bruce - Sold boat to Scott, Peo-G

Peterson, Jacqueline - Scott's Mother, Def-G, Def-P

Peterson, Janey - Scott's sister-in-law (Joseph's wife),   Def-P

Peterson, John Edward - Scott's half-brother, Def-P

Peterson, Joseph - Scott's half-brother, Def-P

Peterson, Lee - Scott's Dad, Prel, Peo-G, Def-G, Def-P  

Peterson, Scott - Declines to make statement, Sen

Phillips, Timothy - East Bay Regional Park, responded to Laci recovery site, Target bag same smell as Laci, other items found, Def-G

Pooley, Bill - MPD, Wire room manager, 3 surveillance tapes put on his desk, Peo-G

Probation Report - Referral for Preparation of

Prosecutorial Reprimand - Violation of Gag Order

Purdom, Mark - AIM Property Management, Trade Corp Lease, Peo-G


Quick, Alex - DOJ CBI, San Diego ground surveillance Jan-Feb and April, Arrest photos, change in appearance, Peo-G


Ramos, Corina - Receptionist OB-GYN, no messages about Laci, Peo-G

Ramos, Sonia - CADOJ San Diego Unit, April 14-18 ground surveillance, Scott's apology, Peo-G

Reed, Gregory Brien - Peterson Friend, Scott's Dec 24 phone calls, Peo-G

Reiman, Shelly - Mike Richardson's cousin, Casual Friend of Petersons, Def-P

Reiswig, Tina - Sweet Serenity Spa, manicurist, Laci's Dec 23 appointment, Peo-G

Reubush, Kimberly - FBI Laboratory Trace Evidence Unit, hair from pliers, Peo-G

Richardson, Mike - Petersons Friend, Peo-G

Rickard, Sandy - Sharon Rocha's Best Friend, Peo-G

Rocha, Amy - Laci's half-sister, December 23 visit to Salon Salon, Clothes Laci was wearing, Prel, Peo-G, Peo-P, VIS

Rocha, Brent - Laci's brother, Scott's behavior, Rocha Trust, Peo-G, Peo-P, VIS

Rocha, Dennis - Laci's Father, VIS

Rocha, Robin Maria - Laci's Paternal Aunt, Jewelry Laci inherited, Rocha Trust, Peo-G

Rocha, Rose Marie - Brent's wife, Peo-G, VIS,

Rocha, Sharon - Laci's Mother, Prel, Peo-G, Peo-P, VIS

Roddis, Hugh - President/CTO Orion Electronics, GPS Expert, PreT, Peo-G

Rowe, Ronald Roger - Scott's Grade School Superintendent-Principal, Def-P

Ruskamp, Darren - MPD, Dec 26-27 searches, Feb 18 search, drew sketches, Peo-G

Ruvalcaba, Mario - advertised car for sale, Peo-G


Satanic Cult, Defense won't introduce

Scheibe, Britton - Scott's Junior High Friend, Def-P

Schumacker, Jeff - Edwards Jewelry, redesing Laci's wedding ring, Peo-G

Schweitzer, Ronald - San Diego County Sheriff's Office April 16 ground surveillance, Peo-G

Scott, Terry - transported the hair to FBI lab for testing, Stipulation

Seitz, Ronald - Dog Handler & Trainer, Berkeley Marina, Def-G

Sentencing scheduled for February 25, 2005, Dec 9

Sentencing March 16 - entire transcript

Separate & Sequestered Juries - Arguments & Ruling Pre-T

Servas, Karen - Peterson Neighbor, found McKenzie, Prel, Peo-G

Shear, Peter - CADOJ San Diego Unit, ground surveillance Jan 30, Apr 18, Peo-G

Sherar, Eric - friends with Scott & Laci in San Luis Obispo, Def-P

Shields, William - New York State Univ mtDNA, DNA expert, Prel

Sibley, Shawn - Amber Frey's Friend, Peo-G

Sims, Gary Alan - CADOJ DNA Lab in Richmond, received samples for DNA testing, Peo-G

Skultety, Rudy - MPD Detective, Crime Scene Mgr Covena Dec 26-27 & Feb 18-19, GPS tracking, concrete in driveway, Peo-G

Soler, Jeffrey - Richmond PD Evidence Tech, processed Conner recovery site, documented Conner's autopsy, photographed Laci recovery site, Peo-G

Spurlock, Matthew - MPD Responding Officer, Peo-G


3Debra Wolski [Jun 22]

3Brocchini interview [Jun 22]

3Terry Scott [Aug 5]

3Sears & KMart receipts [Sep 14]

3Amber & Ron Frey's phone records [Sep 14]

3Laci's external genitalia [Oct 5]

3Which precluded Steven Jacobson from being recalled [Oct 25]

3Stipulations to replace State's Rebuttal [Oct 27]

Stockham, Kirk - MPD Computer forensics expert, Prel,   Peo-G


Tardiff, Jason - Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Peo-G

Thoennes, David - Scott's High School Golf Coach, Def-P

Thompson, Robert Jr. - Professor Cal Poly, Def-P

Threatt, Marvin - Dean of Students University of San Diego High School, Def-P

Tomlinson, Rene - Laci's friend, Peo-G

Tow-Der, Esther - Laci's OB/GYN Gartner Group, Peo-G

Toy, Donald, EchoStar Mgr, Peo-G, 402 Hearing on Admissibility of EchoStar documents


Ullrich, Brian - Insurance Agent & Peterson Friend, insurance policies, Peo-G


Valentin, Cindee - Trailing Dog Handler, PreT

Van Sandt, Christopher - Bicyclist in Park, Peo-G

Venable, Terra - Peterson Neighbor, Peo-G

Visola-Prescott, Jordan - pregnant neighborhood walker, Peo-G


Wall, Lydell - Stanislaus Co. Sheriff Dept, computer examiner, Peo-G

Weber, David - VP Engineering Lowe Boats, Peo-G

Weiglein, Mark - MPD, ground surveillance Jan 3-8, installed GPS devices Peo-G

Welsh, Ron - CADOJ Criminalist, firearms, Peo-G

Wend, Craig - MPD, helicopter search of park, Medina burglary, Peo-G

Wesenberg, Laurie - Salon Salon Mgr, surveillance tape for Dec 23, Peo-G

Western, Terri - Friend, Stacey Boyers' Mother, Realtor, Peo-G

Westphal, Kim - Covena walker with Golden Retriever, Peo-G

White, Daniel -  AT&T Director Tech Operations, Peo-G

Williams, Philip - Mother's Work Inc., Laci's purchases,   Peo-G

Wilson, Michael S. - Attended vigil, wife is close friend of Sharon Rocha, Peo-G

Wiretap Evidence - Arguments & Ruling PreT, Probable Cause Peo-G

Wolski, Debra - Laci's Yoga Instructor, Peo-G, Stipulation,

Writ of Mandate - Rulings on Defendant's [Nov 30]


Yoshida, Sarah - CADOJ Sr Criminalist, toolmarks and instrument analysis, pliers, Target bag, Peo-G